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  1. Drunkenuff

    BB's are broken...hear me out first

    First of all lets get this out of the way...I have played Warships for little over two weeks in this is my opinion which has been discussed and debated over with my streams on twitch. Battleships have no distinct advantage in Warships. Destroyers have torpedoes which has no counter (yes there is Hydro..but even then u only use that so many times yet torpedoes are unlimited). Cruisers has much faster shooting and some have torpedoes as well. What do Battleships have? thicker armour..oh please....the armour isnt that much.....better ammo? sure if you hit....try hitting a destroyer or a cruiser from distance where a battleship belongs (like a needle in a haystack at times). Hydro? sure it helps and is effective but very limited due to limited uses. Planes? are they better than a Carriers planes...lol no.......so again what distinctive advantage does a battleship have? ok they can take more torpedoes hits...(swirls fingers at that). yes some have torps as well but you really want to compare that to a destroyers. How to fix this: Give them way more increased armour like they have in the real world....battleships rarely sunk compared to other ships..... or unlimited hydro (now I know the destroyer peeps would freak out on this), a torpedo counter such as a mine placed in the water to attract torpedoes away or or maybe more health (shrug) Battleships are supposed to be the tanks of the water and support other ships to attack or defend....but it just seems the Battleship is just lacking a certain something.....especially when playing with Carriers who target you with salvo after salvo of torpedoes. This isnt sour grapes....I enjoy playing Battleships..I have played DD's, CV's and Cruisers but I enjoy playing the tank role more hence why I mainly use BB's. I am sure there will be cute replies on this one....but if u have some good candid reply I will listen.
  2. Drunkenuff

    New fast growing clan

    Hello I am long time streamer on twitch that started 5 days ago playing Warships.....I am enjoying it very much and started a clan (Dru) TwitchDrunkenuff .......we already got some very experienced players in the clan that helps new players , its growing pretty fast due to me streaming it alot now. Feel free to apply or stop by my stream http://www.twitch.tv/Drunkenuff we play on NA...accept everyone.