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  1. Ode to the Kiev

    I'm strongly considering picking the "worst" ship to play Ranked and ranking out in it next time.... NO CV tho. I love the Lexington, but I'd never take her into Ranked.... or into Randoms now that her strike loadout is gone... :'(
  2. Ode to the Kiev

    Yeah just do Khaba things with it. Standard Khaba build applies well to Kiev :)
  3. Ode to the Kiev

    Bumping this because Kiev once again managed to get me to Rank 1.... this time avoiding the Lo Yangs which... were actually less dangerous than the Belfasts of T7!!!
  4. Zath's rules of commander xp: 1. Move captains up from tiers 1/2/3/4/5/6, but stop doing this at 7. After T7, retraining is simply too expensive xp-wise (even accounting for 200,000 credit 50% retrain option). 2. [edited] captains out on premium ships. Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst, Tirpitz, Konig Albert all work well for training BB/CA captains because the captain skills are similar enough. Same for other pairings like Cleveland/Atlanta/Sims or North Carolina/Alabama/Missouri. Swap'em to these ships for first-win bonuses. 3. Your first 19 point captain comes out to play every commander xp event (like last weekend). His job is solely to gain elite commander xp. 4. Use said elite commander xp to immediately retrain a captain (do the 50%/200k credit option, THEN click the + icon and finish retraining). Otherwise, best use of ECXP is to train a new captain from 1 point (pay the 7,500 credits) to 10 points (that's when diminishing returns start to come in). 5. NEVER dismiss ANY captain. 6. ALWAYS respec your commanders for free when WG offers it. Or respec at a discount. NEVER respec for full commander xp (190,000 for 19 pointers) unless it's deemed absolutely necessary. 7. Experiment with commander builds in Public Test. Write'em down and apply them on live. 8. During events like in #3, run max camo, max economic flags to gain as much ECXP as possible on your 19 pointer(s). 9. NEVER use free xp to boost a captain unless it's deemed ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. 10. ??? 11. PROFIT!
  5. Today's replay is another Ranked Battle, featuring @ihsasum in the Lo Yang. Special guest commentary by Edgecase!
  6. Ranked: Help Please

    I think the key is to focus on the ship you enjoy playing the most and feel most comfortable in. Always be thinking about what you can do to help the team. Feel free to watch the videos I've been posting, especially if you're using the same ship. You're welcome to send me replays as well and I can directly comment on YOUR gameplay :).
  7. Today's video features @Lert in the Duke of York... I decided to take a short break from Ranked Battles. It's out of order, but that's because the campaigns end very soon and I figured some people might be looking to get some tips on how to play her.
  8. Today's video is starring @dearmrfrodo1 who brought a Benson into Ranked. @Edgecase joins in for some of the fun :).
  9. Today's video is @HorrorRoach in another Ranked Battle... this time the Akizuki! SeaRaptor00 joins in on the fun :).
  10. For today's replay, we have @HorrorRoach in the Prinz Eugen!