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  1. I kinda just felt like streaming so let's go! Streaming until 10pm CST :D twitch.tv/lord_zath
  2. http://twitch.tv/lord_zath Grind Assist/Operations/Concealed Maneuvers Replays Team League Draft 1 hr into the stream!
  3. Lord_Zath

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah I'm glad you're learning as you play! Looking forward to the next one :)
  4. Stevie's still doing well. I'm concerned about his front right leg, but otherwise he's eating quite healthily and even pooped yesterday. This morning he went down the stairs on his own without falling (I was in front ready to catch him just in case). I'm very glad I didn't keep my appointment. I'm hopeful we will see Stevie for some time to come but am grateful for the extra time if that's not the case. I want to thank everyone for coming out on Thursday and showing their support both here and on stream. Love you all!
  5. http://twitch.tv/lord_zath I've cancelled Stevie's appointment. He may be on more streams! Concealed Maneuvers/whatev Replays
  6. twitch.tv/lord_zath Come hang out and let's say goodbye to Stevie together. Warships Grind Assist/Operations Replays
  7. Lord_Zath

    Long Weekend Spree, 14-17 July 2023

    One of my favorite animes is Ranma 1/2. Check it out if you haven't!
  8. This is our last stream of 12.5, so final chance for replays this patch. BRING'EM ON!!!! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  9. Lord_Zath

    The frustrating mystery of MM

    Yep happy to do so! Keep in mind patches break replays and today (in 5 minutes) is my last stream of this patch cycle!
  10. Lord_Zath


    Yeah it's all in good fun!
  11. Back to grind assist and replay analysis! Let's celebrate the weekend by blowing up some ships!!! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  12. twitch.tv/lord_zath Back to @WorldofWarships grind assist and replay analysis! Also a bag-o-clothes needs to be unbagged!
  13. It's great to be back! Today we'll do MOAR: Grind Assist Replays ft Hakuryu, Stord, Warhammer Blacktemplar, T-22, Thrasher, Brindisi, Jager twitch.tv/lord_zath
  14. Lord_Zath

    Who have you seen in game

    We all did :D
  15. Lord_Zath

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah it was fun just slamming co-op and asymmetric to speed run Jager missions!