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  1. Pre-planning and map awareness are crucial for any type of ship though. If you're in a CA you have to be aware of where all the BBs are and their line of fires so you don't one one shot across the map. If you're in a DD you need to be aware of where the radar cruisers are so you know if there is the potential to lose your invisibility for up to a minute. It helps to be aware where cover is and who could shoot you if a radar cruiser snuck up on you and charged you somehow. I hate the lower tier USN BBs because often you're forced to commit to a cap/side before you have any idea where the enemy team is. If you don't you can't get close enough to have an impact. If you guess a side that everyone lemmings away from you're out of the fight. On the other hand, I love the Missouri. It's fast enough to get anywhere it needs to get, and can lay down a beating on a DD from 10+km. I don't tend to run up huge damage numbers in my Mo, but I win alright in it. Mostly because I'll turn away from shooting a BB to plunk a DD that pops up. Lowers your damage per game significantly but increases your win rate.
  2. The free xp and captain xp flags are great in clan battles. Guess which two they didn't include?
  3. Beat on that straw man some more. Read what I posted. I didn't feel like their offering was a good value for my money, so I spent it someplace that I felt was a value for my money. Are you saying that I feel entitled to be entitled to spend my money where I choose? You'd be correct in that case. Are you claiming that I'm not entitled to choose what an offering is or isn't worth to me? I offered some suggestions on what might convince me to change my mind, what I valued the bundled flags at, what could change that. On top of that I was responding to a question from Radar X where he asked what we ended up spending our money on. Even if it's not with WG that information is valueable to them, and I offered it because I do want to see WoWs succeed. I'd love to hear an argument for "You have to buy whatever is offered at whatever price it's offered at because you don't have a right to your money WG does". Go on.
  4. Even then, the flags are minor for grinding. Lets say you earn 1000 base xp. Xp camo (if you bought christmas boxes last year you probably still have hundreds) 1000 bonus Equal Speed Charlie London 500 bonus Premium account 500 bonus Military month contributor 50 bonus Total: 3050 xp Now lets say you're running a Red Dragon flag, that gives you another 1000 bonus. Total 4050 xp. 4050 is obviously larger than 3050, but not that big a deal. It's far less cost effective than the others. That last 1000 xp is far more expensive per point than any of the rest. If your base xp is closer to 2k then the first setup will run you something like 6k xp a battle, even a T9 ship only takes like what 20-30 games to grind through at that rate? If you play one a game a day that gets doubled, so at one game a day it would take you 10-15 days to grind the ship. If you ground it out all in one sitting it would take a little more than 6 hours.
  5. Wrong. I only really care about the extra captain XP and to some extent the free xp. The free XP only really pays off in clan battles where running a Ouroborous and Papa Papa with a t10 opening camo gets you 15kish free xp a pop. 100% captain XP isn't bad, but it's not 333%
  6. A. They don't target a single class, this much is correct. They do however target every class. There isn't a ship in the game that a determined and skilled CV can't kill. B. Yes and no. Clumping into a ball so the 11 non CV players are stacking their AA makes it hard to strike them. However, it makes them a sitting duck for DD torps, gives up total map control and also reduces AP damage to zero since you have no angles. Technically you can nearly take the CV out of the game but it comes at a huge cost and it's not good team play. C. Incorrect. The best way to balance CVs is implementing any number of the changes suggested. Deciding one role and making them good at that for instance, removing shared vision. Once CVs don't require special MM they will be balanced. Currently CVs are nearly 50% of their total team strength, it needs to be close to 1/12. The only debate is how to get there.
  7. I'll do the campaign, probably, as long as it doesn't require playing ships I don't enjoy. Zero excitement for the ship though. BBs generally aren't challenging and RN are the worst of the lot.
  8. I ended up getting Stellaris and Rimworld. The only flags I would really care to spend money on are Dragon and Ouroborous. If I decide to buy more premium after the current couple months I have left it will not be with included random things that I put an essentially zero value on bundled in. If there is something that I value at $50 that is normally priced at $100 then my purchase point is $50. If there is something that I value at $50 and the normal price is $100 and it's bundled with other items that have a $0 value to me that have a list price of $100 and then the sale price is $100 that isn't a 50% discount, it's normal price with an attempt at a bundled upsell. I get that WG isn't a charity. I spend quite a lot on the game, as I'm sure that you can verify. There is still a point where I don't feel like I'm getting value for my money. If that happens then I don't spend. Lately there have not been many interesting premiums, no interesting new ship lines, that will cut into profits. I'd suggest Alaska, more USN premiums, more premium CA and less premium BBs if WG wants to invest its share of my throwaway money.
  9. Fix BB AP against DD

    You still haven't responded to your statistics being demolished. Zero credibility until you do.
  10. Fix BB AP against DD

    Zarth still hasn't answered this. If you don't address the glaring holes in your "logic" then you have zero credibility. You can complain all you like about attacking the argument, but when it's demolished you just ignore and deflect.
  11. Fix BB AP against DD

    No, it's the phallusy thread. Just one, but a lot of it.
  12. Fix BB AP against DD

    Oh I don't like his solution for it either. That's using a sledgehammer to adjust the timing of your Rolex. I suspect there are plenty of people that agree with the general premise of reducing and eliminating BB AP pens on DDs, it's just hard to get that across when baby Hitler there is running his mouth. If he could shut up about his final solution to "the BB question" maybe we could return to the topic at hand.
  13. Fix BB AP against DD

    How do you reconcile your "top players" pool for Conq being 48% when the all players average is higher than that? All of your talk of sample size means nothing so long as you're criteria for data selection ends up with a lower than average win rate.
  14. Fix BB AP against DD

    He's sort of like the teacher in Charlie Brown at this point. Blah blah blah blah blah.
  15. Fix BB AP against DD

    The funny part is, I actually agree with zarth the BBs shouldn't get full pens on DDs. I just completely disagree with his dishonest way of going about supporting that argument.