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  1. NovaTempest

    USS England

    This is another ship's story I learned from this not-so-well-known youtube channel, He's been very informative and does some excellent research, he's not biased either from what I have seen. Here he talks about the Destroyer Escort USS England's stunning twelve days on patrol.
  2. I'd love to see this ship pop up as a Tier 2 or Tier 3 Premium destroyer as a historical nod. An absolutely fascinating story and a marvel of naval engineering. I am not sure if anyone else has come across this ship, but this video does excellent justice to telling the backstory behind her, and her story itself. What do you all think?
  3. NovaTempest

    What is the easiest Battleship line to grind

    When I started, the USN and IJN BBs were the only options, the German BBs came in a short time afterward and everyone here is well aware of the order the next BB lines came in. What you have to realize is that ALL BBs will make you learn to read maps, plan ahead of time on your movements, predict torps from enemy ships that have them (Because you have to turn to dodge them ahead of time in all of them), lead targets from extended ranges and not bother with shooting at DDs if they are more than 12 Km + away (Even 10 Km can be daunting and is not recommended for newer BB users). I myself did the USN BB line first. The S. Carolina, Wyoming, and New York (especially the NY) are fairly solid all-round battleships, aside from the fact they are particularly slow. They have decent protection and are not very easy for most other ships to citadel at their tier or especially below, especially at range. Therefore I would say for basic Battleship Gameplay, run through those three battleships first. The next step varies. You could then start up the IJN BB line, or go for the USN T6 BB - The New Mexico. I had a jolly time in the NM, but that was ages ago back when T4s could still see T6s. The NY and NM will start showing you how you can get punished for showing your side to another BB, especially if it is two tiers higher than yours is. The IJN battleships on the other hand, starting as early as the T4 Myogi, will give you an opportunity to learn long range gun play. The Kongo is a fantastic example of a Battlecruiser (which it technically is) that can hammer other BBs from a distance if its shells are accurate enough. Personally, If you are aiming for the easiest grind up to a Tier 8, the German BB line will be the one for you, especially after the buffs roll in with the next update. The Gneisenau - The line's T7 - is the only tech tree Battleship (AKA not a premium) that is armed with torps, and this gives it a rare advantage in close range duels with other BBs in particular, if you handle her correctly you will be able to research the Bismarck before you know it. As for beyond Tier 8, it is a toss up. I would say in terms of advantages/disadvantages, it would be the USN BB line, as the T8 is generally considered good, the T9 is considered above average at the very least, and the T10 is an all-rounder for the most part. I could in theory argue for the Russian BB line at T8 and beyond, but I have yet to reach that point myself (I am at the T7 Sinop), so i would be speculating, which I prefer not to do. If you just want a single battleship that can teach you everything you need to do well with a BB, while also actually being very capable and having balanced characteristics and is able to show you what not to do in a BB, I would vouch for the Giulio Cesare, a T5 Premium Italian Battleship - should it ever become available in game again. I sail mine all the time as it can also be a very good moneymaker if you don't have a T9-T10 premium ship. She's an extremely well balanced ship.
  4. NovaTempest

    Some other Accuracy Quirks...

    This jumps out to me and I am glad you pointed this out, This ought to help narrow down my torpedo shots at closer ranges, and like I said, all the more reason to take the guide with a severe grain of salt. I will try both of these out from now on during gameplay and see if that has an impact, thank you both.
  5. I'm going to combine two topics into one here, as they have a similar point (The HUD/Camera has some iffiness to it...) First Topic: Gunnery Cams (Binocs, ETC) Second Topic: The Torp Guide Not that these break the game for me, but I think I'd do better in several situations with these corrected in some way (or a better grasp of how to get around them).
  6. I learned a good chunk after posting about my aiming issues in a previous thread, and I am glad I did. My aim has improved noticeably since then, and the mods that I was recommended via Aslains have also helped quite a bit. So now that I am on a climb in my gunnery, I have two other subjects I'd like to ask around on. First off, Armor angling. While I do feel I have a semi-understanding of how to do this, it feels as though it is primarily only in Battleships. And I have only done it successfully maybe twice in Cruisers. So I would definitely like to look into any good info on the subject. (I have crawled through the Nurnberg and the Yorck to get to the Hipper to try and get better exposure to good Cruiser angling.) (I've actually managed to devour a Near full salvo from a Montana off the bow of my Yamato for 0 damage yesterday. Prior to that I shrugged off 3-5 repeated salvos from a GK in the Yamato with a slight angle to my bow against it for a grand total of <1K damage, if even that. He ended up resorting to trying to sail to my side for a point blank citadel blamming, which I caught him on his attempt to get there. I also have the Sinop and have been further honing my angling on her for Battleships. Yet I have been Struggling with figuring out the King George V's Armor.) Secondly - and this is a very new foray for me - is Carrier Gameplay. I got the Langley recently and have been mostly keeping her in Co-op battles to get used to Carrier play in general. I have taken a couple of stabs in Random battles only to get into shutouts (though I did do fairly decently). I'm planning on looking into the differences between IJN, USN, and RN CVs at some point too, but any advice here is welcomed. Thank you guys again in Advance.
  7. NovaTempest

    A Consumable Conundrum?

    I looked at this initially and thought "I don't remember this being a thing..." I go to the wiki to check and sure enough... Has that always been the case? I never really noticed it. Possibly, this was just an off-shoot thought that I felt putting down on paper over, so to speak. And clearly I had some gaps in my info, (Thank you & @Lert for clearing that up.) Though It is still a small head-scratcher if you ask me.
  8. NovaTempest

    A Consumable Conundrum?

    This is just a little food for thought, but its something I noticed that may seem a bit out of place to some nowadays. Currently there are 6 Battleship tech tree lines in the game. American, Japanese, German, British, French, and most recently Russian. Four of those six come with - at some point - Unique or enhanced consumables. German Battleships Starting with the Bismarck get Hydro-acoustic Search. British Starting right around the King George V get enhanced Repair party. French Battleships Starting with the Richelieu get Engine Boost. Finally Russian Battleships get a fast reloading Damage control (at the cost of 1 less Repair party charge and limited damage control party charges). But what do American and Japanese battleships get in that regard...? If you couldn't come up with anything, this is the small little hole I am bringing up. It isn't game breaking, but it doesn't seem necessarily balanced out for these two nations now, does it? And before you say "But they can use Spotter planes / Fighter Planes." - German BB's can also use Spotter planes or fighter planes, and British T6-T9 can also use Spotter Planes / Fighters (though for some reason the Conqueror cannot... odd). So even in this regard, American and Japanese BB's get a bit short-sticked. Granted this is very straightforward to fix for American BBs, not so much for Japanese BBs though I do have a thought for that one. For American BBs, simply slap onto them the ability to use an Enhanced AA defensive fire, starting at the North Carolina. Fairly simple tweak. As for Japanese BBs, well that one is trickier... It wouldn't make much sense to give them an enhanced Repair Party, British BBs already tout that and the Yamato and Izumo (in some situations) are already plenty tanky enough to not warrant it. Gun Reload Consumable? Also wouldn't make much sense either - The Jean Bart already has this and it just doesn't seem right at all for Japanese BBs. So why not an Alternate Damage control party? Since Italian Cruisers have an Alternate smoke generator, how hard would it be to come up with an Alternate DCP? And by alternate, I do not mean like how the Russian DCPs work. My thinking is a special type of DCP that either provides a bonus to fire / flooding resistance for a period of time after its action time expires, or perhaps it lasts far longer but rather than immediately cleansing floodings or Fires, it cuts the duration of pre-existing / new ones by 50% and makes new fires / floods noticeably less likely (for example by 20%), perhaps even reducing the DOT done by either? There is a good deal to mix around on the concept. Thoughts on this?
  9. NovaTempest

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    I'm talking 7-12 km, I've gotten fairly good at "shotgunning" ships with torps up close in DD's like the Acasta and Gnevny. I did have a really good torp shot from 7 Km out a week or two back in the Trento, but that was down to predicting where a Cruiser was going to pop up. I cant wait for when i get my hands on some stupidly fast, long range torps...
  10. NovaTempest

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    That is a fair point. Though I am an optimist when it comes to people seeing heads up warnings from other players... Again this has not happened often, but its ended up being rather ridiculous looking when it has... I did have a match yesterday in the Longjiang where i flung torps at reds in any sensible direction I could, I fired well over a dozen (maybe closer to 24 total). Only got 3 torp hits, but didn't hit any friendlies. I will also admit I am Horrible at Long range torping, but I am working on it. Either way, having the game see accidental friendly-on-friendly torping potentially in a different manner (or to put it specifically, a more closely examined one) would be a welcome tweak in my eyes.
  11. NovaTempest

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    This seems sensible, so I have no problem with this. But since we are on the topic here I would like to bring something closely related up, maybe get an opinion from @Femennenly here on it. I too have hardly ever hit friendly ships with shells, unless I have been zoomed in, aiming at a distant target when a friendly ship I do not see gets right up against my ship and absorbs a portion of my salvo (this has only ever happened twice, and very far apart from one another, nothing came of either situation). However torps are another matter i'd like to see a little better addressed. You have less control of torps - granted it can be clear as day when it is intentional - accidental torp hits are something I see plenty of, and I have been a guilty party in the matter more than I'd like. Yet its also half the reason I am not as torp-happy in DD's - and especially cruisers - as I could be, and my problem is not that I intentionally aim at allies or expect my torps to hit allies, but there are situations in where an ally suddenly plays the role of Ignoramus and sails themselves right into the path of said torps. In the spoiler are my own misadventures with torps hitting friendlies: Long story short, I'd personally like a little more leniency with friendly fire on torps - or a more detailed system for them - so that it doesn't feel like I am automatically at fault for firing torps when I did not expect a friendly to blindly turn into their path despite warnings - or for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. With torps specifically I'd rather see a credit or XP compensation system for the player hit by torps rather than the one that fired the torps simply be penalised - The former being a mechanic that WoT has IIRC on top of the whole "Teamkiller" system they have. Sometimes it feels like on top of having to guess where an enemy ship is going to be when your torps reach their distance, you also have to guess where allies are going to be, and more often than not I would rather not take that gamble if it means I can get pinked for several games for it.
  12. This came across my mind earlier this morning and I figured, "Heck, lets toss it up and see how it'd be digested..." The thought? Give T8-T10 German BB's a Hull damage mechanic similar to the French DDs. Not only would this boost their durability in the current meta, but make them more forgiving and give their secondaries more time to chew into ships, thus eliminating most notions that these ships have been power-crept on without drastically changing any of their other characteristics. It would also make them more popular for secondary builds over french BBs and the premium American BBs that seem to out-do them at the very thing the KMG battleships were touted as being particularly good with. To go a little further, each tier could have a different number of "sections". Bismarck - 3 Sections FdG - 4 Sections GK - 5 Sections They'd still take DOT damage from flooding and Fires normally, they'd just be harder to kill with blind HE spam that doesn't cause very many fires. Thoughts?
  13. NovaTempest

    So about aiming...

    Just another little thing I wanted to ask about here on the forums, see if anyone knew of anything good to look at or had some advice. Obviously I know (for the most part) how aiming works in ships, I picked up how to lead targets and whatnot, but i've always had a bit of an "Annoying itch" in my aim game... When the target you are aiming at is more than 12 KM away and is traveling in a weird angle from your position. Sometimes I even have trouble landing any shots if they are bow-on or stern-on from 16 km or further out. I say this because I recently obtained the Yamato (first ever tier 10 in ships, and thus i now have at least 1 tier 10 in all three titles). And after the first two battles, which i did 100k+ damage in, I faceplanted on the aim. I will admit this is also half the reason I stalled out on the Iowa, I feel HORRIBLE aiming at super long ranges, because after a certain point the simple "Lead the target" tricks taught to newer players just fall apart. Your target could do a 90 degree turn by the time your shells are halfway there. I would rather do well in such a good ship than make myself seem like an utterly inconsistent dingaling - granted 1/3rd of the time I already am like that. I did setup my Yamato with a stealth build to allow myself to close some distance in this situations, but that has only helped so much. I'd appreciate any resources or advice here, and thanks.
  14. NovaTempest

    Italian premium crates are a joke

    I am only marginally luckier than you and got the Trento after getting the Montecuccoli, The Trento overall is a considerably better ship than the Montecuccoli. Larger gun caliber for only a slightly slower reload, more torps, faster turning turrets... Though the Trento has a tendency to faceplant harder in a bottom tier situation than the Montecuccoli. That latter point might be my floppity skill in cruisers talking however, considering I faceplant all the time in the Cleveland, and that was even back when it was a tier 6. But I also have not spent actual $$$ for any of my RM crates so...