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  1. TNTi

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Your video on the UX surveys was very effective. Now that I've seen the faces of the people involved, I'm a lot more motivated to answer the surveys. That being said, I really don't think the Devs have listen to the players since CBT finished. The ambiguous spreadsheets appear to carry more weight than player feedback.
  2. Still here. Visit the forums daily, seldom post.
  3. I wonder if this being a Russian game, and the Russian athletes not able to compete under their national flag because of the penalty imposed by the IOC might have something to do with it. They could have had an "Olympic" themed event and just not used any of the trademarked logos and stuff.
  4. TNTi

    Premium Debacle Review F-Yukon

    He is paraphrasing PT Barnum, “Any news is good news”. PT was referring to whether the newspaper critics loved or hated his show, the public was hearing about it.
  5. TNTi

    What's replacing the Hizen in drydock?

    I don’t remember the source but I believe it will be a German DD, when the German DD line splits. IIRC, that’s the next event after the Italian BB’s
  6. TNTi

    Jurua, anyone get it yet?

    Both the Gallant and the Pan American version have real smoke, not the smile and a promise smoke you get from the mainline RN DD’s. The speed is meh, the torps are meh, the guns are...attached As someone else mentioned, the AA is a joke. Never turn it on, even if you’re spotted, just scoot out of the way, you have low Airial detectably While the CV keeps trying to find you, your mates are getting a break
  7. TNTi

    Rare little ship

    I have one. Very competitive at her tier. I seldom play her, the wait times for low tier battles keeps me away.
  8. TNTi

    After playing ranked for a while

    I always only played Ranked for the flag, so lvl 15 and done. I haven’t heard very much from WG about flags in the new format and the snowflake events are the most time effective way for me to get steel. Anyone heard if the art department is going to continue offering flags for ranked?
  9. I think with this many mission steps required, they shouldn’t be time released. Some weeks over the holidays I can grind hard, others I can’t play at all because of family or work obligations. I decided from the beginning I didn’t have a realistic chance of finishing. Any levels I have finished have been strictly unintentional while working on the campaigns.
  10. TNTi

    Cinemarathon code

    It worked for me, thanks
  11. TNTi

    Speculating on Future Coal Ships

    The problem I had with Thunderer at first is her AP is just as enticing as her HE. Really encourages you to be selective on her shell type like a CA.
  12. TNTi

    Which class is hardest to learn?

    Echoing what others have said, I find DD’s the most challenging (not including CV’s). I have never gotten as comfortable with CV’s post RTS as I was before. For me DD’s are a high risk, high reward type of ship. As others have mentioned, if you mess up in a DD it affects your team much more than the other classes.
  13. TNTi

    What’s in your port?

    Don't know the count off the top of my head (more than 100). I keep only Prems and Tech Tree ship that I somehow got a perm camo for
  14. TNTi

    München the most squishy?

    This is just my initial impression but to me she plays just like a Nurnberg except you can fire 4 guns instead of 3 when bow on, and 4 guns instead of 6 when kiting away. The difference in torps will only come into play in Co-Op because you will be lucky if you survive to get close enough to use them in Randoms. Her speed, maneuverability, and detection are good but the AA is not what I would hope for with a CL* *not that I think AA is in a good place right now.
  15. I remember in the first year of the game, one of the WG guys said that USN BB's were "average" compared to the IJN BB's (the only two BB's lines at the time). This was an unfortunate translation and the word a native speaker would have used would have been "balanced". No exceptional strengths but no glaring weakness either. The damage was done though, and the American player community has had their feelings hurt about their beloved battleships ever since.