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  1. DD XP....Seriously?

    Not as rewarding as allied DDs baiting the enemy Radar ship into a salvo of your BB's AP. edit: It feels SO good to do that. It feels like:
  2. Yes: from another topic(one of mine, and I posted this): "CVs... They have many roles, but it's either nearly all surface, or nearly all dogfights. Some games, the CVs pretty much only attack surface ships,(causing lots of salty surface ship players) only dodging and trapping each other's fighters when necessary. Other games, it's all Dogfights and trying to win control of the air, and barely any anti-surface ship attacks are done because the bombers keep getting intercepted and annihilated long before they reach their target.(Here, surface players are angry that they aren't getting any support from the CV) Good luck getting any help from a CV in the latter situation. Oh, and you better pray, and pray hard that YOUR TEAM doesn't get the WORSE PLAYER in the latter situation, or lose the team's Tier VI CV in a Tier VI CV + Tier V CV v Tier VI CV + Tier V CV match-up, because it's pretty much game over if one of those things things happen. If both happen, well... out of the frying pan, into the fire end of the line kiss your butt goodbye ...and THAT is why I think most people hate CVs."
  3. Let's talk about Aircraft Carriers

    Agreed. I played Ryujo a couple of days ago in co-op. The reason I do so is I suck with manual drops, like REALLY suck with them, and I hate the strafing game. Anyways, WG needs to hurry up with the CV rework so there won't be anymore unhistorical/unfun strafe to contend with.
  4. DD XP....Seriously?

    Not to brag or anything, but would two cruisers, 1 from 100% to 0% hp(Dev Strike) and 1 with 99.995% damage from me(I got the kill, too), count?
  5. Akizuki CE or IFHE first?

    This. I would recommend not buying or playing Akizuki until we know what's going to happen with that, unless you already have a 14-point captain with both.
  6. Akizuki CE or IFHE first?

    IFHE for days, man. Then and only then is Akizuki Captain Dakka!
  7. (Looking at you, RU server)
  8. CV Balance

    True. I was just repeating the oft quoted proverb "It can always get worse."
  9. I'm quite honestly surprised that any one says that about you. You? The person who believes in testing and testing and testing even the most mundane and taken-for-granted game mechanics to provide more data on them for the average player?
  10. Training Room Question

    You think that's bad, I can't even find how to get into training battles solo or with bots only (besides myself) anymore! Can someone please explain the new Training Battle Set-up screen to me?
  11. CV Balance

    Stat shaming sucks, in my opinion, but when you get angry at tomatoes on your team, it just goes to show that you can always end up with more tomato-y tomatoes.
  12. This vide o by Extra Credits explains the problem with progression ladders in competitive team games, and what might be done to fix said problem. The advice in this video some WG has taken, some they have not. In particular, I think the biggest fail here is in Ranked. our ultra-competitive team-based mode. In all Ranked battles there are always going to be potatoes, but the important thing is to make sure they aren't the biggest factor in whether a player loses or gains a star in the battle results. The problem with ranked, I think, is while there are always rewards, it's so easy to go backwards later on that you simply don't get rewards for quite a while as you go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between levels you have already been to. A solution would be to either fix the ranked progression to be easier, or give slowly diminishing awards every time you sink down to a worse rank, so that it's not one and done and you'll never get anything more than once for being at a certain level. Participation reward? Maybe, but one of the real takeaways from the video is that minor participation rewards go a long way to reducing stress in grindy ladder competitive modes. What do you think?
  13. That's about right. The only actions Dunkerque took part in were her victimization at Mers-El-Kebir by the British, and of course her own scuttling.
  14. First of all, you were right about the history being horrific(the most I will say is that it's truly sickening to know that a ship once known as a symbol of America's might and also of hope was turned into a symbol of dread and dispair.) (Me being me, I had to check it out. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment or something) and second, thank you for being frustrated at WG over the lack of disclosure of whether Boise still exists in game and is being prepared even now for sale or not. It shows you truly care about those who want Boise and not this boring to play ship with a horrific history. edit: What? LWM didn't like it. If LWM didn't like it, then I stay far away from it. For I tend to click with any she does, and as far as I've bought ships they she didn't click with, I didn't either. Whoever downvoted me, are you Argentinian?
  15. DD XP....Seriously?

    It wasn't damage I was doing, but spotting damage. Context, context, context! I specifically said in my post that: "but I didn't get an opportunity to deal much damage"(I did like 4-5,000 only, by the way).