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  1. To many people want to sit back and hide or go CV hunting.
  2. So I'm shallow as hell

    If you have the yellow flag with the dog it will match the stacks.
  3. A new day has dawned

    There was a AFK in Killer Whale this morning saw him later in Killer Whale and he was pink. He did so little then hid so he was still almost afk.
  4. To me it seems about the same if you have a good team you should get 3 to 5 stars. One thing I do know Hermes hates CA/CL. I was in a Fiji with about 75% hp and a DD one shut me. Please WG let us use more ships to play Hermes.
  5. Varyag SCs

    Same here .
  6. That Team...

    Then they report you because you died to fast.
  7. Operation Frontier PSA

    I have been farming Space Battles for the Capt. XP. I don`t have Premium but with the 2 flags I use I still can get 8000+ per game.{ if I have a good game over 12000} Maybe if they just got rid of one of the spawns at the end of the match.
  8. Operation Frontier PSA

    The hole game is about farming. So lets nerf premium ships the only thing they are good for is farming. Lets nerf all T10 ships and all ships you have in that line they are only good for farming. I have the Hindy and 5 other ships in that line so nerf them all because they are only good for farming. I have around 60 ships I keep them because I enjoy playing them. I play Op, co-op and random because I enjoy playing the game . P.S. Get rid of Space Battles because that only good for farming.
  9. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    Nice post 1+ While you are fighting on one side of the map the BB that is on other side kills the dome game over.
  10. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    If my Akizuki did as much damage as the Superbot DDs do I could take out all must any BB in random. Plus your ship is cover in gas.
  11. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    A lot of people don`t like random and the only thing this will do is drive them from this game.
  12. Ranking the tiers

    T8 - because 7 out of 10 you are playing in a T10 match so it is like playing in hard mode. 7 6 5 3 1 4 9 10
  13. How many post have you made like this when you are the one doing the killing or is it ok when you do it.
  14. Being put in CO OP jail?

    So were are they going to put the players that like to TK in co-op?
  15. If everyone below 50% stop playing sooner or later there would be only one player left. With all the post about MM WR is more about luck then skill.