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  1. It's that time again! Vote for replays and come join us from 12-5pm CST on Sunday! If you stick around, you might win prizes and can even get your replay covered :). https://forms.gle/Hv5BbjPrXTNvxPek6 twitch.tv/lord_zath
  2. Lord_Zath


    o/ thanks and yes very happy to help people just e-mail me the replay (email in sig) :)
  3. Lord_Zath


    ok if you can please e-mail that to me... can't do much with that while at work and I don't want to risk forgetting to download it at home!
  4. Lord_Zath

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    Yep that was a lot of fun!
  5. Lord_Zath

    Gameplay Question

    o/ e-mail link sig!
  6. Lord_Zath

    Tomorrow's order of battle

    And we're live!
  7. Lord_Zath

    Best 99 cents I ever spent

    That was good times tho I think it was @LittleWhiteMouse who organized it!
  8. No vote because I only have 7 replays for tomorrow 12-5 CST. Be sure to watch - SFNL is giving away ships in addition to the typical WG codes! Order of Battle: 1. Des Moines 2. Somers 3. Musashi 4. Zao 5. Sinop 6. Alaska 7. Schanhorst 8. London 9. Viewer submitted replays 10. Test ships IKEA DDs twitch.tv/lord_zath
  9. Lord_Zath


    OK! I only have 6 replays now so your replay will be covered during tomorrow's 12-5pm CST stream!
  10. I changed things up and started streaming via Stream Elements as part of team Aim and Achieve. Check out the replays... some pretty epic plays. And a few fails! And a perfectly timed raid...
  11. The votes are in! 1 Harugumo (sent in by EUCC Haleos) 2 Kaga 3 Black 4 Georgia 5 Wichita 6 Leander 7 ARP Takao 8 Fletcher I'm also SUPER EXCITED to formally join Aim and Achieve and launch my new setup via Stream Elements. T-50 min! twitch.tv/lord_zath Giveaways, viewer submitted replays... come hang out and help others grow :)
  12. Glad you enjoy her! I like having as much information as possible when I play. Also helps when I analyze replays :). The symbols are giving me a rough idea of ship movement - forwards, backwards, standing still. It's not perfect, but it does help when looking at a bow/stern on target.