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  1. o/ Yep I'll take any replay. Note that I am traveling right now and won't get home before the next patch (7.3?) drops, so please no replays until after 7.3 drops!
  2. Thanks, Seabear! Programming note - just realized I missed the cut on this one a bit... it's been edited and should be fixed soon-ish :).
  3. Met him at the Lexington LBT... cool guy!
  4. Here's today's video featuring @Wheelbase911. Just a programming note - I will not be doing live streams for the next three weeks due to traveling outside of the country. Rest assured, a new video will release every day on YouTube, so be sure to subscribe and follow so you know when they're released! I will try to update this thread but can't guarantee I'll get to it every day...
  5. Thanks all for hanging out today! Heads up, no streaming for at least the next two weeks as I'll be out of the country.
  6. Tirpitz #1 was from Niko's "create a map" contest right around when the Tirpitz was released. Tirpitz #2 was a Facebook contest where you posted a post-battle screenshot of a game over the weekend (same day as winning Tirpitz #1 LOL). Tirpitz #3 was winning another of Niko's contests and I already had all ships that I could choose from, so I went with Tirpitz since it had the highest doubloon value. Tirpitz #4 was at the Let's Battle Tour, which I gave to SeaRaptor00's wife since I have plenty of doubloons and no need for a 4th (but it's fun to say I won her 4 times)! This is why I keep telling people to enter into contests. I've won a LOT in this game... hell I won a Warspite in a Facebook contest on Thanksgiving by making a Warspite out of a plate of spaghetti. As for the doubloons, spend them how you want to. There are times I regretted spending doubloons, and there are also times when I probably should've spent doubloons and regretted it. Hoarding is just something I do naturally in F2P games... it's fun to see how many digital shinies I can get!
  7. Nice! Glad to see other photo nuts here :)
  8. Adding one more Anshan replay due to recent submission! If anyone else has replays they'd like reviewed, please send away :). Goal is to have a shorter stream today.... finish by around 4pm CST. I'm looking to record at least six more replays today. I'll be out of the country for two weeks, so I want to make sure that I have content releasing through the weekend after I return... just in case ;).
  9. Today's replay features @Edgecase in the Normandie. Don't forget the Twitch stream today at 1pm cst! twitch.tv/lord_zath
  10. Most of my doubloon wealth has been earned via: - Contests - Ranked/other rewards for completing missions - Containers I've won a Tirpitz 4 times now.... the 3 copies each deposited their doubloon value... that adds up fast ;). As for the monetary value of doubloons, if I were to purchase all of those, I'm limited to transactions of 25,000 doubloons for $100.12 so that's roughly $648.46. Pretty insane when you think about it! Also, I never spend doubloons. I hoard them because I am Smaug!
  11. Zath's Replay Theater is doing another live stream tomorrow (SUNDAY) at 1pm CST! twitch.tv/lord_zath Come by and enjoy! If you sent me a replay, make sure you tell me which one it is and I'll review it LIVE with you watching and commenting :). Here's what's on the docket: Leningrad x2 Anshan x3 Isokaze Missouri x3 Vampire Saint Louis x2 Richelieu x5 Yamato Kiev x2 Lo Yang Alsace Black Gearing Fletcher Zao Yue Yang Shchors Tirpitz Aigle Fu Shun Nicholas Hope to see you there!