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  1. Maybe WOW should make a all BB room. 32 BB siting their doing nothing because no one wants to go out and do the dirty work. They could make random games even. 4 CV 4 BB 4 CA/CL 4 DD I don`t play a lot of random but I do know if you sit still to long behind a rock or in the open a torp will fine you. From a lot of people in other post WASD.
  2. Just started to play CVs again not a big fan of them. Pet peeve is you should get alot more xp for killing planes.
  3. You can not steal a kill once you kill it no one can take it until then it is up for grabs.
  4. Love sonar when I use it hate it when it is used against me.
  5. When I get them in email they don`t work.