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  1. hack_239

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    I have played subs in multiple rounds of the test server. I actually found that the inclusion of subs made playing cruisers more fun as there were less battleships. I can't wait for subs to launch live. I would make one small change though. I would add a depth bomb + sono-bouy squadron to the carriers.
  2. hack_239

    Trouble logging in

    I've been waiting for almost 10 minutes.
  3. hack_239

    Will Subs Move to Randoms?

    Here's my opinion, for what it's worth. Are subs ready for random right now? NO!!! Will they make it to random? YES!!! I see some requesting that the homing torpedoes be removed. It's possible if you completely nerf every ships turning radius and/or their ability to detect torpedoes until they are too close to dodge. This would be realistic but not very practical. Also, sub to sub combat would almost be non-existent. Conclusion, leave the homing torpedoes, torpedo detectability, and ship maneuverability as they are at present. Some are asking for CA/BC, BB, and CV to be able to counter the subs. This is possible if the planes mounted to these ships are equipped to do so. These planes would need to be manually piloted. A cruiser and battleship should not be able to launch ASW planes as a fire and forget weapon. The player may not be able to have control of their ship (unless using ship auto-pilot) or fire their main guns while using the ASW planes, but as it stands, scout planes and fighters are ok at best when it comes to going where you want them to go. CVs can equip their dive-bombers with depth bombs and consumable (think engine cooling and fighters) sono-buoys. There is a little historical backing for this idea as well, all be it late war. Conclusion, this is probably the best chance of giving the capital ships a counter to the subs.
  4. And yet, 1 well placed bomb from a dive bomber destroyed the USS Arizona. (yes i know it was hit before that fateful bomb, but it was that bomb that actually delivered the death blow)