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  1. With multiple Tiers in a single class, I've seen some people, such as NoZoup4U "hot-swap" captains from one ship to another, and considering that myself. If I have "Captain X" on "Cruiser1" and retrain him for "Cruiser2", both of the same nationality, would he need retrained again to return to "Cruiser1", or does he retain that knowledge?
  2. Recently (just started today that I've noticed), it has started playing more than one song from my playlist. Have tried exiting and restarting the game a few times. It would start playing one song, Just before finishing, it would start another song, then another when the FIRST one finished. I like my playlist, but ONE AT A TIME, PLEASE. On a side note, would it be possible (or feasible, for that matter) to show the title of the current playlist song (whether user or WG) below the minimap display? Maybe "Up Next" when it gets close to the end?
  3. Made my request as well. "Pending".