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  1. Just a reminder I'm still on vacation so not sure when I'll stream next but it won't be over this weekend... maybe during the week.
  2. @ihsasum shared this replay in the Mahan. Watch how good DD play wins games!
  3. @Kelorn from the Warships Podcast shared this replay... be sure to watch to the bitter end to see what happened!!!
  4. @Courageous_Curry asked for some feedback in the Atomic Rage on one of the first days of the mode.
  5. @Ensign_Cthulhu shared this game highlighting the strengths of the Yorck in a competitive environment.
  6. Lord_Zath

    Ever wanna find out how ships are balanced?

    :) Yeah I walked through the doc while on the podcast. Hope it helped!
  7. Here's a sample battle in the WIP T5 French premium destroyer.
  8. @SilentSymphonyand @Hushubao showcase how good gameplay plus teamwork can have a real impact on the battle. At one point, it's 5v2... will the Kraken div carry the game? Hushubao joins to give his perspective.
  9. Lord_Zath

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    Now you have no chance of getting one in the future via SC!
  10. Lord_Zath

    Let's talk CV Rework!

    Regarding the premiums... the way this whole video came out makes me think they *thought* everything was done because it was *supposed* to be done by that point. Obviously, we know that to be false now (as does WG). But hindsight is 20/20. Will the premium CVs be buffed now that they've been nerfed? We'll have to see. Though I do agree it feels a little odd that they'd sell them again. Maybe this is why we haven't seen Indomitable yet...
  11. Here's a game where positioning and tactical thinking could have helped jastfat_ win. Our player is left at just over 1,000 hp at the end of the battle with two enemies' shells inbound. Will the player survive? Also here's another preview of the French line... this time the T5 DD Jaguar!
  12. Lord_Zath

    Attn WG: Commander XP = junk

    I love being able to instantly retrain, respec, or boost commanders via ECXP. Gone are the days when I have to play with less than 19 point captains. ECXP is one of the BEST resources WG put into this game IMO.
  13. Great stream today... thanks all who joined! Please remember I won't be streaming again until July 22nd or 24th... depending how I feel after returning from overseas on July 21st. Also, here's some previews of the French T6/7/8/9 DDs:
  14. OK here's today's playing order: 1. Ranked Yorck @Ensign_Cthulhu 2. Lexington @Leopard_IX with @Timber_MG & @Nordeit 3. Savage Grozovoi @Courageous_Curry with @BlackEagleOps 4. Ranked Draw Sinop @Kelorn 5. Ranked Mahan @ihsasum 6. Ryujo @ihsasum 7. Massachusetts @Just_Dodge_LOL 8. Izmail @Kitashi_7 with @Rolkatsuki Stream starting NAO! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  15. Last chance to put your votes in for today's stream! https://forms.gle/js77YMVkEg1CoKhUA Triple Kraken div consisting of @Zampy, @Backwards_Logic, and @Eldanari. Eldanari joins in to help narrate this game. Proud of my clanmates, but more importantly just watch how they manage to kill 12 ships among the three of them, with two earning Kraken achievements. Oops, did I just spoil it?