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  1. Sounds great!
  2. And here's a replay from the game:
  3. And here's replay #6! @ObnoxiousPotato and special guest star @SuperNikoPower!
  4. Also, thanks for the comments, @Lert! Glad this was a positive experience :)
  5. Great thanks!
  6. Great thanks! I'm going to continue updating my first thread to make it easier for people to follow. Apologies for the double threads... just trying to learn all of this stuff :).
  7. Great to know! I was thinking of raising the music volume to add to the immersion... do you think I should or is it good as-is?
  8. Thanks for the correction... fixed I hope :)
  9. Congratulations!
  10. I think it's time for @Lert to teach us how to sealclub play low tier cruisers!
  11. Agreed. Thanks for watching!
  12. I hope the mic sounds better now :). A lot of awesome replays coming up! I'll post here as they are uploaded. As always, send me replays if you'd like me to check out your games and comment on them. For now, please enjoy @marcmad's game in the Bellerophon. Don't forget to follow this thread so you're notified of additional video releases :). And here's the second of the week:
  13. But its' speed and agility makes her great for racing!
  14. I appreciate that WG is trying things and experimenting. With all things, we can predict as much as we want, but it's ultimately the data that will indicate the results of this change. I urge everyone to look at this change with an open mind and see what happens. No need for doom and gloom right now! Maybe a few months after the patch, we can start looking at data and people will have had enough games' worth of experience to comment on this change. For now, let's try it out and see what works and what doesn't :).