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  1. Here's today's video courtesy of @destawaits. Lots of good stuff in here as we discuss low-tier battleship fun!
  2. Lord_Zath

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Glad to hear you had a great time! It was nice meeting ya.
  3. Lord_Zath

    Someone killed facebook

    my Facebook's working just fine...
  4. Lord_Zath

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Glad to hear you all got good loots!
  5. Lord_Zath

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    CCT codes have been sent out! Still have a couple left. It was great meeting you all :). Make sure you post what you got in them!!!
  6. Lord_Zath

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Can't wait to see everyone! Be sure to come and find me... if you earn a card from me, there's a special contest just for you!
  7. Today's video features @Leopard_IX in the Konigsberg... perfect timing with Ranked out!
  8. Lord_Zath

    Anchors Away: Anaheim - #AnchorsAwayWoWS

    Event starts at noon, runs until 9:00PM (going off what we CC's were given). TONS of stuff in between. I recommend getting there right away to maximize your enjoyment :).
  9. Hey guys I'm up for elimination this round... if you would, please vote for me! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6tL95G3ZD_JLUrn52JM_7w/community?lb=UgxLYac4a-OpBDCHoNN4AaABCQ Not ready to stop doing this just yet :)
  10. Today's video comes to us courtesy of @HeartlessAngeI in his Montana. Some good stuff here about positioning your battleship to impact the battlefield.
  11. Bias is definitely going to be present, and we took steps to acknowledge that. Still, I felt we tried to maintain as balanced approach as possible, allowing the plays to call themselves. As Raptor can attest, I was a little excited towards the end of the 07/OMNI match :)
  12. That would've been an epic video... Picture myself and Raptor deciding we could make it to the water fountain in 90 seconds. Now, picture the two of us walking, then speed walking, then jogging, then sprinting down a hallway. Sadly I missed the turn and went the long way into the kitchen/break area where the water fountain was found. Raptor, having the advantage of several days' knowledge of this facility, made the turn and consequently beat me to it. Not wanting to be back late, I had to opt for the next best thing - the beer tap. We then rushed back to the stream room to find out that one/both of the teams requested a 5 min break -__-