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  1. Halus

    Italian Destroyers. Op or Terribad no in-between.

    Concerning the above screenshot, if you can achieve that consistently, then it is op, but I doubt it. The game design is just too heavy on the randomness that decides who wins even before the match starts.
  2. After supper hour for me is in North America Eastern time zone. After 7pm is when the crazy match making comes full bore.
  3. I don't play past tier 6, so when the match ups get too stupid, usually after supper hour, I just shut the game down. If the developers think it's cool or whatever their perverse pleasure is to have this, then so be it. I call it game sanctioned seal clubbing, but I guess for them it's another so called interesting facet of their design..
  4. Halus

    Russian Carriers

    They are OP for now just so people will try them, or is something else going on - only the developers will say.
  5. Some call it nuances, but this game is more arcade than sim - just remember that.
  6. Halus

    At my wits end.. Game Crashes

    These crashes been around for a while. I just grin and bare through it, for all we know it's another design element to make things more intersecting?? Although it is pure crap that once finally back into the game, you find your ship sunk, or worse and have been handed a pink reprimand.
  7. Halus

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    It's laughable, really. A DD has all kinds of defenses against air strikes - speed, maneuverability, smoke, AA (but turn off when parked in smoke), and finally small target size. Instead some consider this is not enough, and so out comes the nerf bat on the cv to placate those less able. It`s bad enough that fighters generally spot a DD only to be too close to do a strike, now they require a second squadron from another cv to spot, or spotting from a friendly ship.
  8. Halus

    log in issues

    Same problem, and modem reboot made no difference. I have no problems with another online game. Whatever is going on, it is stronk and have to force shut down via control+alt+delete.
  9. Halus

    Could not load system resources

    Still ongoing issue, usually happens just as the match starts. Ships loads and then game freezes, screen goes black and have to use ctrl>alt>delete to regain control of my computer.
  10. Halus

    CV's suck so bad now

    The limit on the number of air squadrons to just one in play at a time still not help the micro manage game play. Still finding carriers parked in their spawn for the duration of a match.. So is this just a new crop of cv players, or just bad players that never learn? Personally I think the excuse to tinker with the amount of micro management was just that, with real intention to placate the cv haters.
  11. Halus

    CV's suck so bad now

    That screen grab shows how out of whack things are. 52 torp hits - that same number use to be the amount of aircraft shot down by fighters.
  12. Halus

    CV's suck so bad now

    Can only speak for tier IV, but after a dozen or so match games (and double that in co-op) with the Hosho, can easily say it was not hit with the nerf bat, but rather a wrecking ball. Lot less damage and much more difficult to do significant damage. It will be rare (if impossible) to see tier IV CV finish top three in a match - but I suppose this is what the masses wanted? The player certainly receives more attack planes at this initial introduction to IJN CV line (15 as opposed to the original 8 torp planes) but the numbers are deceiving due to the restriction of only one squadron can be airborne at a time, and then further restricting the number of aircraft that can attack from said squadron. So yeah, where before you could launch 8 torps at once, now only 1. Can't believe the play testers signed off on this.... Imagine the uproar if torpedo tubes were gimped like this, or main gun turrets.
  13. Halus

    CV's suck so bad now

    Well they listened to those that wanted fighters the ability to strafe ships, but they are not called fighters anymore (even though the profile module list actual carrier fighters), but attack aircraft with a special ability to shoot unguided rockets - it really has become a pure arcade game, at least from the cv end of things. Talk about spreading misinformation about history...
  14. Halus

    Everything wrong about the CVS

    What a joke, even in co-op - how am I suppose to practice the new mechanics when planes get obliterated before dropping a single piece of ordnance??
  15. Halus

    CV's suck so bad now

    I think biggest ? I had when reading about the changes is the inability to control your ship when aircraft are in play. Sooo, if your carrier is targeted by planes, you can either use fighters to defend, or return them (or whichever aircraft type you had operating) and take evasive maneuvers with your cv, but not both - now that is whacked!!! ------------ Have played a few rounds in co-op, and it's both fun and frustrating. One drop at a time, can't scout more than just one area of the game map, and why do I have press 'f' to return planes to cv when there are none left to return after being flamed by AA? ------------ ... few more games under co-op, and this new change has quickly lost it's luster. Tier IV AA just seems to have been amplified even more so. The developers have certainly succeeded in discouraging cv play for most. ------------- Right, after a few player matches, have important edit to make and that is fighters are not fighters. They can't engage other aircraft, but only shoot rockets at ships. Again they have missed the historical aspect of fighters being an important part of defending ships from enemy aircraft.