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  1. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    And here we go! Test ships and replay analysis w/giveaways is ON! Asashio Vauquelin Omaha Leander Kirov Bismarck Ryujo Sims R Shiratsuyu R Helena R Belfast R Nueve de Julio R New Orleans R Langley Cheshire http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  2. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    OK time for the real stream! Test ships + Replays. Win things, learn, and chill! Midway Nelson Georgia Donskoi Asashio Vauquelin R Omaha Leander Kirov Bismarck Viewer submitted replays http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  3. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    Here we go with another stream! WIP ships followed by replays: P Bag Salem Atago Podvoisky Shokaku Midway Nelson Moskva Georgia Donskoi Asashio B Giveaways, dirty water, butt anchors, death pics... all the fixins! http://twitch.tv/lord_zath Also playing w/my phone's epic zoom-out camera lul
  4. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    Stream is live! Ochakov & P. Bag Reviews. Then Odin, Agir, Siegfried, Shikishima, California... which do you want to see? Replays to follow :). http://twitch.tv/lord_zath Replays: Minsk T-22 Haida Le Fantasque Moskva Audacious Colbert Salem Atago Viewer Submitted replays Giveaways! And below is my "standard consumables" REEEEE face... now retired thanks to the patch!
  5. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    It's patch day! Time to check out the new features for Random Battles then do some more Replays from 0.9.3! Puerto Rico Yugumo Mahan Skane Moskva CB Moskva CB T-22 Moskva Kagero Daring Shiratsuyu Gearing Des Moines Venezia CB Des Moines http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  6. Lord_Zath

    What is your goal?

    Working towards this mission!
  7. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    Happy Monday! In preparation for the next patch, we're focusing on randoms + SHORT replays... LOTS of death pics! Montana Mahan Mainz Hindenburg U-69 PTS Anshan PTS Des Moines KGV Yugumo Mahan Skane Moskva CB Moskva CB T-22 Moskva http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  8. Sons, spend time w/moms. You never know when it's the last. Let's do some Randoms + Replays. Scharnhorst OP Bismarck Kurfurst Alabama Iowa Montana RS Jean Bart RS Republique Bourgogne Thunderer RS Conqueror RS Hood Musashi Yamato Kremlin http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  9. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    Time for another stream! Today we will do some random T10 and then BB-only replays! Bayern Scharnhorst OP Bismarck Kurfurst RS Alabama Iowa Montana RS Jean Bart RS Republique Bourgogne Thunderer rS Conqueror RS Hood Musashi Yamato Soyuz http://twitch.tv/lord_zath
  10. I've had similar experiences with Marceau!
  11. Here it is... an epic Ranked Sprint run plus DD replay analysis. T-61 games are good for newer players, Kleber and Marceau are hilarious, and the Kitakaze highlights what players often do once the win seems guaranteed. BB-only replays tomorrow!
  12. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    Happy Wednesday! Ranked CVs + DESTROYER ONLY REPLAY ANALYSIS!!!! T-61 Kagero Kitakaze Kleber Marceau Vasteras Oland Ostergotland Halland Smaland Gearing YueYang Tashkent Shimakaze Black Daring https://twitch.tv/lord_zath hang out, learn, win!