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  1. ZER01025

    Ah... randoms.... Good times.

    Gotta love how he's helping the team.
  2. ZER01025

    so why does Wargaming call it Ranked?

    I'd bother with ranked if they still rewarded you with the pirate flag. They don't anymore so I just grind ships instead.
  3. Just do this. I've had plenty of good games ruined by some comment from a dead armchair general who yoloed in the first five minutes of the match. I rarely see useful information or battle tactics shared in game chat anyways. 99% of the time it's negative and non constructive. I turned off game chat for the first time the other dayband haven't regretted it since.
  4. ZER01025

    Am I the only one? Port chat

    Been having it disappear. Just restart the game it'll be back. It is annoying but I'm sure they'll fix it.
  5. I did a delete and reinstall as well. Still having problems.
  6. Simply remove the rocket planes. Rockets weren't this accurate in WW2. Just leave it to to torpedo planes and bombers, and nerf those too. Just alittle. Or make AA great again, but take out the rocket planes.
  7. Yeah I've been having these same issues. Gonna delete and reinstall the game. Worked fine before the stupid update.
  8. ZER01025

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    This is a big heap of stinking bull manuer. First you do the cv rework which I'm still not happy with. Then you decide suarines are a food addition to the game. Now you're gonna mess up the Captain skills and xp. Yet you wonder why people quit playing the game.
  9. I don't even care about getting the PR anymore, I gave up on that when I read Sub Octavian saying you needed to finish directives 2-5 in three days. The goodies along the way (in directives 3-4 are ok, directives 1-2 have CRAP rewards) are a bonus, I really want the New Years t10 perma camo to put on one of my T10s but I kinda doubt I'm gonna get it. Directive 5 is a joke. I doubt I'll finish it in time. Really tired of the endless grind. I play quite a bit, no I'm not great but jeez this is on going. I wish we could go a month without a bunch of directives and worrying about wheat we will miss out on if we don't play. If this was a real lofe thing I was working towards, then the time would be worth it. No game should require a full time effort for a reward. \\\\\\\\\\
  10. They post so much stuff it's hard to keep up. Also when looking for news I check the tab in game or on the website, never on the forum. I shouldn't have to stalk WG like some creepy ex girlfreind on FB to "stay in the know". Also as someone signed up for the test I was hoping I'd get an email reminder. I think it's really hard to say you tested something when no one knows it's being tested especially the small playervase that helos test. If they want a good solid test they should make sure as nany people know and have had a chance to try it out. The CV rework is a perfect example of this. The highest population I saw was 900 and that was a friday evening.
  11. ZER01025

    Wargaming.......Why? Just why?

    Ummmm wth WG? I kinda lost it when I read no surfacing. When I played the Halloween event last year that was one of the main stategies, timing your surfacing. If you went under too early then you were forced to come up at the wrong time and expose yourself and usually die. Homing toprs are also silly, especially since you never surface you can take your sweet time aiming torps. I don't know what they meant by sub numbers but if theres more than 1 per battle then it's really too many. We have enough ships above water too worry about. Good luck on your next venture becuase THIS IS THE LAST WG GAME I WASTE MY TIME ON.
  12. You missed the thread where a guy bought crates until he finally got it, $800 dollars later. I'm sure he has no reason to spend more money on the game though considering all the stuff he picked up on the way.
  13. ZER01025

    S14 worst Ranked season 2019

    I don't play ranked muxh becuase I'm a scub. I did really try this season and everytime I got close to rank 13 the whole team just evaporated. Then it would evaporate 3 more times and I'm back at rank 15 again. It freaking sucked.
  14. ZER01025

    PSA: End Date For Legendary Module Missions

    I just finished the one for the Mino today to find it replaces the Consealment module. So yeah, I'll stick with my regular smoke generator upgrade instead and keep my consealment.