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  1. MidnightPhoenix07

    ctrl+LMB on target = designating target?

    Unless it’s been changed, it does give a slight boost to accuracy (but not as much as ManSecs selected fire)
  2. MidnightPhoenix07

    Chapayev help

    Going to echo both comments above me - Chapy (and really the entire CL branch from t6 up) is an HE spammer early/mid game that uses distance (and other, closer proximity allies) as armor. You have the ballistics to sit back until enemies start to thin out and still land accurate fire, and at that range with the slot 4 rudder mod your handling is enough to dodge the occasional salvo. Outside of smaller team competitive modes (like the t8 CB season a while back), your radar isn’t meant to support DDs right at the start of the game, but rather to find that pesky red DD later in the game that needs to die. You have a 1.7km stealth radar window. Use it and abuse it when you can do so safely. Likewise with the torps. They’re installed on your ship for two reasons - to suicide rush a distracted enemy ship (preferably a BB) when you’re almost dead to take him with you, or to deal with the SURPRISE! enemy that manages to sneak up on you around cover and is going to kill you with guns or torps (again, an ‘I’m taking you with me’ situation).
  3. 8) the flip side to 6: the players in radar ships that intentionally don’t bring radar (yes I’m looking at you, spotter plane DM and the Riga from Flamu’s Twitter yesterday)
  4. MidnightPhoenix07

    Puerto Rico

    Well, they said the same thing when the Benham event ended, and I think for at least one of the other removed t9 premiums, and we all know where they ended up... Wouldn’t surprise me if PR gets the same treatment.
  5. MidnightPhoenix07

    Yeah. It happens....

    There’s a reason one of my ‘rules of the game’ is never underestimate a random team’s ability to throw a match. And especially with more and more experienced players leaving the game due to frustration and/or burnout and less experienced players gradually making their way up to high tiers, that rule is coming into play way more often than a lot of us would probably like. I’ve had matches that I thought were 100% guaranteed win games (aka the ‘just stay where you are team and we win in less than 30 seconds!’ games), and then watched my five remaining (all 50%+ health, most near full) teammates all find a way to die within a minute, flip a 350 point lead in favor of the enemy, and lose the game. About a month ago, I had a game where we got up to 999 points with an uncontested cap ticking and still managed to lose. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve been doing a lot more division play in randoms, so there’s at least one other player in game with me I know I can rely on to not suicide throw.
  6. As of this patch, the WGC has to be running to launch and log into the game, but it doesn’t have to be running once you’re past that login point. If you don’t want it running in the background while playing, in the settings for the WGC make sure to select ‘exit Game Center when I close the main window’ and then alt tab back to the WGC once you’re in port and close it.
  7. MidnightPhoenix07

    Invisible Ships

    Okay, now that’s funny. Definitely saving that one for the future.
  8. MidnightPhoenix07

    armory? who else can't get in?

    It’s been slow the last few updates, but I’ve never had it completely lock up like some others here have reported. It is opening an internet browser in game (and the clan base and premium shop do the same thing) so if your internet is struggling with the lockdowns that could be affecting your armory load too. For me, once it goes to the darker ‘armory background’ screen, it loads right up if I move my mouse around a little. If that doesn’t work, you can always access the armory through an external browser (armory.worldofwarships.com for the armory, replace armory with clan for the clan base). Make sure you’re logged into the main WoWS site in that same browser window (and not on private/incognito mode) before opening the armory/clan base/etc or it will just show the default armory instead of your in game armory with ships and resources.
  9. MidnightPhoenix07

    German Carrier Drops? is the RNG in our favour?

    Six crates so far, only one mission (Rhein, from the fifth crate in the directives)
  10. MidnightPhoenix07

    Petro question

    Personally I’d go with reload. You have a non standard dispersion (like the RU battleships) that favors short and medium range but has poor long range dispersion so the gunnery becomes more unreliable at the extra range the range mod would give. Since you’re mostly going to be engaging at closer ranges the extra dpm of the reload mod is more valuable.
  11. MidnightPhoenix07

    I'm a two container man, how about you?

    At least two plus the daily missions, but typically I’ll go for all three now that I’m running premium time constantly. When I was f2p, I’d stop at two crates most days except for clan battles days, or when I was farming ops or on a good streak in randoms.
  12. MidnightPhoenix07

    Potential damage-clarification

    As far as I know, it’s all enemy ordinance (shells, torps, aircraft rockets/torps/bombs) that land within 700 meters (not 300). Ramming/avoided ramming doesn’t count (although secondaries firing during still would), and friendly fire doesn’t either. Edit: fires and flooding also do not count toward potential damage.
  13. MidnightPhoenix07

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    Two WGC related bugs: 1) When launching the game through the WGC (either by launching it directly via the shortcut or by clicking the .exe in the WoWS folder), I’m logged into my account on the WGC but I still need to log in once the client loads. Before the WGC updates, launching from the .exe or old launcher required a log in, but launching from the WGC loaded right into the port. This was the way it worked up until today’s patch. Screenshots provided showing I’m logged in on the WGC and still need to log into the client. 2) When launching the game via the WGC, once the game started to load I would alt tab back to the WGC and close it. After today’s patch, the WGC closes correctly but then relaunches when the client goes to the log in screen. Waiting to close the WGC until I’m in port of course doesn’t cause it to relaunch. Edit for both: Attempted to leave the WGC up until I reach the login page and then close the launcher. Still had to log in through the client and the WGC relaunched while waiting for authorization and loading the port.