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    Electric Boogaloo
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    Doesn’t matter, she’ll still use it
  3. In the past, event currencies have gone until server reset on the date listed, which is why I spent mine yesterday just to be safe. Could just be a mistake on the date or they’re changing how dates on event currencies are listed (since the second part tokens say they can be earned until today but the two missions expire at reset tomorrow).
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    Too bubbly and over-excited for her own good, but she doesn’t care
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    Watching the speed bote race with enough excitement to make up for everyone who isn’t excited at all
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    New Orleans/USN cruiser Help

    That’s pretty much exactly what I’m running on Balti and Buffalo (DM will be slightly different since I’m building more towards competitive usage - swapping out DE and EL for RL), although personally I don’t really think spending the points on DE is necessarily the way to go. You already have an okay fire chance, and you’ll ideally be using AP a lot so investing in more fire chance isn’t worth it for the occasional time you’ll be spamming a lot of HE and needing as many fires as possible. The only change I’d make is to get EM before getting EL on either ship provided you have enough situational awareness to be able to switch shells preemptively, since Baltimore can out turn her turrets a little, and Buffalo will definitely out turn her turrets if you run the reload mod in slot 6 (which to be honest, you should definitely be doing on Buffalo since it gets her reload down to just over 10 seconds before AR kicks in). With the available AA modules and commander skills right now, I don’t run AA builds on any ship in my port that I play. The AA mods aren’t worth it since they buff flak puffs and damage (pretty useless before 8.7 since the good CV players would avoid most of it anyway, and the bad players run into the fewer puffs anyway, even less so now that only long range AA has flak). For commander skills, the only AA skill that’s still potentially worth getting is BFT, but most ships I find either don’t get a lot out of it or don’t have the points for it. The new massive AA skill is really only worthwhile on certain ships, most of which can’t fit it into their build anyway with it being a 4 point skill.
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    General Motors
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    Getting ready to run the speed bote race
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    Joan Crawford
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    Constantly disappointed
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    Forum Game - Word Association

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    The wolf can talk?!
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    Is it a hair dryer or some weird alien conch shell. The world may never know!
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    Which BB Line Should I grind?

    Did a similar thing when I started becoming a cruiser main after a number of years playing mostly battleships - getting quite a bit of playtime on both sides of the cruiser-battleship exchange definitely helps improve your play when dealing with one class in the other since you already know what the other ship is going to try and do. @Ven_Ben1 personally I’m biased toward USN BBs, having played mostly them for a number of years, and can say they’re definitely a good line to play by being true all rounders (they can snipe, they can brawl, decent health, armor, and speed, and accurate hard hitting guns). The speed of the lower tiers isn’t too much of an issue since most ships down at lower tiers are slow, but the mid tiers do tend to get painful when you’re still going 21 knots and pretty much every ship you’ll face can significantly outrun you. It means you will tend to get to engagements late, but it definitely teaches you map awareness and position that are useful for pretty much any line. And then you get to the fast battleships starting at t8 with North Carolina and can very easily control the battlefield if you know what you’re doing. The IJN line is nice at low and mid tiers (especially Kongo and Fuso) with good accuracy, long range, and really good speed for a battleship, but once you get to t7 and especially t8 and up you tend to become more of a long range sniper with your good accuracy and dispersion. Yamato at the top of the line is Yamato of course (the ‘what is bow tanking’ ship) with your amazing accuracy and very hard hitting shells, but you will not be a happy camper if you try to brawl a lot in it since you don’t have the agility or turret traverse to deal with close range engagements and you have the infamous Yamato citadal. That’s not to say you can’t get in close with any if the IJN BBs, but the line is more suited for long range engagements. As others have said, I’d avoid the Russian line unless you’re very comfortable in battleships and understand how battleships work. They’re insanely tanky in the right position and have Stalin-blessed accuracy at close and medium range, but the limited charge DCP and very exposed citadel make you vulnerable to burning down and flanking ships. Plus, unlike most of the other lines, they really suffer accuracy wise at longer ranges - you may have one salvo that gives a citadel or two, and then the next four bracket your target on either side. On the other hand, I might recommend playing either a destroyer line or a few of the cruiser lines (more so cruisers before focusing 100% on destroyers) instead of starting another battleship line right away. It gives you a different perspective on the game and experience dealing with the other side of the battleship-other ship combat, so as a battleship you will have a much better idea of what an enemy cruiser or destroyer may be doing and counter it, and when playing the other class have a better idea of what you can do to protect yourself against capital ships.
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    Also excited for donut day (and every other day)