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  1. In the launcher, go to settings, then find the "verify game data" option.
  2. We often can't say why we do what we do....
  3. 327 words: My favorite ship in this game is the USS Lexington. I have always enjoyed her, from the days of playing PTO and PTO II, where all I saw was a side profile view, to the days of playing Closed Beta Weekends, where she came to life in my port. Lexington just has beautiful lines. In fact, I would often make the Lexington and Saratoga flagships of their respective battle groups in PTO to ensure that their profile would display whenever I selected their fleet. Fast forward to the Closed Beta Weekends. The second weekend introduced aircraft carriers to the mix. I played the game like mad, working my way up the aircraft carriers, until finally on Sunday night I unlocked the Lexington. I had her completely upgraded just in time to have to go to bed, and with the weekend's close, I was forced to reflect on the experience, as access to the World of Warships servers were locked away. The official Closed Beta Test began, and once again, I threw myself at the CV line. I had to get to my Lexington no matter what! Along with other lines, I slowly progressed to her, only to endure the great account wipe between CBT and OBT just after I had fully unlocked the Lexington. The Lexington is now in my port, having completed all lines to Tier 10. I will never sell her, and I thoroughly enjoy taking her out to sea. Her model is gorgeous, her aircarft has great potential, and most people underestimate her. Outside the game, I thoroughly enjoy visiting museum ships and building models. I have visited the Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Arizona, Belfast, Cassin Young, Bowfin, and U-505. Each of these experiences have added to my addiction of naval history. The best part of World of Warships is seeing these models in-game after visiting the real life ships. To see the Belfast, and then take her out to battle is extremely gratifying. o7!
  4. The point is that you can protect yourself from detonations. You can't force your teammates to do it, so you're forced to struggle through it... such is Ranked.
  5. Yeah they should've just auto-demounted all special upgrades with the patch. So speed boost upgrades are still on these ships?
  6. I have one or two that I'm saving just to see. I know if I get credits, it confirms that contents are determined when they're collected, not opened. I don't believe WG has actually stated how this works, so it'll be a fun experiment.
  7. How's it working out? I tried a few DDs myself but couldn't find my mojo...
  8. I only use Juliet Charlie flags under two conditions: 1. It's Ranked, and I'm Rank 10 or under (no use wasting them early in the season). 2. I'm investing in a battle with rare camo and special economic flags.
  9. So be angry at the players who didn't wear protection.
  10. And should one run out of that flag, there's also an upgrade that reduces chance of detonation by 75%...
  11. Thanks. I've encountered this situation 7 times in a row now. It's incredibly frustrating watching DDs just go in and die.
  12. Okay I'll bite and ask an actual question. In Ranked, how do you play a BB and recover the game when one or two of your team's destroyers just get themselves killed right away? I'm struggling with this...
  13. Same! Losing is fun - and it seems a lot easier than winning, especially with DDs who just rush in and die.
  14. 100% agreed, though I think people should still be able to play it. They already have to reach a service level in order to enter Ranked, so it's not all "new account + premium ship purchase". Plus, without all these players, there will be very long queue times...