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  1. ZER01025

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    I didn't buy any, so I'm super happy I got the Dunkerque in one of them! I was able to put the alternate camo I got from the French collection on it so it looks pretty cool! Also got 300 doubloons, so I was able to get a weeks premium with the other dubs I had saved up!
  2. Should have played in the public test, then you'd have a better idea of what you wanted. Even if it is against bots it's still practice.
  3. ZER01025

    Your very first Premium was?

    Diana but that was a freebie. I got the Aurora, K Albert and Mikail Kutuzov shortly after.
  4. ZER01025

    Favorite Premium

    1.Massechusetts B- those secondaries! 2.Atlanta-dakka dakka dakka, no fly zone 3.Belfast-pop smoke and burn 'em
  5. ZER01025

    Why the twitch crates make a lot of sense

    As someone who is hearing impaired I hate twitch, it has no subtitles and I can never understand the streamers.
  6. ZER01025

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

    As a Wichita native, I would greatly appriciate it if you actually SOLD the ship. I really want to buy this ship, even pay extra for it if it has the Wichita flag. It's the only ship I'm looking foward to paying real money for it. Thank you.
  7. You could make a joke about their lack of intel. One time I had a guy who wouldn't stop spamming "provide AA support" until I said that spamming for AA support actually attracts enemy aircraft to your ship.
  8. I don't care for the altitude ajustment bit, other than that they seem like good ideas. I did see another player mention giving steel or coal out as a reward. I think that would definitely help the test server population. It was very fustrating to see only 500 or so players on sunday night while 17k were on the live server. I really didn't get to play with the AA ships much in random battles becuase getting a match with a CV felt like winning the lottery. Isn't there a way you could make sure players were actually paired up with CVs? I rather face a team with an unbalanced amount of human players than face a bot team with balanced human players and no CV. It shouldn't be about winning, we're just testing the AA and CVs right?
  9. ZER01025

    current version of cv's/AA

    Finally got a game against a Ruiho in my Leander. He did sink me but it took a few tries, I shot down 10 planes though.
  10. ZER01025

    current version of cv's/AA

    I've notced stronger AA in a CV against bots, but when I try to test my AA in a CA I keep getting stuck in matches with no CVs. In CVs the AA is strong but I can deal with it. I still get decent damage.
  11. ZER01025

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I think I'll save my money for if and when they sell the Wichita, a ship I actually want.
  12. I finally completed the American Cruisers collection today. I o ly have the French collection (short one container) the Dunkirk collection (short five containers) and the Royal Navy collection. I still have the Royal Navy collection paused, so will I get French and Dunkirk items randomly dropped in daily containers or am I forced to buy those with coal or actual money in the shop to complete them? Thank you in advance!
  13. ZER01025

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I'm not wasting my time and flags on this, unlike some people I have a life. Also why would you want to complete this IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PEF? I was hoping it would be maybe one or two nations which is do-able but not six.
  14. You guys realize that people have hated and protested against Arty in WOT since day one right? Last I checked it's still there and not going anywhere. Might as well learn to counter CVs instead of coming up with infinite reasons for them to be removed from the game. WG has made them part of the game and its going to stay that way.
  15. Subs will be introduced as a regular part of the game. Bold enough for ya?