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  1. irvingmorrel1

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    World of tanks did something similar with vehicles like the Stug IV. Although, the console version made them rare tanks that will go on sale every now and then.
  2. irvingmorrel1

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    If you truly were listening to the players, you would cancel Ntc and try something else.
  3. irvingmorrel1

    Me when WG wants me to re-grind lines:

    As a CoD player,I can safely say you can tell that something is a bad idea when Call of Duty is the good guy in an argument.
  4. irvingmorrel1

    A couple hypothetical questions

    I wasn't saying that Alaska was a BC, I was saying that there were people then and there are people nowadays that uses battlecruiser and large cruiser interchangeably.
  5. Let's say hypothetically speaking, if the Lexington-class battlecruiser was added to the game, most likely as premiums. 1. Would they be classified as battleships like the Hood or cruisers like Alaska (which some think were battlecruisers)? 2. Would it be the Lexington, the Saratoga or one of the cancelled sisters? I ask this seeing as there is already a Lexington in the game.
  6. irvingmorrel1

    RIP John McCain

    Senator John McCain has passed away at the age of 81. I may not have agreed with his politics but he was still a navy veteran and a hero.