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  1. legoboy0401

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    I suppose your post was tolerably written, but looking at it critically, it wasn't well presented. Nevertheless, I never said that the OP was right. I mean, how does a socialist, anti-meritocratarian point translate into something not misguided, who's head is in as much of the right place as their heart? The point is the OP is wrong, but he's presented his argument in such a crafty way to make you look like bullying trolls. The point also is, you need to beat him at his own game (by presenting your argument in such a way that frames the OP as a ignorant idiot) if you want to win this argument. You may possess the truth, but you need to unleash it.
  2. legoboy0401

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    No. But explain why you believe is the truth, and why it should be taken to be fact, not sophisticated fiction or sly deception. It's not immediately obvious that your premise is true. For example, to the naked eye, though one can't say why, the OP's post and point therein seems to make sense. Is it sort of a socialist and anti-meritocracy sort of point? Maybe. But the point is, to the casual reader, it makes sense, where as yours comes across as a desperately hobbled-together bodge-job. In other words, it's a kind of a mess. Yes, it has neatly-arranged lines, but the thoughts contained within seem a bit of a mess. Moreover, the total message of your post was identical to the bully-scenario the OP posted as a putdown to previous arguments along the same lines, meaning your post was defeated/cast in a bad light before it was even written. You are going to have to come up with a better defense of your position, one that circumvents the " high skill point captains being allowed in low tiers is accepted for the same reason that bullying is, because once you are the bully, you have a right to use your newfound bully position to bully. Once you are the sealclubber, you have the right to use your newfound sealclubber position to sealclub." defense created by the OP, if you want to convince him that he is wrong.
  3. legoboy0401

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    I refer you to this: I'm not attacking you, I'm just warning you that you are getting to sound like a elitist, which is bad because then those who disagree with you will use automatically the fact that you sound like a elitist as a excuse to ignore anything you say and/or not take anything you say seriously. Just letting you know.
  4. legoboy0401

    Is Captain Skill meta inherently flawed?

    Hello, hate to name-call(it's not usually my way) but is it just me or are you and the others attacking the OP sounding more and more like elitist pricks who think they know better than everyone else? Explain why your opinion counts more than the OP's opinion(this applies to all of you who are against the OP) and do so logically, clearly, and respectfully, and I do believe your opinion will be respected more, especially by the OP. I'll see myself out now.
  5. legoboy0401

    Creating Balanced Sub Gameplay

    Yes. 0.7.10 Test Server Review of the submarines of Terror Of The Depths Part 1(expect Part 2 on Saturday) Barracuda is so sluggish in addition to being slow, that she's the BB of Subs, and needs to keep moving at all times, but can't afford to get too close because of her terrible turning circle and slow rudder shift. She can't take objectives. Good firepower and hp, great secondaries, tolerable submerged time(would really benefit from a snorkel) bad everything else except crash-dive speed and submerged time recharge rate, they are AWFUL . Fun Level: GARBAGE. This sub is just not very fun to play. It's just too vulnerable with it's AWFUL crash-dive speed and submerged time recharge rate. I think it or a sub balanced in this way might be okay in a different scenario(Scenarios AND Randoms) where there weren't so many enemies that you'd ALWAYS have to surface AMONGST 3+ ENEMIES, but it's 1 out of 5 points in such an environment. Verdict: ALMOST balanced, but not in a user-friendly way. Probably fun to play against(much as an Emerald is fun to play against) but not fun to play. SUCCESS IN COUNTERPLAY(too much so) FAIL IN GAMEPLAY 2 of 5 points overall. Zipper Sub WOULD be just about perfect with a little concealment nerf and a reasonable firepower buff, but as she is right now, she can't take objectives. She CAN get close, BUT ONLY BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BECAUSE SHE HAS TO RAM HER TORPS DOWN ENEMY SHIP'S THROATS BECAUSE SHE ONLY GETS TWO(2) TORPS ON A RELOAD AND HAS TO MAKE EACH OF THEM COUNT.(IT ALSO DOESN'T HELP THAT THEY AREN'T THE HEAVY-HITTING ONES, EITHER) AWFUL speed doesn't help matters, either Really good agility and crash-diving speed(that, combined with an OP recharge time that makes an otherwise AWFUL submerged time NEARLY OP), bad everything else, EXTREMELY UP FIREPOWER. Fun Level: MEMEBOAT. This sub is HILARIOUS fun, but like the Barracuda, NOT VERY PRACTICAL. The firepower is just too AWFUL. This sub or a sub balanced like this would be AWFUL in any non-scenario situation. OP concealment and agility + AWFUL firepower would only be good for capping(and said OP concealment is only OP when at periscope or below, in which cases it has been said subs will not be able to cap. Not only this, but this sub is wholly incapable of escaping any threats, either. This is due to her AWFUL speed. Verdict: inconsistently balanced in a way that would not make for fun counter-play,(despite the hilarity) nor for effective gameplay, either. FAIL IN COUNTERPLAY, FAIL IN GAMEPLAY. 1/5 points overall. Gerfalcon is better than Zipper Sub, but not by much. The way the scenario is designed precludes her from being very easy or practical. However, as of right now, she can take objectives, but a little too easily, and it is pretty much the ONLY thing she can do. Because of her AWFUL effective firepower, this or a sub like this requires being able to blow past enemy ships without taking catastrophic damage or even being detected, or at the very least to be able to fire torps submerged. Not only would this sub or a sub balanced like this require a complete reversal of a few important balancing factors of Subs right now, this balancing strategy would be a nightmare for counterplay. It's only good in the scenario for finding The Black Lair, and otherwise is not very helpful to the team. OP speed, good agility and submerged time, okay submerged time recharge rate, but AWFUL effective firepower. Fun Level: MEHBOTE. This sub is not really all that fun. It's not like it's ultra-bad or super-unfun in this scenario, but it's weakness(a lack of much in effective forward firepower) is not ideal for this scenario. Verdict: NOT BALANCED AT ALL, OR AT LEAST WOULD NEED TO BE OP TO BE ANY FUN, GAMEPLAY-WISE. BUT IT WOULD NOT MAKE FOR FUN COUNTERPLAY HOWEVER. FAIL IN COUNTERPLAY(IF IDEAL), FAIL IN GAMEPLAY(IN CURRENT STATE). 3/5 points overall. Middle of the pack, but that's not saying much. Pretty much all but one of these subs(spoiler alert) are pretty horribly balanced either by being too underpowered or too overpowered.
  6. legoboy0401

    Why Does WG Adamantly Refuse the Tillman BBs?

    I just liked and admired that, up until the release of Turenne, ALL TIER III BBs were real, actually-built designs, and WG seemed to want to uphold that.
  7. Color me disappointed that I don't even own a Tier VIII,(so that I could say I'm close to getting a Tier IX) much less a Tier IX or X so I could ACTUALLY PLAY the new mode.
  8. legoboy0401

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    Indeed. But also, for a game as heavily meme'd as this one, though, not owning a single meme-boat is an unpardonable sin.
  9. legoboy0401

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

    I think you are confusing me to the one I was responding to. I do not own her, and I want both her and her credit earning capability. Yes, I'm probably in the minority, BUT THOSE CREDIT EARNING MEME GAMES! I WANT IN!
  10. legoboy0401

    Subs might underperform

    To be clear, Periscope depth you can still fire, just not below periscope depth. Honestly, I think that having that always be the rule is just dumb. If the Sub is using it's Hydro, it really should unlock the torps for firing below periscope depth for the duration of the consumable. Also, completely unrelated, they REALLY need to give Subs a DD duration and cooldown DCP. Right now it appears to be either Cruiser or BB cooldown, but DD duration, and that is TOTALLY unacceptable given how little HP subs get in the first place.
  11. legoboy0401

    Subs might underperform

    That can't fire fully submerged. So its very biased in favor of counterplay, rather than of the Subs, (many players feared that sub gameplay would be very biased in favor of subs, and against counterplay(weak counterplay), and still fear it) I believe WG said that Subs will not have ramming mechanics, at least at first. Air time is a problem that I have been pondering ever since the announcement, and it still bugs me. 90 seconds just isn't enough, and as you said, the DD can simply wait 90 seconds, or (if depth charges are allowed to go that deep) not even bother waiting and utterly dominate and destroy the sub with depth charges, unless the su can get an island between them and the DD so their Submarine can surface to recharge their air supply(unlikely, given many Submarines' slow submerged speed) 120 seconds, MAYBE 150 seconds, would be much more fair and balanced, given how strong counterplay looks to be. All this is WIP, of course, and can still change for the better, and make this whole conversation obsolete.
  12. legoboy0401

    USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    This is true. She really needs AR(Adrenaline Rush) and EL(Expert Loader) for her captain.
  13. legoboy0401

    Is MISSOURI coming back?

  14. legoboy0401

    Which nations would get Subs first?

    This is not true, actually, but the examples where they did well at it are few and far in between, and usually those instances took place in shallow harbors, where depth charges are super accurate and super effective against subs anyway. The Emily was actually a decent ASW plane, there just weren't enough of them, and those that there were were usually out on scouting/recon missions.