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  1. Opps!. Just realize I posted this on the wrong thread...sorry. I like ranked battles; but, I am really bothered by all the people who have barely played up to Tier 3 who buy tier 6 and 8 ships to participate in ranked battles. Often they don't even understand what ranked battles are all about. They usually play as if they were in a random battle and make no effort to coordinate or communicate with team. I had a team mate in a Tirpitz actually asked in chat what the stars were all about. Really?!?! You know it is not going well when cr4p like this happens.
  2. baxter_105

    Player's Native Language and the NA server

    Yes, it is the NA server and in North America English is the most prevalent language. Frankly, they need to introduce an SA server.
  3. In WoT the official language of the NA server is English, IIRC. In many games here in WoWS NA, I am seeing a lot of players who seem to only speak Spanish and a couple who seem to only speak French. This is really bad when the team is actually trying to coordinate their play in English and these folks who don't seem to speak English and go off and do whatever. Of course sometimes the English speakers do the same thing; but at least sometimes they say what they are doing and I can understand them. I also have seen where really good tactical advice is given by dead-players in English and the response is in Spanish. It seems clear in some cases that the player understands English but replies in Spanish. I understand just enough Spanish to know when foul remarks are made. I guess what I want to know is, what is the official language of the NA server. Given that the vast majority of the NA server population speaks English, everyone should be using English in battle I am not ranting, I'm just saying.