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  1. MidnightPhoenix07

    Feedback for Update 12.4 - European Destroyers

    EU DDs: Pretty good overall, although I found the mid tiers a little underwhelming much like the first line. They get much better as you go up, and Katsonis/Gdansk were very enjoyable. I do still wish they had AP, even if just for the times where it's actually really useful (like when you have to kill a broadside light cruiser ASAP). Pretty much the same early access system, so no additional comments there. But I do like the way this chain is presented visually in the armory. And those permacamos... * chef's kiss * Sadly the Katsonis/Gdansk permacamos are locked away behind steep paywalls or eventually loot crates. I still wish some of them would come back for direct purchase in the camo tab (like the French DD, UK CA, and Brindisi/Venezia camos, all of which have been available since early access), but that's a different topic and discussion entirely. Return of convoy: I enjoyed the mode last time we had it, and that's still true this time around. It still has the slight bias toward the attacking team, since all they really need to do is focus and kill six ships (vs twelve on the defending team), but I've also seen defending teams get completely stomped by not focusing the objective (while the defending team focuses them). A fun mode, but like Airship Escort I don't think it will really work in normal randoms rotation, since they're just so different from the "normal" system. PanAm cruisers: Still absolutely love the high tiers. They're not my favorite cruiser line (or my favorite tech tree cruiser, there's some very stiff competition there), but Allende/Santander/San Martin are holding their own there. Of course, I bought the extra booster mission right before the patch, to use while grinding Santander. But after just two days of Convoy, I'm starting to think it may not have been as necessary as I thought it would be. Dockyard and Battle Pass: Nothing new here, exact same system as before, just with a different outfit. Repeated entry: I generally agree with the concerns voiced in other threads already, that this is open to abuse (although then again, the old system could be abused the same way just with more steps). But it's not quite as "end of the world/sky is falling" as some have been making it out to be. However, it is nice if I feel like focusing on only one ship/mission and get deleted early, rather than switching between a couple ships like I have in the past. It hasn't (and won't) change my play style, but on those days where I say "you know, I really don't want to split my focus today" it's a minor but nice benefit. Updated notifications: Really like the separation into multiple sections, but I do think some of the notification pop ups are a lot bigger than they really need to be. Especially the ones for resource and bundle collection (like the clan base addition notification for coal). Armory: Steel sub. It's a good thing I stocked up on my popcorn before the news article released... Popeye collab: A Popeye collab without any mentions of spinach? Not even a Can of Spinach patch? Content additions/changes: Ability to buy multiple sequential bundles at once is a nice plus. Supercontainer changes, not so much. Eye in the Sky buff: Definitely improves the usefulness of the skill, and makes it much more viable. Still not a must take skill (especially when it competes with PT or longer consumable duration), and I don't see myself changing builds to take it that don't already have it. But it's a straight increase for the ships that would already take it.
  2. MidnightPhoenix07


    https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HPLONGESTNIGHT2023 and https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HPLONGESTNIGHT2023 https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=HPLONGESTNIGHT2023 too I guess
  3. MidnightPhoenix07

    Stuck CO-OP Bots..

    And at times so frequently over the last couple patches that it not happening to at least one bot became the exception (especially on certain maps)
  4. MidnightPhoenix07

    just realise something about convoy

    I predict some Asashios and PA DDs having fun during BB week…
  5. MidnightPhoenix07

    Test rooms

    The training room is accessible through the base game, no need to install any additional programs. However, it requires Access Level 17 to unlock (200 battles total).
  6. MidnightPhoenix07

    Update 12.4 - Bug Reports

    Some in-game browsers are bugged. (No mods) Going into the armory/dockyard/clan base/etc through an external browser work fine, but some of them don't load correctly in game. The armory opens, but when you try and select any bundle to purchase, it briefly goes to the web login page, then says "web server is unavailable." After that, it kicks you back to the port screen. It also doesn't see any of my resources or purchased ships. The clan base and inventory do load correctly both in-game and through external browsers. The dockyard does not load, and won't let you exit back to port. It just spins and says "error connecting to server" with an update button. The only way to exit the dockyard is to force close the game through task manager. UPDATE: Upon logging back in, the dockyard does work now (but is more sluggish than usual). Armory seems to be working a bit better as well. It's at least showing my resources and owned ships, although selecting the random bundles in the EU DD section is still "unavailable" and goes back to port.
  7. MidnightPhoenix07

    Monthly Supercontainer

    The New and "Improved"TM coal drop. Would have been nice to get it with the old reward table (or at least get the two SCs like we were supposed to after the change), but at least it's better than another 100 det or flood chance flags that I already have thousands of...
  8. Not having any connecting to server issues, but the armory is bugged in game (online works fine). The armory loads, but trying to go into any of the bundles brings up the login screen and then says "web server is unavailable." For some reason, it's not seeing me logged in on the in-game browser for the armory, since it also doesn't show any of my resources or purchased ships.
  9. MidnightPhoenix07

    British Battlecruisers

    Pretty much all of this. They may be labeled as battleships, but play them as thing they’re oversized cruisers. Use your stealth and speed to get onto a flank, smack broadside ships, and don’t yolo right into the middle of the enemy. That’s for the German battlecruisers.
  10. MidnightPhoenix07

    Monthly Supercontainer

    Just not for the first month they do the change, obviously. Because that would be too difficult to implement on a server by server basis, clearly. Or if done incorrectly, could have given the Thursday update servers two of the old SCs (*gasp* oh the horror!)
  11. It's got torps after all, so it must be, right?
  12. MidnightPhoenix07

    Vote Now: Free Anniversary Permanent Camouflage

    Same as well. Already have a camo for Haarlem (from early access), don’t have that much of an interest in a Shimanto camo (and already have one from early access anyway), and don’t really need a camo for Benson. A Hawke camo would be nice, but I’d get a lot more use out of a Zieten camo. Of course, if they did multiple ships like previous years, I wouldn’t say no to one for Hawke or Benson…
  13. MidnightPhoenix07

    Vote Now: Free Anniversary Permanent Camouflage

    Voting is forbidden. No opinion for you.
  14. MidnightPhoenix07

    For those who may not be aware..

    Pretty much this, plus it isn’t super widespread either, nor is it a game breaking bug (i.e. critical errors/crashing/instability). Messing with code always has the potential to break something else, so micro patches are generally avoided unless absolutely necessary. The more widespread and critical the error is, the more it’s worth risking a micro patch. It takes time to identify and isolate a bug, then find the cause and develop a potential fix, and test and revise as necessary. If it’s truly a game breaking bug, that becomes a priority and you push it out as soon as you have a fix tested and you’re reasonably sure it’s stable. Otherwise it’s safer to wait and include it in the next scheduled update.
  15. MidnightPhoenix07

    For those who may not be aware..

    And a fix that’s ready to go and will be included with the update next week