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  1. I had a lot of fun today with you guys... thanks for hanging out! Who would've thought other people would enjoy watching someone take screenshots for 2 hours :). QUESTION - do you like having my video releases at 6am CST or would you prefer a different time? If so, what time?
  2. Starting stream a little early! 5 min or less :)
  3. Just a reminder today I'll be doing Ranked previews/picks, followed by screenshot work for the wiki. Come hang out and watch me take screenshots of these ships: - Bayard - Yudachi - Benham - Yoshino - Mogador - Kleber - Pobeda - Georgia From time to time I'll pause to give away container codes as usual.
  4. @Doomlock and @tcbaker777 joined me in voice comms to talk through this Clan Battle. Enjoy!
  5. Tomorrow I'll be streaming, but it won't be the usual stream. I'll start with discussing Ranked and what my picks are for Ranked... then I'll give you all a "behind the scenes" video as I go through old replays of test ships so I can take screenshots for the wiki. Feel free to join me if you like!
  6. Lord_Zath

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    I have thought the exact same thing...
  7. Here's a battle from @Batmantis_, who took on 4 battleships on his flank... will he survive?
  8. Lord_Zath

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    No worries... that's why we have the forum :)
  9. Lord_Zath

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    A couple compliments went out at lunch today @afy_15 and @chauchie
  10. Lord_Zath

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    There are rental ships for players like you.
  11. Are they distracting you? Which ones in particular are a problem? I could remove mods altogether if you guys prefer...
  12. Lord_Zath

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    Nice job yourself! You held off an Iowa in your NC and finished him off with a great close-quarters salvo.
  13. @Leopard_IX asked for some feedback in the Des Moines. We'll discuss positioning for maximum impact while also minimizing damage from enemy battleships.