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  1. 70 Years... I'm gobsmacked!

    I still have a copy of both the 'Seekrieg 3' and 'Seekrieg 4' rules floating around here somewhere (warfare rules for naval miniatures). Used to borrow the floor of the gym at school, measuring off ranges with a 50' tape measure. Used golf tees to mark the shell splashes and (alot of) cotton for smoke (white for smoke screens and black for damage from fires).
  2. To All Those Who Served...

    To all of my Military Brothers and Sisters, thank you for your service. USS Belknap (CG-26) 1983 - 1985 USS Detroit (AOE-4) 1985 - 1986
  3. A final argument for Submarines!

    Personally, I want my Pokeboat back. :)
  4. From someone who's seen enough of them up close, the bow waves and wakes look good. Personally, I would give the stern wake a little more length, as even at low prop rpms the blades are pushing alot of water. Other than that, spot on.
  5. Time to remove super containers?

    I usually pull my containers 50 at a time, and I usually end up with at least 1 SC in the bunch. Last time, it was 14 days of premium time, which is fine. Anything that I get in the SCs is greatly appreciated.
  6. Still here. It's almost as though I never left. (time to take the Iwaki out for a spin...)
  7. Sims/Atlanta buff idea.

    As a pretty regular Atlanta captain (almost 500 battles), the survival of the ship is based on the ability of the player to drive it. You need to think like a US DD captain (be sneaky, and hug the islands) and use the terrain to your advantage. The torps are fine - they're no better or worse than US DDs get at that tier and below. If you have to use them, you're probably too close anyway to what you want to shoot at. Stay with the DDs and use their smoke, and support what they do - keep the enemy 'cans away from your own. Support the ships that need AA cover...if it means staying to the rear for a few minutes instead of charging into battle like a bulldog, than do it. Pick out where you want to go, what ships you want to support, and then adjust how you play the ship to help yourself and your teammates alive. Remember, it's all about keeping your guns in the game. Atlanta is a great ship for getting the BB drivers upset with you, especially if you're scoring hits and setting fires - all they can do is watch the ship burn and try desperately to get out of your gun range. I know all of this has been said before in one way shape, form, or fashion. She doesn't need a buff. She's a ship that rewards a smart driver.
  8. Our torpedoes go through islands because of the sheer will of Comrade Ilytch. Deal with it, or count trees in Siberia. :)
  9. With the changes in the last patch, Ark Beta is a holy terror when it comes to killing DDs. Anything within 6km is fair game.
  10. Premium Fuso

    Personally, the only ships I'm still looking for (in any form) are Ise and Hyuga. They don't have to be the BBCV conversions...1941 configuration and Tier V or VI would be great. :)
  11. When you remember that Kitakami was the original "wall of skill."
  12. I was noticing in the Spreadsheet that you had listed the Alaska, and not the Atlanta. Am I reading that right, Carl?