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  1. No, the Zao is fine. I mean the hits to gunboat DDs that try to contest caps. We've already gone over the unintended effects of increased bloom size so I won't go over them again. It's a shame when not taking the range upgrade is a good thing and you have to choose between better AA and stealth.
  2. One thing that's possible, is that if they are going to add los to radar they might change it so the detection range for radar is based off ship class. So they might change it to BB detected at any range, CA at 12-14km and DD at 10-12. They didn't do that currently because they can't with the current implementation. Currently it's just changing the prox spotting range for the ship to the radar range from 2. That doesn't allow los. If they DID add los then the new implementation could support something like that.
  3. Adapt, improvise and overcome. Just like cruisers not being able to sit in smoke? Exact same problems.
  4. Still waiting on them to fix the mess they made with that one.
  5. I do see gamebreaking in the CAs with 8km+ spotting ranges. That's too high. You're only partially correct on your edit. DDs are the most influential class, and nobody who is even half decent at the game would argue that. You are correct that they haven't choked off the BBs or CA for that matter at T7+. That's not because they lack influence, it's because they don't even need to hurt you to have influence. Spotting without being spotted, playing the objectives, laying good smokes for your team. All of those things carry even fairly bad teams, and none of them involve doing a point of damage.
  6. My guess is that radar range will be increased. When any ship firing in smoke has a 8km+ spotting range without anything then going up to 9 isn't much of an ability. I'd put it at something like USN radar 12km, Russian 14km. Possibly they'll change the radar module so instead of 40% duration to everyone it adds 40% to Russian duration and 20% USN range. Currently it just makes Russian radar straight up better than USN radar, that would just normalize the fully improved radar. As for line of sight, I doubt it. If it does have line of sight added it will be in addition to other changes. Such as unlimited range and/or always on capability. Simply adding los won't and shouldn't happen.
  7. He's one of the ones you just don't bother talking to. I'm sure that according to him the Khabarovsk is the best torp boat in the game. Because omg .6km torp detection range... Ignoring the issues of the torps having half the range of the Khabs spotting distance.
  8. Thats a good point. They should probably consider changing DE to be 1% for the 5" and below, 8% for the 6" and 16% for the 8"+. Ok, so the 8 and 16 are sliiiightly tongue in cheek, but those are the progressions that WG is using for the loss of fire on IFHE so why would it be otherwise?
  9. I doubt very much that it will work out that way. Smoke will just be put down further from the caps, and people will be less willing to push up. If a DD sneaks close enough to spot a CA firing in smoke then they had better hope it's not a radar cruiser. They will be out there with no support, spotted, and in line of fire. If they break los then the cruisers will be unspotted again and can either keep firing or go dark and be sure the DD can't respot them by popping back out. It confuses me a little that they keep talking about encouraging more aggressive play and then implementing changes that make gameplay more passive.
  10. The sum total of the buff to DDs is 1% fire chance to the Akizuki. It's technically buff, but it doesn't get any smaller and it only affects one DD.
  11. Of course AFT. But that's the only 4 point skill that's worth it on a Russian DD.
  12. The IFHE change is fairly stupid, but I don't much care as I've played through any of the ships that might use it and already respecced the captains. The smoke spotting ranges for cruisers are too high though. It's not 5.9 average, or close. If this goes in it must go in alongside BB bloom lasting 30seconds to remove their stealth fire, and likely a general cruiser durability to shells buff. It doesn't have to be major, but enough to prevent lolpens. If there are no lolpens then angling and open water become an option.
  13. Nah, you load up on 3 point skills. Not worth 4 points. When you're using HE in in either of those it's for the fires, if you want damage you use AP.
  14. Any BB with two spare brain cells to rub together takes Fire Prevention. I'm sorry to hear that you don't. It's effective immunity to one of the (many) things that BBabies constantly cry about. Why would you not take it? The reduction in fire chance is good, but the combination of the entire superstructure area into a single fire location is fantastic. Barring a freak shell hitting bow or stern and then setting a fire you only ever get one fire.
  15. Eh, the USN destroyer leader was Atlanta. The Japanese Yubari. Notice how those are cruisers and the trashkent is a DD. Now I'm not saying it would be easy to balance a DD with it 14 5" guns, but the Navy didn't built ships to be balanced.