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  1. WibbilyWobbily

    Alpha male returns after 5 year hiatus

    Thanks for all the advice and info everyone! I played a few games just now and found it to be relatively easy to get back into. Of course they were all low tier ships so I was playing against mostly bots lol. Oh boy, I remember when they swore up and down that subs would never be put into the game!
  2. WibbilyWobbily

    Alpha male returns after 5 year hiatus

    Oh... okay :(
  3. Hello! Hopefully this is the right place to put something like this. I played WoWS all the way back in Alpha, and stopped playing around mid 2016 because I got bored. Yesterday I got a sudden itch to play again, so here I am reinstalling it after 5 years! I recall being a very annoying user back then, but I promise to not be like that a second time. In fact I had a negative reputation at one point. I'm too scared to look at my post history, so let's pretend it doesn't exist :) So what's changed? Rather, what are changes I should know about? My guess is that my experience from 5 years ago won't translate over well, although I don't know how a game about boats can get so drastically different lol. Smooth sailing! Hope to see you on the horizon!
  4. Just another alpha.