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  1. My best (recent) memory was of taking out an enemy CV in one salvo during a battle - from a distance of 20km while driving Fuso. He made the mistake of hiding behind an island, thinking he was safe.
  2. I was at home after just having taken my two girls to school that morning. I got the call from my now significant other about the attacks. I promptly went back up to the school, withdrew the girls from school for the day, took them to day care, and went to work out at the airport (I was working for UAL at the time as an Ops Manager). Spent the rest of the day finding places to park airplanes (we eventually had to park them on the runways, as we ran out of room on the ramp). We lost a lot of good people that morning. :(
  3. I actually started out my naval wargaming with a game called "Command at Sea" back in 1981. (the damage system was so detailed that I rewrote it to add even more... yeah, I was a geek. )
  4. Darn it...I also missed the deadline. *sigh* Guess I'll have to try for it when (and if) it opens up again... :P
  5. NIko and his team of highly trained Corgis are all over it. :)
  6. The server hamsters didn't receive their Vodka ration this morning....they're on strike. :P
  7. I'm still in and connected, but I'm not fighting any battles...it's pointless until they resolve the problem.
  8. All of the ships that I've played for the last 30 minutes are still "in battle." I can't chalk this one up to giving beer to the bridge crews... :P
  9. Brent, it's simple. Really. If you don't like what they're doing to the line, then don't play the ships.
  10. Personally, I would be all for being able to preset the depth on the torpedoes... for any class of ship equipped with them. Not just on the Pan - Asian DDs. Either deep or shallow... keep it simple.
  11. Grog for the crew, and a double ration for the Officers!
  12. Paravanes were usually run through an attachment point located on the forefoot, and tied off using ground tackle on either the bow or stern of the ship (most smaller ships usually streamed them from the stern.) Originally called Otters, or tadpoles, they were used to clear paths through minefields.
  13. When you guys can wear bags over your heads for several seasons in a row, and complain about bad teams, let me talk to you about the aints sometime. :P
  14. Why do I get the feeling that this is not going to end well....
  15. Appreciate it, Talon. Thank you so much.