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  1. cecill611

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

  2. cecill611

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    WG needs to go back to 9 games of being pink...
  3. cecill611

    Credits....Whats the trick?

    Save coal for premium T-5 ships and up. Save free xp for premium ships. Play a lot of mid tier games.5,6
  4. cecill611

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Maybe only for 20s. just to try to get away sometimes.
  5. 9 or 10 bots or even if they give the bots a small buff as long as the game is enjoyable …. If I have to chase bots to J-1 and games on avg. start taking long then 10mins. that is not fun.
  6. cecill611

    Coop change is not quite enough

    That's all they had to do.. WG would of made most players in coop very happy.
  7. cecill611

    WO-Bumper Boats

    It is coop and if this is the way you want to play great I don`t see why some people get upset over it.
  8. cecill611

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Only 4 stars but I did my best.
  9. cecill611

    Co-op battles ending too soon?!?

    The right moment to push in coop with a BB is at the start.