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  1. losing to many players.

    No kidding. Rest In Peace, Stealth-fire, you were actually balanced and there were many ships in actual fact balanced around you.(like Akizuki and Sims, as well as all DDs on low health)
  2. losing to many players.

    Nah. They'll nerf things like Conqueror, but low-tier OP ships are A-okay. I mean, look how long it took them to remove blatantly OP Konig Albert, for instance. also Orion hasn't been touched.
  3. I would hope so., but i would not be surprised if that is actually a one-off buff.
  4. WIP USN CV flight control changes

    These new changes are troubling for sure. Yes I have been waiting for a change to the USN CVs crappy loadouts practically forever, but this is a stop-gap measure. It's better than buffing the already high USN Fighter ammo capacity, which they did 6 or 7 months ago, but I'm afraid it's far from enough. There's still too many carrier line imbalances, and the premiums wreck balance like there's no tomorrow. Sure, this makes 2 of the USN regular line OP, but they already were OP(Bogue anyway) and Midway was darn close to OP status already and didn't need much of a buff, if indeed she actually needed one at all.(which is debatable) She certainly didn't need a buff on this scale though, THAT I think we can ALL agree on.
  5. losing to many players.

    Holy moly YES. Player retention is probably the second WORST here, second only to World of Tanks Milking Oblivious Cows. The World of Warplanes playerbase, thanks to 2.0, is taking off(no pun intended) at an unprecedented rate. Heck, even Jingles plays WoWP now. Also, I am in limbo as to whether I should return to WoWS. I've been gone about a month and a half to two months now, playing RTS games in my spare time, and I'm not sure I want to return. WG never listens, and they always screw something up when it IS something requested, usually balance(extremely UP or OP, never anywhere near the middle). I have a feeling I'm not the only person here who feels this way about Wargaming behavior.
  6. Nope, just always wanted a good aircraft carrier experience(in WoWS) that was semi-balanced(quite honestly. due to the nature of CVs, especially in this game, semi-balanced is the highest obtainable standard for them), fun, rewarded properly, and reasonably intuitive as well. The removal of CVs would deny me that possibility. And No, I'm not stupid enough to buy any RIP-OFF. overpriced Tier VIII CV when my highest Tier in them is Tier VI. and I suck with them even there, meaning I suck at high-tier CV play in general. With that said, logically, why would I buy something super expensive that I have a over a 80 percent chance of hating and a 100 percent change of hating? It'd be a colossal waste of money.
  7. No way man. Aircraft Carriers belong in this game. It's WG's decision, after all, not ours, and they have ruled in favor of CVs. It's debatable how much that ruling has really done for aircraft carriers,(they still suck to play, xp's horrid for them, they are insanely expensive for their respective Tiers in the first place, they can be completely negated,, they are very hard for players new to them to learn, they don't make much in the way of credits, their UI is broken, and some tiers are nearly unplayable because of certain ships they often get matched up against) but still, your opinion is just that, an opinion. WG will be keeping CVs for the foreseeable future. You have a problem with that, fine. But don't go knocking on my door to complain. Go to WG's door if you simply must complain about CVs.
  8. Don't forget that a Yamato under the command of Yamamoto will have a similar, but one use, superheal and also a massive reload time reduction, down to a miximum(new term, awesome like the coolest action music playlist ever) of about 14 seconds for the biggest caliber of guns in the game.
  9. Aoba's just plain garbage. Bad AA, only 6 guns with a miserable ROF and DPM, even with the ROF being ahistorically buffed, decent torps but awful angles, and identical in every way to Furutaka's top torps but mysteriously having a 6 second longer reload, AWFUL armor, HORRIFIC MM, fragile rudder, average speed and turning circle. There's virtually nothing that she does that another Tier VI Cruiser can't do way better. Even Leander and Perth functionally are way better at torping than Aoba. There's almost no upside to Aoba. Her high fire chance is offset by TERRIBLE accuracy, and I know. I am, for the most part, a very good shot.
  10. Yup. Even 1 or 2 IJN Cruisers like Ibuki and especially Aoba need a look at.
  11. Team Play is Deep in the Gutter

    Wrong. What team play is there in World of Warships Random battles anyway? It's quite rare, really. Fortunately, I do know how to translate what you are saying: In a nutshell, you are mad that the average performance of the average World of Warships random battles player goes down significantly on the weekends and seems to be trending downwards overall. I get that, I myself feel that way a lot of the time.
  12. Yeah, RN BB HE(especially that of Orion, KGV(don't think you'll get away with it, KGV!)and Conqueror) is an utter load of rubbish and everyone knows it. The only problem is some don't want to admit that they know it, because they want it to stay the way it is. Curse them! The meta is all wonky and as a BB it's stupid hard to kick these ships in the nuts like any other BB. Heck, even the German BBs can be made to squeal in pain if you know where to aim, and get lucky with RNG, but these just aren't like that. As a DD, I'm quite frankly pissed off. Very pissed off in fact, and here's why. First, Having HE as your best ammo, even without the advantages in fire chance and raw alpha that RN BBs have, is an definite advantage against DDs, because you will naturally almost always have it loaded. Second, if you are in lower Tiers(Tiers III-VII) DD-on-BB combat is really quite common. third, if you have decent dispersion, and a good eye for aiming, and a sense of general strategy, you will always fire at a DD in a BB when you have the chance. Fourth, with AP it's okay most(not always) of the time, because AP has no splash, so that if you miss, you miss. But here's the problem: HE has splash, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe British BB HE has a larger bursting charge than other comparable guns' HE, and thus A LARGER SPLASH. A good player is a monster in these 3 ships in particular. I mean, I just was in a battle in my Podvoisky, where I was dueling with a Clemson, a battle which I was near-about to win, when lo and behold, from across the map, what does come my way but a salvo of 13.5 inch HE from an enemy Orion. Surprise, surprise,(not!) around 3 or 4 shells hit, knocked out one of my guns, set me on fire, knocked out my engine, rudder, all that, in addition to knocking freaking 85%(I estimated that figure very accurately) of my health off. In an instant, I went from having the outcome of that fight nearly assured in my favor, to 100%(!) assured that I would lose. My only consolation is that as I died, I was able to torp the Clemson to make the score even. Still sucked though. My problem with RN BB HE is that, when you have a general-purpose shell that works reasonably well against everyone, there's no real need(unless you are feeling the need to go out of your way to be different) to use a different shell type. As for Cruisers, RIP cruisers. RN BBs, for all intents and purposes, ARE the new cruisers. They've made most cruiser lines effectively obsolete. Most Cruisers, especially at low-tiers, don't have enough armor to shatter a BB-caliber HE shell, thus not being able to receive the benefits of reducing potential module damage and fire chance that that capability entails. Oh, and RIP island camping Cruisers. RN BBs can shoot over islands with ease, thanks to their slowest in game BB shell speed. AND, if they do use their AP, it's even slower, and has even HIGHER arcs.
  13. I've done it. Besides, Orion is OP. Oh, and she's really good when angled, too.(Orion, not Marblehead. One wishes Marblehead had the armor and health to take a few hits from BB HE, and 1 or 2 hits from BB AP when angled without going ka-blooey.)
  14. If I were you, I'd take that point of yours(underlined) as an indication that WG has been lying to us for quite some time. Regardless of what they SAY they feel, they really do approve of sealclubbing. Only thing is, they don't want EVERY SINGLE sealclubber driving a purpose-built sealclubberinian warship, so they can claim they hate sealclubbing. But really, it's just them lying through the skin of their teeth, and trying to hide it. Oh, WG: you say one thing but mean and enact the exact opposite. This isn't world of warships, people, this is World of 1984, and WG's speaking Orwellian newspeak.