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  1. Radar before the smoke nerf patch was fine, I'll reserve judgement on the post smoke nerf patch strength. If islands block radar then the only argument people can bring to bear is "muh realisms". So if that were ever to be implemented then we should go with historical radar range and duration. For game purposes that would be unlimited range and always on. I certainly hope this isn't the route we go, since I have a much easier job playing around the current version of radar.
  2. 2.5 million potential damage. Impacting over the course of 10-15 seconds. Things would die. A lot of things. Vs that Moskva team if it's well timed and launched from a good 90-120 degree spread of positions is likely to get a 10-20% hit rate. 10% would be 250k damage, 20% would be 500k. At 10% rate that's enough to kill something like 3 of the Moskva, almost 4.
  3. That's not even an especially good lineup. It loses to the 7 Shima lineup (also a troll lineup). 115 20km torps hitting that team at once will score multiple kills, they're all huge and none of them have great torp belts.
  4. Also the size of the target vs the spread between bullets.
  5. Wowp does it by having 2-3 humans and 12-13 bots per team. That's not viable. You want that go play coop. Also in wowp the differences are much larger between tiers. It's entirely possible with even a one tier difference that you're up against an aircraft that is more maneuverable, faster, had more guns and better attitude performance. That is basically never the case in Wows with a two tier gap. Example, the Baltimore has more health, a heal, better armor and punchier guns than the Pepsi, but the Pepsi is far more agile, has more guns. They have the same range and speed. That's not even going into how easy it is to play a bottom tier DD. Or how a T7 BB will still crush a T9 CA unless the BB is a tater.
  6. More realistic than world of warplanes.
  7. You don't seem to have much concept how to tier ships. That said, the Stalingrad will have considerably better guns, more armor, more health, more AA. They can fudge the numbers a bit but things will be pretty grim in an Alaska vs Stalingrad match up. This isn't surprising for two reasons, one the Stalingrad is a more recent response to Alaska and two, the game heavily favors the way Russian ships were designed. That is, belt pens and high velocity over deck pens and accuracy. The Alaska will not be "the end if the line" as the Des Moines will be a far stronger ship unless the Alaska gets a generous helping of the sort of fantasy buffs most commonly seen on IJN ships. The Alaska guns have good penetration for cruiser guns, but less than Stalingrad, possibly closer to Moskva or HIV despite a larger shell. However, the DPM is terrible. Really terrible. As in, less than half the Des Moines terrible.
  8. The only question is T9 or T10. I say T9, though if they wanted to apply a coating of fantasy paint to get like they do with all the Russian and Japanese garbage then I wouldn't object to T10.
  9. From what I remember of the red flag, it wasn't a combat exercise. It was a demonstration that sending 4th gen fighters up against the F-22 is an exercise in futility. The F-16s might as well have been Zeros for all the combat effectiveness they had.
  10. Funny how some people seem to think that the money spent on a weapon system is wasted unless it's used... I'd just as soon we never have to use any of those fancy weapons.
  11. Everyone is eligible. You have the choice to not join a clan, to not play, to not get the rewards. That's fine. You choosing not to doesn't mean that you're not able to. You sound like an idiot when you say there are no clans, let alone not a best clan. There clearly are. There might be dispute about what it means to be "the best" but that doesn't mean there isn't a best. Clan wars, supremacy, both of those are clans fighting over bragging rights. The difference being that clan wars has more rewards in the way of flags, a ship and the like.
  12. This is a terrible idea. Over match is already there most broken mechanic in the game. Spreading guns with magic number cancer is not going the right direction.
  13. While we're making radar more realistic, don't forget that it's always on and in game scale has no range limit. Or you know, play with admitted game mechanic ability currently in game.
  14. At least we finally have an official WG answer on where the Alaska belongs. Stalingrad is a T10 CA. 12" guns, 7.1" belt. No more excuses about cruisers having thinner armor or smaller guns.
  15. Catapult fighter is peasant AA. It helps disrupt aircraft attacks, but it's not AA. There isn't much point getting manual AA on the Des Moines because the second long range bubble where all the damage is doesn't count.