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  1. When I play a BB, it's usually in Close Combat mode. So no, not familiar.
  2. Don't forget SATURATION, unholy ability to SHOTGUN you in the face. Take 'homing torpedoes' out of the repertoire and it's a start to making them 'balanced'.
  3. Musket22

    Luck has too big impact on gameplay

    Snorted my coffee at this - more casual audience? really? What's with the aggrevation caused by subs, is that for the 'casual audience'?
  4. Musket22

    Supership first game nightmare match

    Loved the 1 vs the world Co-op in Hannover
  5. Musket22

    Decisions, decisions...

    She's a good boat too.
  6. Maybe the first single torpedo but the sequentially launched stream of them is less so, Especially while me as target of multiple enemy ships tried to avoid Shells, Bombs & other than homing torpedoes. That all equals to SA overload and total aggrevation. The only saving grace that the in the last 200 battles (all CO-Op) I've seen 21 subs of which one was a 2 sub fight. And 8 of those 21 were of the force-fed variety.
  7. 1. Believe it or not, people are asking for them (subs) to be removed. 2. As for the subs being functional in the 'nameless' game, they are functional for the pro-sub people here but not so much for the rest of us. They at the very least need to be reined-in as to gimmicks. All the talk about "you can dodge air dropped and ship torpedoes, why can't you dodge sub torps" omits the homing aspect. The talk about HE flame ships - you can move from were that ship is aiming and the already shot HE won't follow you. That HE ship captain has to re-adjust his aim and you can move again.
  8. Musket22

    Less than 600K to go level 21

    This how I do my individual ships The Highlighting of the Des Moines is to show it has the "Unique Upgrade" Next column is gun caliber, followed by Fire Chance (in red) & highlighted if ship has perma-camo. Then Captain name, points in hand for next level, points needed for next level, and present level. XP now, today - next level XP needed and what skill am I getting Can you say ADHD? :)
  9. Musket22

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    You haven't read all the anti-sub threads that have the sub-mafia coming out in force. Members including Type_93, Hyperfish, Lord Slayer, Counter_Gambut, Reymu etc...
  10. Musket22

    Less than 600K to go level 21

    God I hate the lack of editing abilities
  11. Musket22

    Less than 600K to go level 21

    Working on number 30...
  12. Musket22

    MM numbers in Co-op report part 1

    MM numbers in Co-op report part 2 Ok, so out of the 15 AI friendlies, there were 5 x CVs and 3 x SS and of those, I never had 2 x CV or 2 x SS. I did twice get both 1 x CV + 1 x SS Out of 25 battles, that's not optimal (IMO) but not terrible. AI CVs faced were: Poboda, Implacable, Ranger, Sekiryu & Parseval AI SS faced were: U-190, Cachalot & Salmon with U-190 & Cachalot being paired with AI CVs.
  13. This is the result of day 1 of a seven day trial - I'll only post twice. This day and a summary at the end of the trial. First the ships - 25 of them (see the below). It includes 15 'Blacks' and 10 with captains I'm ranking up. Day one results as follows: In 25 battles MM provided 9 x CV, 65 x BB, 98 x CA/CL, 41 x DD and 9 x SS Of those 25 battles, MM had to provide 15 x AI friendlies out of a possible 225 total ships. Well, only 200 as I was in all of them :)
  14. Musket22

    Incomparable in CV matches?

    2. But most weapons delivery systems in the game can send torps at you. Some BBs Most Cruisers Most DDs All subs and all CVs have torpedo bombers. Only a few Cruisers (Dutch), some Hybryd BBs and all CVs have aircraft that can harm you. Odds are that you'll see more torps than attacking attacking a/c. Surprised WG hasn't decided to included high altitude AI bomber raids to the mix really.