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  1. ChiefEngineman

    FPS jumps way high in spectator

    Forgot to post earlier and i think i did mention on stream last week, i looked further into FPS control within my Nvidia graphics control panel and was able to set FPS specifically for wows without changing any in game files and had no issues since.
  2. Noticed this yesterday and had to look cause I heard my fans ramp up excessively. My FPS was normal range while my ship was active, but once i sank (unfortunately) my FPS jump to 150 to 160 and higher. Never had this issue till update, was wondering if anyone else had this issue before or do i need to supply support ticket with replay?
  3. Seems Community tokens have become the dime a dozen reward as of late. How about updating or rotating out Community Token rewards in Armory, going on several months now with hardly any changes. Honestly I have to say I haven't played on PT server since you all pulled signal rewards.
  4. ChiefEngineman

    PTS 0.10.6 BUG REPORTS

    Everything looks great and i love the option to claim mission reward. And i'm still testing and trying to get community points. Have a question: Isn't test account suppose to copy your main account and place ships you already have into PT. I played PT for first time since 10.3 and loaded in but none of my researched or prem ships were loaded in. Even tho i still had fun looking around and testing.
  5. ChiefEngineman

    5 dd matches/ dutch cruisers

    Thought this fix to MM last year to limited only 3 dd's per side at a max of 4....continuously seeing 5 dd matches over past few months after capt rework. Seems cruisers are a dime a dozen as of late i thought change of a certain capt skill would fix this but this does not seem to be the case as late. Also new t8 dutch cruiser, 30 sec and/ or less use of parachute bombs? i'm assuming new Dutch captains have a skill as per hp drop the quicker reload of Parachute Bombs? Yes i was up against this cruiser yesterday and it seemed planes/ parachute bombs never stopped coming.
  6. ChiefEngineman

    Win Doubloons and More – Hunt the Pirates! Winners!

    Happy Friday! I have to say i like these type of events when nothing else major is going on and it is fun, but right now ya have dockyard, extra win missions for containers, twitch missions, twitch beast capt mission, jutland and bismark missions and the battle of beast event, etc. My fingers fell off mission. So noting that and needing the wins and/ or specifics for these mission/ dockyard throwing pirates in mix and that's what everyone is going for besides playing match just to get a black old joly roger. Why not just throw joly roger mission out there too ya know the red one. It is a little frustrating to say least. I understand y'all do 4 week updates to bring new stuff into game ie interface changes, specific changes and add ship lines or just ships, but how about a break on excessive grinds. I know some are gonna say do missions in coop they qual now or take a break you don't have to them all......uhm i play game every day it's my crutch/ get away, sorry no thanks. oh and yes i got my pirate kill cause i ganked it from dd that was only going for pirate dd cause i was being an !@#$%^& &***^^%, sorry dd dude!
  7. yep just happen to me while streaming so embarrassing to least
  8. ChiefEngineman

    german dd tokens

    So question and probably asked and answered. Where is rest of german token missions, thought we'd have reset this week but nothing came. So you gave us chain missions at start of 10.3 gave us enough to first chain believe it was 700, now into second week not seeing anything that would give me tokens besides wasting dubs on crates to get tokens with shipyard event. Seeing that watching 3 wows streams twitch gives 125 tokens each time so maybe enough to get chain 2 open 800, so how is this early access to german dd line when ya can't get to early access ships? Only early access that was any good was ital bb event, you were actually able to get to early access ships.
  9. ChiefEngineman

    Being reported

    Original Poster: Wondering did you start at A at beginning of match and run towards C, abandoning a flank? Were you the cv that was being asked in chat for AA help while a player was being focused by another CV? It's nice to see karma system in game, but it has no impact on game itself. 3/4's of time a compliment is coming from someone you know and maybe someone who thinks you were bomb that one game. A report is coming from a salty a--hat that's having a bad day and has to pick you or me out of line up to mess with in chat or giving the report just so weegee looks at it. And yes weegee looks at reports and if you did nothing wrong don't worry about it. Wouldn't even let it get under your skin
  10. ChiefEngineman

    esc button

    esc button on clan tab page is not working when you click on it or even use esc button. Pic included
  11. Looking at NA server right now 2.5 k on server how can it be overloaded!
  12. ChiefEngineman

    question 10.2 where

    So were 3/4's done with Italian missions and t8-10 haven't been open up in tech tree and then 10.3 were going straight into new german dd line with shipyard. Yes t8-9 are open early access if your lucky to get one to drop. Shouldn't we have full Italian bb's tech tree opened up before moving into 10.3? Seems like were missing part 3 of this or something, I know this seems logical, LAZER BOATS!
  13. ChiefEngineman

    twitch mission april fools joke?

    so i just completed match i know i didn't complete any missions, then posted this. let dog out and came back and there were WG containers in my port, something truely odd lol
  14. So i got 10.2 mission 3 last night (April fools) and for Italian BB's T5-10 get a "torpedo hits" ribbon, uhmmm what italian BB has torps? Just wondering if anyone else saw this?
  15. ChiefEngineman

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    USS Constellation, Battlecruiser or Capital Ship, so what y'all are going for is an actual fast US BB like the HMS Hood and a post WW1 into pre WW2 era T8? Oh and USS Constellation (decom 1933) is sitting in downtown Baltimore, Sloop-of-War, rode by her the other day.