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  1. dingodude

    Perm Camo for all Tier 5 ships...why not?

    Personally, I'd like a good 'Western Approaches' permacamo for all the UK ships.
  2. In terms of overall armour layout and thickness protection, you are correct, and I stand corrected on that point. With reference to the weight of the armour per ship, I'm not exactly sure - I would have to do some digging. I do know that both Renown and Repulse were seen as being too weak in the deck after the lessons learned at Jutland and both had approximately 504 tons of deck armour added in early to mid 1917, bringing the overall thickness up to the aforementioned 2.5 inches over magazines, machinery, and steering gear. I don't have a lot of documentation here at the house on the protection weights of the earlier battlecruisers, but I do know that when Hood's legend was approved in August of 1916, the all-up weight of her armour was 10,600 tons. By August of the next year, that weight had risen to 13,500 tons (or roughly 1/3 of the ship's weight at a load of 41,200 tons.)
  3. On the argument of sacrificing armour for speed, let us look at the Renown and Repulse. Built in 1916, they were the immediate predecessors to Hood. Up to 6 inch belt, up to 2.5 inches over the deck, and anywhere from 9 to 7 inches on the turrets (depending on the face. While the armour scheme was much improved over previous classes, yes - it still left much to be desired in areas where critical system protection was needed. But for the time, they were considered the most heavily armoured of all the world's battlecruisers up to the launch of Hood. There are other ships that could be considered as such - the Lutzow class "pocket battleships" being amongst them. Puerto Rico could be considered a battlecruiser in extremis. The main qualities would be speed over protection, and (in some cases, but not all) sacrifice of firepower. In the case of the early British BCs (and Hood later), the protective scheme was simply not enough to offset either the accurate gunfire from, or the superior penetration of rounds that were fired at them by the enemy ships they were facing (although to be fair, the ships lost at Jutland were just as much a victim of poor ammunition handling procedures as they were hampered by their inferior armour layout.
  4. So, I was siting down at the computer this morning, and I got to thinking - there are only a few BC's represented in the game, and yet there are so many ships out there that are not yet represented in the game (either built, or on paper.) Several ships (the Alaska among them) could be classed either as the CB (Large Cruisers) they entered service as, or as the BCs that they were designed. The list of BCs that aren't in the game is lengthy, but not overly so: For the UK - Invincible class (3 ships) // Indefatigable class (2 ships) // Lion class (2 ships) // Queen Mary and Tiger classes (1 ship each) // Renown class (2 ships) // Courageous class (2 ships, if WG is not planning on introducing them as CVs) // Furious class (already a CV, but could be added to the list as a BC because hey...who doesn't want to see 18 inch guns at the lower tiers, if just for the lulz...) // Hood class (4 ships, 1 built - already in game) // G3 1920 BC design (essentially an upgraded Hood) For Germany Von der Tann class (1 ship) // Moltke class (2 ships) // Seydlitz class (1 ship) // Derfflinger class (2 ships) // Hindenberg class (1 ship) // Mackensen class (4 ships, not built) // Ersatz Yorck class (3 ships, scrapped before completion) // O, P, and Q classes (number of ships unknown, paper designs) For Japan - Kongo class (4 ships - A hull is the BC as built in game) // Amagi class (4 ships, 1 in game (Amagi), 1 not in game (Akagi), 2 not built) // Yard Nos. 795 and 796 (BC designs 1945 and 1946 - not built - obviously) For the Motherland (Russia) - Borodino class (4 ships, in game, represented by Izmail) // Kronshtadt class (2 ships) // Stalingrad class (3 ships, in game). A side note here...there is one other class of BCs that fall to Russia, but they are modern, and thus likely to never be included in game. This would be the Kirov (now Admiral Ushakov) class - because who doesn't want to see a nuclear powered BC with anti-ship missles taking on an entire team of enemy warships in defense of the Rodina...) For the US - Lexington class (6 ships, 1 in game as a CV) // Alaska class (6 ships, in game. As mentioned above, these ships are designated as CB, but are classed as battlecruisers.) For Australia - HMAS Australia (1 ship, New Zealand class) For France - 3 designs: GIlle, Durand-Viel A, and Durand-Viel B (3 ships, not built) The Netherlands, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire also had BC designs on the books. So as one can see, there are more than enough ships to flush out the lower and mid tiers with BCs. It's something I would like to see as a possible future option for another line within the tech trees, but it remains to be seen if it will ever happen. Until then, one can dream. :)
  5. I got the skill on my Arizona to try it out. Working as intended. :P
  6. dingodude

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @BrushWolf testing out the Dante today. I was out for a spin dusting off the Iwaki A. Looks like alot of folks got a new toy in their port.
  7. Most warships (except for DDs) have fore and aft fire control (FC). In addition, all turrets can be trained, aimed, and fired manually (called local control.) I don't know what kind of work it would require to do fore/aft mount control (rather then slaving all the turrets to where the player is looking), but if a player is comfortable with F/A FC, then I say go for it. After all, how many of us have tried to shoot our way out of a situation where you're outgunned 3 (or more) to 1 (and you're not driving a floating machine gun like an ATL?)
  8. Yeah...I had to go back in and spend the Gold to remove the MAA skill (I didn't even know that it was still attached to her Captain, since I haven't played NM in a while.) Doing so greatly improves everything. Thanks for the assist, guys. :)
  9. So... I just got done fighting a battle involving the scourge of the sky, the dreaded CV. Needless to say, I was less than impressed with the AA on my ship. Once triggered, it runs for less than a second, and then goes.into a 20 second reset cycle. Any ideas what is going on here?
  10. dingodude

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Way to go, Wargaming. :) Everyone stay safe, look out for friends and loved ones, and we will make it through this together.
  11. dingodude

    Looking for a pic of a Giussano class cruiser...

    The hangar doors for those ships were of the fore and aft sliding design, one on each side of the superstructure. The aircraft (initially CANT AR25, later Ro.43 floatplanes) were stored in the hangar, side by side (the wings folded aft along the fuselage, similar to the Supermarine Walrus), and wheeled out to the bow catapult via a rail dolly system with ground tackle assist (think Musashi / Yamato, but on a MUCH smaller scale). Anatomy of the Ship / Bartolomeo Colleoni (USNI Press, 1987) is a fabulous reference for the class.
  12. That is true...but please note that I did say last reported position. That makes the search area for Hiryu about 400 sq nm (assuming a 20 by 20 nm grid)
  13. I would imagine since two of the other three (Akagi, Soryu) were sunk in (relative) close proximity, it shouldn't be too long before those are located. Kaga, according to the TROM, was sunk by torpedoes from the DD Hagikaze at position 30-23.3'N, 179-17.2' W. Hiryu was scuttled at position 31-38'N, 178-51'W, roughly 87 nm NE of the former's last recorded position.
  14. dingodude

    USS St Lo was found last May

    And the Ms.32 / 15A camo pattern is still matchable to the pictures taken prior to her being lost in action. Amazing.
  15. dingodude

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    I ran her for the first time this after noon and fired a full volley of torps into a cluster of enemy ships hanging back out of what they thought was Tier IV / Tier V DD torpedo range. Hilarity ensued. The ship is like a big DD, with stupidly long range torpedoes for its tier. Definitely a shock for those not expecting it.