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  1. Musket22

    Heretical Proposition

    For many moons, I've said that these WW2 boats with 60's & 70's tech are abominations.
  2. Musket22

    Heretical Proposition

    [q]Adding AA where it wasn't historically is one solution.[/q] You mean like 'tracking torps' on subs?
  3. HEY Wolfwetpaws, How about you get torpedoes that can circle back to track and hit the sub that sent them as happened to US WW2 torps?
  4. Musket22

    Submarines are a great addition

    It's the underwater maneuverability of subs and the ping/high speed torpedoes that hurt sub acceptance by surface ship captains. RL submarine speeds. Surfaced & submerged Germany: Type VII 18 knots - 8 knots Type IX 18 7 Type XXI 16 17 US Gato/Baleo/Tench 20 9
  5. Musket22

    Friendly Fire!

    I blame subs for the deterioration in gameplay be it in Co-op or Random. Oh and btw, you clearly can't see sarcasm if it hits you between the eyes. The last line isn't sarcams tho; I'd STILL gladly 'wear the pink' to get rid of these abominations. To clarify, the subs are the abominations.
  6. Musket22

    Friendly Fire!

    The Reason WG took it out; WG knew that subs wouldn't last 2 minutes in matches. I'd have gladly 'worn the pink!' to get rid of those abominations.
  7. Musket22

    WG - Remove the 'Mercy Rule' ending in Co-Op

    Re:Friendly fire: Where it still in the game, how long would subs survive at start? I know I would gladly 'take the pink' to get rid of those abominations!
  8. It is a bad business model to piss off the majority of your client base to push a bad product (sub implementation) for the benefit of a few clients.
  9. I have no problem dealing with one sub and misc SURFACE ships. Make it two subs and surface ships and the 'Sit Awareness' suffers. Make it one OR two subs with a carrier plus other surface ships and the gameplay is just stupid.
  10. Musket22


    To question No.6 "Do you enjoy submarines in Random Battles? They should have added "7. Do you enjoy Submarines in Co-Op Battles? I venture that the percentage would have been within 3-4% either way. Not that it matters , as we are just number on a spreadsheet leading to our wallets.
  11. Musket22

    History and the Homing Torps

    At least the firing dynamics and physics of gun shells bear some semblance to reality. The stowing of so many torpedoes by either DDs, all other surface ships and the totally silly subs would make them all explosion prone. A carrier can be seen on the surface and fired upon, the subs are just obnoxious with their homing tropedo [edited].
  12. Already not enough XP available in Co-Op (and no, I DON'T want to play RANDOM). Force finishing the battles when there are still valid SURFACE targets is just wrong!
  13. Musket22


    WW2 subs with 60's & 70's technology is just wrong. The persons who thought they are a good idea wrote a 'Master-Class' paper on "How to piss-off the majority of your clients".
  14. Musket22

    Buying Subs or Researching them ?

    I'll be happy to see subs go to Randoms. Maybe that'll keep most of the WW2 subs with 60's & 70's tech out of Co-Op
  15. Musket22

    Coal or Rental?

    I don't like seeing WW2 subs with 60's & 70's tech (un-natural submerged speed and the torpedo guidance). Each sub takes the place of a proper 'scout - DD'. I've seen quite a few supposed sub captains using them on the surface as DDs. With looks like a 'mercy rule' where the battles end way early (especially noticeable if no subs). Subs don't give as much XP. Don't tell me to go to RANDOMS for more XP - I do not wish to play in a PVP environment.