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  1. If everyone below 50% stop playing sooner or later there would be only one player left. With all the post about MM WR is more about luck then skill.
  2. Update 0.7.2 Serious Lag

    Yes after last patch lag is really bad..
  3. Most of the time I will watch and try to pick up new ways to play a ships I have.{like a T9 USSR DD I suck with} Also sometimes you can pick up better ways to play a map.
  4. Skill based match maker?

    What happens if the 2 best players are in a Div. ? Would you break them up which would make them upset.
  5. GO BILLS They did get lucky the Ravens lost but they made it....
  6. Your 'Fun' Ship

    co-op- Tenryu Random- Bayern
  7. Changes for CV damage con coming

    Don`t see more xp for killing planes?
  8. Needs to be fixed

    Maybe WOW should make a all BB room. 32 BB siting their doing nothing because no one wants to go out and do the dirty work. They could make random games even. 4 CV 4 BB 4 CA/CL 4 DD I don`t play a lot of random but I do know if you sit still to long behind a rock or in the open a torp will fine you. From a lot of people in other post WASD.
  9. Biggest Pet Peeves as a CV Player

    Just started to play CVs again not a big fan of them. Pet peeve is you should get alot more xp for killing planes.
  10. Kill stealing

    You can not steal a kill once you kill it no one can take it until then it is up for grabs.
  11. Spot/Kill using sonar

    Love sonar when I use it hate it when it is used against me.
  12. When I get them in email they don`t work.