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  1. SPARKY1953

    Game loads VERY slow unless...

    maybe take a different approach to this, what can i turn off or delete on my computer to speed up game play? i think ive shut down as much in the game as i can, and at the begining of a battle i'm still the last ship to log on, EVERYTIME
  2. SPARKY1953

    Stuck on Pre-battle Team Screen

    hope theres a patch or update coming soon, downloads dreadfully slow, everything takes so long!!!!!!!
  3. SPARKY1953


    slow downloads all day, yeah and then i get penalized for no participation
  4. SPARKY1953

    Game loads VERY slow unless...

    yeah, really slow loading times just in the last week or 2, too many ships? are there any nonessential functions i can turn off? or any other ideas? i love WOW, but this is getting really frustrating
  5. SPARKY1953

    multiple monitors

    no actually i was thinking of the tactical map (M key)
  6. SPARKY1953

    multiple monitors

    i have multiple monitors, can i run a battle on one and the radar map on another?
  7. everytime i go out i'm a little better with my carrier, i will say newer carrier with newer aircraft helps!!!
  8. SPARKY1953

    other navies

    yeah that's true, i understand the programmers being Russian, filling out their navy, but there a LOT of other ships and navies out there, not to mention world war one and much earlier, spanish american war? (just started building a model of perry's Olympia)
  9. SPARKY1953

    free slots

    interesting idea, to be able to sell off extra slots, thanks for the idea, good to hear someone thinking beyond me just complaining, thanks!!!! veterans are awesome!!
  10. stop giving out free slots as a reward, i have twice as many as i do ships!! no more please?
  11. SPARKY1953

    amazon prime link up

    guess i'll just wait it out and see? thanks!
  12. SPARKY1953

    amazon prime link up

    just signed in to the amazon prime link up, there were supposed to be "gifts" ? i guess you would call them. anyway, where are they? looked everywhere on the game site i could think they might be, or is there a download delay?
  13. SPARKY1953

    other navies

    what about other navies? i know it takes time to design graphics, but, 1 ship for australia? or the dutch navy? a major player in the pacific early in WW2.
  14. SPARKY1953

    unable to connect

    seems like we go thru this with every update.. whiskey, tango, foxtrot!!
  15. i've had it happen twice now, 2 different ships, last time i had an issue it cleared up after the next update, so far just happens in the Defense of Newport