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  1. Has anyone else has issues with the instant replay on Shadowplay not recording game audio? I've tried as much as I can but for some reason with world of warships only instant replay won't capture sound. The video is fine I tried asking around like on the nvidia forums but no help there.
  2. NWGIX

    Help with Saipan?

    Is this a viable tactic though for the Saipan? Since I'm noticing again that the squadron sizes are double or triple the size of the Saipans
  3. So I recently came into possession of a Saipan other than practicing in Co-op battles how can I make the most of this ship? I've noticed you can't be as careless with your planes like the Enterprise, Kaga, and Graf Zep. Simply because you max squad size is half the size of theirs. And I've figured out to drop a load of weapons in the water shortly after take off to keep planes on the deck. But it seems like even in a tier 8 game the planes are getting swatted before and after attack runs. It also seems with the Saipan there's a lot of waiting and you can't be aggressive like the other carriers. I'm trying to look up videos and guides but most of them are for the pre reworked CV patch. Some info and advice would be greatly appreciated. Also playing the Saipan is really opening my eyes to how CV's play and operate.
  4. I seek a world of endless war and destruction. On that can we agree? The world of order built by top clans is not one I can live in. There is no place for me other than the battlefield. To live as I please, and die a senseless death; that is who I am. War is a part of my existence.

    1. GravyDave1


      Are you wanting Clans lol

    2. NWGIX


      @GravyDave1 yes, to destroy them

    3. _Sarcasticat_


      You and I both.

  5. NWGIX

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    www.youtube.com/user/FlippyFloppy115 I haven't posted much warships content yet, I just got my PC back a few days ago. I don't do commentaries (yet) because I lack resources to do so.
  6. All these slimy players, with their empty calls to arms, in the name of liberty. I'll sink the whole lot of you to the bottom of the ocean! That I can promise