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  1. Scharn is a great ship, if you can play to her strengths. If you can find a way avoid long range torpedos, limit the amount of fire you take from CV bombers, and angle yourself well against BB's with the larger guns of the game, she will absolutely wreck cruisers and destroyers with relative ease, and put a world of hurt into battleships once you get inside 10 kilometers.
  2. I'll admit for me the best T5 BB's in the game are Giulio Cesare and Kongo. The former for being maneuverable, accurate, and providing a small target. The Kongo, however, is faster, has longer reach, and in certain cases has the advantage with a spotter plane. Not for its extra range, but providing a heads up for destroyers if they come too close. That and of the T5 BB's I prefer using those two out of all the BB's at T5.
  3. I'm sure this must sound completely stupid, but I think I've finally hit my wall at tier 8. I'm playing the Mogami, Admiral Hipper, and Atago, and I'm just getting targeted like nobody's business. I think almost every stereotype people rage over on this forum has hit me with a sledgehammer when I'm a T8 thrown into matches that include T9 and T10's. Classic examples include: -DD's and RN cruisers hiding in smoke and just railing hell onto me from a distance -High tier battleships all targeting me the minute I'm spotted and essentially deleting me with what feels like lasers for guns -And watching as carriers unleash bombers upon bombers on me due to not being American or British. I think it's the frustration of seeing my priority target almost constantly being activated with at least three people turning their guns to me through a match, but how on earth do you high tier German/Japanese cruiser players hold your own at the top of the food chain?
  4. Eh, I'll stick to my Axis Powers waifu's (aka the IJN and DKM cruiser lines, and the Scharnhorst sisters XD)
  5. To a degree I can sort of understand this problem. I just got my toes wet in Tier 8 (About 45-50 matches in, closer to 150 if you count my Atago matches), and frankly it just feels mostly like a BB slug fest with a sprinkling of DD's. CV's are virtually nonexistent and unless your a pro in a cruiser you'll most likely never contribute to a match with one because battleships will naturally see you as the easy target and focus fire on you. Combined with being amazed at how T8-10 BB's guns seem to turn into lasers beyond 15km it just seems like unless you get good at ambushing lone battleships the only way you can take in credits and XP is to be a DD or BB driver, which essentially alienates half the community in regards to ship classes. It hasn't stopped me from playing the game, and I've had to improve in my play style, but I honestly think cruisers and carrier players are getting shafted in the top tiers in this game.
  6. Yeah I'll be brutally honest I've sort of hit my wall at Tier 7 since that's when cruisers start to really feel the pain and the learning curse gets steeper. Hopefully I can get over a lot of defeats and learn from them to be a better cruiser main, though I'll admit when I really want to relax pulling a German battleship out of the dock is actually pretty refreshing since I don't have to worry about getting one shotted the minute I try and disengage from a fight.
  7. It's only happened in a one match but I'd prefer not to try playing a match again because of the issue. Got into a match (T6-T8 if that matters), was able to play for a few minutes before it crashed. Started up game again, got back into the game, got to play for about 30-45 seconds before I crashed again. Repeated this process about three times before the match ended.
  8. I sort of have to disagree with that sentiment of the German BB's being the easy mode; then again I'm maining Scharnhorst/Gniesenau in regards to BB's, and both tend to follow alot of the same tactics as the T8-10 USN BB's, where I have to work on angling and not exposing too much of my sides. The main difference I see is in regards to an engagement, the USN has the advantage once you get past 15 km due to accuracy, whereas once you get closer the Germans will punish you, especially once you get into secondary range. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and in honesty the only reason I focus more on the Germans over the USN is simply because I prefer playing the Axis power lines more than the Allies (IJN/DKM cruisers FTW!)
  9. Scharnhorst is essentially everything I could have ever wanted in a cruiser; fast, maneuverable, variety of weapons/tools to work with, and a god-damn tank. I understand the brawler mindset, believe me, I pulled the secondary build and it is glorious at the number of hits I rack up once opponents are dumb enough to enter 7.6 km, but I also realize I'm gonna get spotted 15 km out and usually either start by using HE on BB's at range or punish cruisers with a load of AP if they show off their sides. The main thing I tend to do is stick with at least another BB or CA for extra fire support and to provide another target for the enemy to shoot at, as well as hope theres a DD in front of me that is both capping and spotting incoming torps for me. In terms of brawling, it usually goes one of two ways for me; either I succeed in breaking one of the enemy's flanks and they come in to flank them from their weak side, or I realize I'm going where the enemy is pushing and just focus on face tanking and putting as much damage into them as I can before I sink. Usually I prioritize fire on DD's within my secondary range followed by enemy BB's that are higher tier than me so I can make the most impact on them before I inevitably sink.
  10. Just an idea, may CL IJN Nagara for T-4/T-5, since I don't think the IJN gets enough love on the premium side of things?
  11. I did a mostly secondary build, but I swapped the module for secondaries to the precision module. The secondaries are actually scary once I get the 60% dispersion reduction for them. Watching destroyers melt to them and racking up fires on battleships is actually really satisfying.
  12. May I ask how you managed to squeeze it out to over 8 km? I did the modules, captain skills, and flags and I only managed to get to 7.6 km. Because if I can get another half kilometer on those secondaries I MUST know XD
  13. Just as a little note to what your saying about the other cruiser lines, honestly I suggest grinding through the Yorck to the Admiral Hipper. The Yorck is the oddball of the bunch due to being better at being a long-range HE artillery piece (ala Cleveland/Atlanta/other high-arcing cruisers), whereas the main playstyles the German cruisers are known for are high AP damage with either heavy firepower in the rear (Konigsberg, Nurnberg, and Roon) or with balanced firepower all around (Admiral Hipper/Eugen, Hindenburg). I'm still grinding through the Yorck myself, but honestly I tend to prefer the Axis lines (IJN/DKM) for their playstyles, since they just seem more...versatile. They suck in terms of rate of fire, but in terms of racking up damage and being able to be decent at taking on all the different types of surface vessels in the game, I get more consistency out of them than the USN/Soviet/RN lines.
  14. I prefer the Bayern due to her accurate guns and reasonable speed and maneuverability. Out of the three tree BB's I've played though, I can't play the New Mexico to save my life. Every game its the same story of I can't hit the broad side of a cruiser or battleship past 5 km, I turn like a turtle in labor, and I just seem to be target numero uno even when I'm escorted by cruisers and battleships to my front and sides.
  15. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. I've stopped in the USN line at Cleveland just because I know my skills with cruisers isn't gonna be enough to keep me alive in a Pensacola often, so I'm working my other cruisers lines up before I go there (Myoko is a ton of fun though, and hopefully I can grab the Yorck in a few more games). For some reason the Russian CA line just never really appealed to me, don't know whether its because of its mediocre armor or that I just don't like how the guns feel more like they're meant for sniping over actual gunfighting.