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  1. Lord_Zath


  2. Really great stream yesterday! Tried something new and I think it *mostly* worked well. Today's replay is courtesy of @Ensign_Cthulhu who sent in a replay in the Salem. Good stuff to learn here about picking your battles.
  3. OK you have spoken! With 24 responses, here's the order for today's replays: 1. HINON Clan Battle. You'll want to watch this one, featuring perspectives from @Lert @Doomlock @RivertheRoyal and @Jnobsir. This is something new I'm trying so please bear with me. I have an idea of how I'd like it to work but... we all know how that goes sometimes! 2. Salem @HeartlessAngeI 3. Z-39 @HeartlessAngeI 4. Daring @Pulicat 5. New Mexico Ranked Battle @Leopard_IX 6. Ryujo @Counter_Gambit 7. Graf Zeppelin. This wasn't high on the list but with CVs going away soon, I'd like to be able to highlight what *used* to be. Plus I'm told it's an epic game by both @SireneRacker and @Pigeon_of_War. Sounds like a great way to end today's stream! Full disclosure results of the Google Form below. Going live in 5!
  4. Today's replay features @Kongo_Pride in the Bourgogne. He makes a few mistakes here but showcases the strengths of this steel reward ship. Also don't forget I'm streaming today in just three hours! I have 18 responses so far and I'll make my final playlist in two hours. Vote for the replays you'd like to see here: https://goo.gl/forms/JsOz80wcDW7OtJ8o2
  5. Lord_Zath

    Who have you seen in game

    o/ I think I was in my Salem in that one... enemy Kii just let me farm him :)
  6. Google Form to choose - https://goo.gl/forms/3qJ9MRuLm5zcAPlI2 Tomorrow's lineup: Priority: HINON Clan Battle T10: Henri IV x, Harugumo, Des Moines x, Shimakaze x, Republique, Gearing xx, Worcester, Daring, Salem, Montana, Zao, T9: Jean Bart, Tashkent, Musashi x, Iowa x, Kronshtadt, Neptune, Kitakaze, Udaloi, Missouri, T8: Harekaze x, Akizuki x, Lo Yang x, Cleveland xx, Cossack, Massachusetts, Charles Martel, Takao x, Kutuzov, Kagero, Kii, Atago, North Carolina, Alabama, Graf Zeppelin, Z-39, T7: Atlanta, Lyon, Jervis, Belfast, New Orleans x, T6: Fubuki, Leander, Ryujo, Dunkerque, Anshan, Farragut, Bayern, Fuso, Independence, Dallas, T5: Nicholas, Texas T3: Dreadnought Ranked: Warspite x, Budyonny, Dunkerque, Anshan, New Mexico A total of 79 replays have been submitted. JEEZ! Choose the ships YOU want to see tomorrow! https://goo.gl/forms/3qJ9MRuLm5zcAPlI2
  7. Today's video is a Clan Battle sent in by @MONKEYBOMBS1945 (?). TONS of good stuff in here for clans who are looking to up their game. ALSO SPECIAL UPDATE! With the patch being moved back a week, we have one additional week for your epic replays. Good stuff! Expect a Google Form tonight with the replay listings just like before. We have a couple priority replays this time around including an apparently epic clan battle by HINON... I have something special planned assuming I can get the time to do what I'm thinking... watch me stream it live tomorrow 1-3pm CST, as it either becomes a smashing success.... or blows up in my face!
  8. Lord_Zath

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Quoting myself cuz not added yet :)
  9. Lord_Zath

    Thank you, War Gaming

    I happen to really enjoy the PEF. Here's a couple replays I covered - one operation and one random battle. A good opportunity to learn how to play her. If you're really having problems, you're also welcome to send in a replay or two in the ship and I'd be happy to provide you with some direct commentary and feedback. Random battle courtesy @Edgecase: Scenario (Aegis) courtesy @Amaruk
  10. In today's video, @dearmrfrodo1 shows us how dirty the Harugumo can be.
  11. Special release Tuesday! @Edgecase wanted to make sure the world knew that the PEF isn't a weak ship. Check out how his aggressive playstyle jives well with this ship.
  12. No problem! Glad to be of service :)
  13. Thanks for the kind words, Amaruk! And I second Fishrokk on the excellent writeup. Here's today's replay in a destroyer we don't see that often.... the USS Kidd, piloted by @cmdr_bigdog. He secures the east and the middle, but will it be enough to win?