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  1. Lord_Zath

    Sunday stream time!

    Feels like a month since we hung out. Let's fix that! If you're in the US or Canada, you can WIN a pack of ALL FOUR of these StrikeForce Energy x WorldofWarships flavors! Ranked Zath Chat CL builds Replays Nagato Musashi Benham Huang He Vermont Gaede ??? twitch.tv/lord_zath
  2. Come join Stevie and I for a relaxing day of @WorldofWarships and giveaways! Narai Toulon Zath Chat Replays: Haarlem Monarch Pensacola Musashi ???? twitch.tv/lord_zath
  3. Hi

    I sent this to Boggzy, but he just deleted the post. Saw that you are on the EN Wiki Editing Staff

    Can you get the wiki fixed?

    In game the firing range for the Venezia is listed as 4.6 km. On the wiki it has the following table:


    AA Defense

    90 mm/50 Model 1939 on a twin mount12 х 2 pcs.

    . . . Average Damage per Second 162

    . . . Firing Range 3.99 km.

    65 mm/64 Model 1939 on a twin mount8 х 2 pcs.

    . . . Average Damage per Second 97.6

    . . . Firing Range 3.69 km.

    37 mm/54 Model 1939 on a quadruple mount10 х 4 pcs.

    . . . Average Damage per Second 191

    . . . Firing Range 3.51 km


    Under Cons:

    Anti-aircraft armament has a poor range of only 5.2 kilometers



  4. Lord_Zath

    WSC Day 2!!!

    DAY 2 OF WSC!!! http://twitch.tv/lord_zath http://twitch.tv/searaptor00 Schedule (CST): 1400 -WD- v MUMEI G-7-1 1530 G-5-3 1700 G-6-5 MOAR special goodies today!!! Possible afterparty again.
  5. Lord_Zath

    WSC Day 1 is on!!!

    Today, the Warships Spring Championship begins! Watch @SeaRaptor and I here: http://twitch.tv/lord_zath http://twitch.tv/searaptor00 Tentative Schedule (CST): 1405 Y0L0W v BRF 1430 SULSA v FDS 1450 STAR v ANCMD 1510 VAF v ROCIN 1530 UWA v 5D 1550 TAG v KSD 1610 QADD v TRETA 1630 1LINE v STARC 1650 KSX v NOCAP Also plenty of goodies given away today - be sure to tune in and participate in chat to win :D. Thanks to my mods @puddin597 and @SithKittenfor helping! Let's get some death pics! Might do replay analysis stream after depending on timing.
  6. Lord_Zath

    Stream starting up!!!

    It's Sunday! NEW GPU!!! Raid 50+ Ancient Shard Opening, Ranked, Zath Chat, Replays Last replay stream b4 WSC! Giveaways - ITADD Cont, & MOAR! Replays: FR25 U-2501 Yamato twitch.tv/lord_zath
  7. Lord_Zath

    Vanguard Question

  8. Lord_Zath

    Sunday Stream!!!

    Sunday! Raid Void Shard Opening, Ranked, Zath Chat, Replays Last replay stream b4 WSC! Giveaways - >>>Hornet<<<, ITADD Cont, & MOAR! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  9. Easter Sunday! Ranked, Brawls, Replays Aviere Incomparable United States Giveaways Help me w/Raid - https://strms.net/raid_lord_zath_sesp twitch.tv/lord_zath
  10. It's time for another stream thanks to having a day off of work :D. #sponsored by @RaidRPG Ranked Zath Chat Replays Raid Celebrating 3rd anniversary! - https://strms.net/raid_lord_zath_sesp NEW animated emotes! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  11. Special stream!!! Stevie Cam replaced :D Hornet Superships Viewer replays Giveaways LET'S DO THIS!! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  12. Lord_Zath

    Zunday stream!

    It's Zunday! Ranked Battles Grinding Zath Chat Fabletics Unbagging Replays: Soyuz Zao Kitakaze Anchorage Eagle U-69 Ibuki >>>FR25 Giveaway!<<< twitch.tv/lord_zath See ya there!
  13. Lord_Zath

    Am I a Bad Player?

    I have been summoned!
  14. Lord_Zath

    Zunday stream!

    Sounds like a good time!
  15. Lord_Zath

    Zunday stream!

    It's Zunday! Savage Battles Achievement Hunting Ranked Battles Replays: Schlieffen Harbin Incomparable Adriatico Anchorage Eagle U-69 Ibuki Borodino twitch.tv/lord_zath Giveaways by mods @SithKitten and @puddin597