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  1. dingodude

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Atlanta (833 battles)
  2. Ever since the 8.0 patch (and the last two associated hotfixes), I've seen innumerable rant threads about how 1). CVs have been rendered useless by the surface ship AA mechanics, 2). how CVs have been reduced to nothing more than airborne scouts for their team, or 3). how fans of the old CV play system want to return to the old style of aircraft control. So...here are some of my thoughts (being a new CV player, even though I tried the old system, and just couldn't wrap my head around the whole "controlling multiple squadrons" thing. A. ERMAGERD! AA is OP! Must nerf now! The purpose of AAA (or AA, or FLaK, or whatever you want to call it) is to bring down aircraft. To that end, medium and short range AA fire relies on one factor, and one alone, to accomplish that goal. Volume of fire. Sheer, unmitigated, throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks volume. The close in weapon of choice, the 20mm Oerlikon (the most widely used close range AA MG of the war) puts out a cyclic rate of fire of 450 rounds per minute. This assumes 100 rounds to each drum magazine, and 10 seconds to change it after the mag is emptied. Now - let's look at mount quantity. For our example, we'll use a late war U.S. Navy cruiser, U.S.S. Santa Fe (CL-60). Yup...a Cleveland class CL. The 20mm suites on the Clevelands were standardized late in the war at 10 mounts each (altthough that number varied from ship to ship - sometimes as high as 30, or as low as 8.). All of these were single mounts. Therefore, the base number of shells that they could put in the air is 4500 per minute. Volume. Historic effective range for the L85 variant is 1500m. All guns were aimed using the Mk.1 eyeball. :). Santa Fe was fitted with 21 mounts. Medium AA follows the same path. Santa Fe was fitted with 4 quad ,and 8 dual 40mm Bofors Mk.1 and Mk.2 (one was fired from the left side, the other from the right). Practical rate of fire was approx. 80 to 90 rounds per minute (each clip holds 4 rounds, with either 2 or 4 clips per mount). Base number of shells using same formula as above is 2,560 rounds in the air (per minute). All 40mm mounts used a stabilized director for FC (fire control), still guided by the old Mk.1 eyeball. Effective range of the gun was about 6000m, out to a max range of 10100m. Long range AA was provided by the US 5 inch/38 cal Mark 12 in six Mark 32 Mod 4 DP twin mounts. For purposes of AA, we'll assume the rounds are AAVT Mark 31, with a maximum range of 17100m (and a 62 second (!) flight time). Each mount holds 500 rounds, and can fire anywhere from 15 to 22 rounds per minute. Again, roughly 180 to 264 rounds in the air per minute (or 144 per minute per engaged side). FC was provided by two Mk.37 directors, each fitted with an FC-1 dual azimuth fire control radar. B. I keep getting blown out of the sky! The AA is too darned accurate! Medium and close-range AA (for most ships) has way too high of a percentage chance to hit an aircraft. For the Cleveland, the short range AA % to hit is 81, while the medium range % to hit is 85. That will wipe out most (if not all) same tier CV strikes well before they get in range to put together an effective attack. Remember - all the ship that is being attacked can do is put as many rounds in the air as possible, to inflict the greatest amount of damage on the incoming raid. Conversely, long range AA (the 5 inch guns) also have a hit % of 85. For most downtiered CVs (say, a Ranger in a Tier VIII match), attacking a ship such as a Cleveland is tantamount to a suicide mission. C. The End result, and a recommendation With the new patch, most every ship captain that is worth their salt has added an AA build to his or her ship. This is great news for the surface ship crews, but bad news for the CV drivers. So, instead of playing with DPS numbers, why not just adjust the % hit chance for the AA based on the weapon being fired? Short and medium range AA is aimed by the gun crews - the accuracy is (IMHO) too high. Short range should probably be closer to 30%, while the 40mm mounts should be sitting around 40 or so (since they have local director control to assist in target lead and elevation information). Even the 5 inch guns should probably have about 20% shaved off of their accuracy, due to having director AND radar fire control apparatus in place. Let me know what you think. Good luck, whereever the battle may take you.
  3. dingodude

    Premium ships you would like be added

    HMS Delhi (imagine the Danae with 5"/38s).
  4. dingodude

    Le Terrible post CV Rework

    Her historic AA wasn't that great to begin with. She didn't pick up any really serious medium AA to speak of until she went back to the US for a refit in March of 1943. Following that refit, she was reclassed as a CL (no longer a CT, as far as the Allies were concerned.)
  5. dingodude

    Which Turret Crew Gets the Beer?

    Still waiting on my Agincourt, with turrets named after days of the week. ;)
  6. dingodude

    Farragut or Monaghan

    I just ranked out yesterday in the B hull Monaghan. It's a good boat as far as the torpedoes (I have Sims, so that DD minus two 5 inch guns). That, plus I put my 19 point ATL captain in her. :)
  7. I know no one has mentioned her, but I will probably bring my New Mexico (AA spec, 19 point captain). The ship is tanky if angled right, and can dish out a load of damage if played right.
  8. I only bought the pack of 6, and they ended up bestowing upon me - Massachusetts Black Atago Black 35k Free XP 10 Type 59 flags 40 Shadow Lurker Camo. (2 x 20 each) Not bad for only 30 dollars.
  9. dingodude

    A Suggestion, if I may...

    I don't see the RCN flag for the Haida under my flags listing...is there something I'm missing? Edit: Nevermind...I found it. :P
  10. Is there a way in a future update, that WG can allow the option of displaying the national flag on Commonwealth ships? Haida looks kinda strange with that blue CW flag flying from the sternpost...
  11. If I remember my schematics right the 'BUTT' reference is for the butt strapping of the plates on the bottom of the hull. Each plate is 4 feet wide, thus the reference marks from the centerline (or C.L.)
  12. dingodude

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Not yet...it's my understanding this has been happening off and on since last night.
  13. I've already sent my ticket, and Femmenly has noted that WG is on it. Hopefully we'll know something in short order.
  14. dingodude

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I would imagine that they're all over this.