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  1. They need to make it easier. I finally got it to work in halloween mode but there's too much going on for me to have to worry about finding my mouse pointer in the middle of a battle.
  2. ZER01025

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    I don't mind the collections except the big ones. Working on Azur Lane still and I keep getting Du[licates, I think I have 12 dupes and 16 items. I wish you would make it so you have to collect less dupes on the big collections, just do 2 if theres 36 items. That way I have a chance of completing it this year without spending real money.
  3. Any clue when the third round will be? I got an invite for round 2 and missed it. Will my test name and password still be good for round 3?
  4. I would much rather support my team than worry about another CV sniping me. I have to worry enough about DDs. It can still happen. It's more hurtful for your team becuase you're flying across the map focusing one ship rather than helping them. I did get sniped once in PTS but that was before all the nerfs.
  5. ZER01025

    Viewing and Saving Replays

    Thanks that helped! Will this be permanantly saved? Does moving it to my desktop make it permanant? I read that on e the game updates to a new version the replay won't be playable. Is this still true? Can I upload it to youtube? Thanks!
  6. ZER01025

    Viewing and Saving Replays

    Its still telling me my windows player won't play it. This is very fustrsting.
  7. Wow I finally get a kraken and want to watch a replay. I can't get it to work. I did the drag and drop, just takes me to the gamecenter. Hope someone can help, I really wanted to watch that replay.
  8. ZER01025

    High tier scenarios

    Scenarios are fun, and they have decent payoffs unlike Co-op. I'd like to see more! One for higher tier ships too! Make ones for tier 10s too!
  9. ZER01025

    Alsace is a BEAST: Ignore it at your Peril

    Noice! Kinda going up the french DD line just for Alsace. Played it and Republique in PTS and did liked Alsace more.
  10. ZER01025

    Wows Nightly News 38: Lazo Inter-review!

    Out of +1s, otherwise you'd get one. Keep it up! Love these post!
  11. I'd be more excited about them if one dropped from a crate. Oh wait I'm saving for a ship I don't really want, to get more crates. I'm getting said ship becuase it seems more worthwhile than throwing away tokens on crates with coal in them. They should have done it the the brithish CVs, I'd be playing one now and probably more hyped about it.
  12. ZER01025

    the rise of the very bad players.....

    I love it when the team agrees "ab" and still have a ship going to c asking for support.
  13. ZER01025

    PSA - Honor vs Glory

    Then whats the point of picking teams if your just gonna change sides the minute it gets to difficult? The whole setup is kinda stupid.
  14. ZER01025

    PSA - Honor vs Glory

    Loyalty is just a thing of the past I guess. Honor or glory, doesn't matter just who's paying the most to win today. Turning us into a bunch of mercenaries.
  15. ZER01025

    WG: How do you feel about this result?

    So much this^ Seriously worrilying about what movies and actors and what not is a waste of time and money. Unless that movie is an military movie based in WW2 I don't want to see it in this game. Instead of throwing money away on licensing rights hire more devs to fix your game.