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  1. I know no one has mentioned her, but I will probably bring my New Mexico (AA spec, 19 point captain). The ship is tanky if angled right, and can dish out a load of damage if played right.
  2. I only bought the pack of 6, and they ended up bestowing upon me - Massachusetts Black Atago Black 35k Free XP 10 Type 59 flags 40 Shadow Lurker Camo. (2 x 20 each) Not bad for only 30 dollars.
  3. dingodude

    A Suggestion, if I may...

    I don't see the RCN flag for the Haida under my flags listing...is there something I'm missing? Edit: Nevermind...I found it. :P
  4. Is there a way in a future update, that WG can allow the option of displaying the national flag on Commonwealth ships? Haida looks kinda strange with that blue CW flag flying from the sternpost...
  5. If I remember my schematics right the 'BUTT' reference is for the butt strapping of the plates on the bottom of the hull. Each plate is 4 feet wide, thus the reference marks from the centerline (or C.L.)
  6. dingodude

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Not yet...it's my understanding this has been happening off and on since last night.
  7. I've already sent my ticket, and Femmenly has noted that WG is on it. Hopefully we'll know something in short order.
  8. dingodude

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I would imagine that they're all over this.
  9. dingodude

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I had it happen twice as well...so I would assume that a number of players are going to remain in-port until this is fixed.
  10. dingodude

    should we stop playing the Game until this is fixed

    I just sent a ticket into support for that exact same issue. Waiting to hear back.
  11. dingodude

    should we stop playing the Game until this is fixed

    I just had this happen to me twice in a row. Two games in Montana in Ranked, and neither one registered. So, I should be one star away from Rank 13, an instead, I'm still stuck at 15.
  12. dingodude

    70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    I still have a copy of both the 'Seekrieg 3' and 'Seekrieg 4' rules floating around here somewhere (warfare rules for naval miniatures). Used to borrow the floor of the gym at school, measuring off ranges with a 50' tape measure. Used golf tees to mark the shell splashes and (alot of) cotton for smoke (white for smoke screens and black for damage from fires).
  13. Gravity is....because the earth sucks. :)