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  1. ejectordie


    Hi all. is their a second brawls? and if so, what tier, and when? thx
  2. Help. I cant schedule clan battles for tonight / future for NA server? any idea why? thanks. eject
  3. ejectordie

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Hi all, quick question. In the past with clan at T 10, if you play a T8 you get 3 rentals. Will that happen this time with T 9? by playing a T7? thanks
  4. ejectordie

    Results – Verizon Warrior’s Championship

    thats a very nice donation for the LT. dan foundation. thanks airforce..
  5. ejectordie

    naval battles

    why doesnt it show a type ship above the 4 paragraphs? like it use to? luckily i know which is which , but my new clan members have no idea???
  6. ejectordie

    For the Volunteer Pumpkins!

    typical E_7 response.. lol but thanks for the fun..
  7. ejectordie

    For the Volunteer Pumpkins!

    So only 3 days of prem? and a pumpkin flag? thats sad..
  8. i have been to many places, and the U.K and london. i had fun in,,,, benidorm spain, palma, finland, belize, .. i would go back to spain..
  9. ejectordie

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    So. do we log on to ahh? or just our names?
  10. ejectordie

    can't play lag and ping too much

    yes it sucks on the NA server, even random. etc...
  11. ejectordie

    Use for Karma...

    where is the clan battles?
  12. ejectordie

    Clan Wars??

    hi me too, and shows clan season over?