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  1. When you remember that Kitakami was the original "wall of skill."
  2. I was noticing in the Spreadsheet that you had listed the Alaska, and not the Atlanta. Am I reading that right, Carl?
  3. I still prefer a good Cafe Au Lait and Beignets. :)
  4. There was a damage diagram that was put out by BuShips after the sinking showing the torpedo damage she sustained at Kula Gulf. The first torpedo hit her in the bow between Turrets I and II (near Frame 32), ripping it completely from the ship. The 2nd and 3rd torpedoes hit about 9 feet apart at frames 82 and 85, blowing the bottom out of the ship through the Numbers 3 and 4 boiler rooms, and causing the ship to jackknife in the water. Most of the ship sank within 22 minutes after the torps hit - the bow didn't sink until the next day.
  5. Helena (CL-50) has a history with the Navy. Winning 7 battle stars during her service in World War II, she was also the first Navy ship to be awarded the Navy Unit Commendation Medal. She was initially damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and then went on to serve (after repairs) in the Guadalcanal Campaign, where she was eventually sunk at the Battle of Kula Gulf on 6 July, 1943.
  6. I ended up with the Shiny Horse in my port this afternoon. All I have to say is this ship kicks a**.
  7. So far two containers, two premium days.
  8. My best (recent) memory was of taking out an enemy CV in one salvo during a battle - from a distance of 20km while driving Fuso. He made the mistake of hiding behind an island, thinking he was safe.
  9. I was at home after just having taken my two girls to school that morning. I got the call from my now significant other about the attacks. I promptly went back up to the school, withdrew the girls from school for the day, took them to day care, and went to work out at the airport (I was working for UAL at the time as an Ops Manager). Spent the rest of the day finding places to park airplanes (we eventually had to park them on the runways, as we ran out of room on the ramp). We lost a lot of good people that morning. :(
  10. I actually started out my naval wargaming with a game called "Command at Sea" back in 1981. (the damage system was so detailed that I rewrote it to add even more... yeah, I was a geek. )
  11. Darn it...I also missed the deadline. *sigh* Guess I'll have to try for it when (and if) it opens up again... :P
  12. NIko and his team of highly trained Corgis are all over it. :)
  13. The server hamsters didn't receive their Vodka ration this morning....they're on strike. :P
  14. I'm still in and connected, but I'm not fighting any battles...it's pointless until they resolve the problem.