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  1. TacticalBeard

    WOWs on Ultra Wide question

    Been playing on 21:9 aspect ratio ultra wides for the last 6 years. The vast majority of modern games have no issues with 21:9 support in games now but if you like to play a lot of older games your going to have black bars on the sides, most of the curved screens I’ve used the curve isn’t really notable to me on a 34” acer predator x34 3440x1440p or a 38” Alienware 3840x1600. Since your looking at production, editing I would definitely recommend you only look at something with an IPS display. Just remember that if you play other more demanding games you might need a hefty GPU upgrade to play at a nice frame rate on these higher resolution ultrawides like a 3080-3090 and locking yourself into always having a high end GPU to run the panel in all your games As for the neo G9 I just think it’s to big for my setup, has an even more abnormal aspect ratio that idk if games support commonly like 21:9 and the amount of curve might be to noticeable for me.
  2. TacticalBeard

    Is Kearsarge worth the money??

    Kearsarge is a very fun ship. But there’s no reason to buy it with real world money when you can get it for free with coal. 228,000 normal or 171,000 with 25% coupon especially with the snow flake event going on right now giving everyone a big boost to coal right now
  3. TacticalBeard

    What Coal Ship to Get?

    I highly recommend kearsage. Don’t try to brawl in it , stay in the second row of ships to avoid getting focused down. If you can multi task you can easily get as much damage with rockets as you do with the main guns. I expect them to take kearsage away from the store in the future. I don’t see it getting nerfed since they allready nerfed all rocket planes and her shell velocity and reload times are so slow. It’s just that the combination of what she is is very strange all together rather than 1 thing on it having to good of stats
  4. Looking over new egg the last few weeks your looking at like 1200-1500$ for a solid entry 1080p pre built PC with a 3060/3060ti in it. currently pre builts are the cheapest way to actually get a GPU during the shortage.
  5. TacticalBeard

    Coal tier X ships

    Definitely. She’s very strong if your able to multitask, stay off the front line , hit targets with slow she’ll velocity. She is definitely the #1 coal ship to grab currently if they took Georgia away they will take kearsarge away even tho kearsarge requires more skill
  6. Got the Dunkirk B through the Black Friday unlocks....... got a super container the other day annnnnd I got the normal dunk. Nice to get a free ship but I hate the dunk with a passion it’s so bad
  7. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    EVGA low hash rate cards are marked “KL” . All of my 3090s are “KR” , to my knowledge EVGA dose not sell any low hash rate 3090s.
  8. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    All EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 ultra hybrids. All have “ KR “ in there SKU
  9. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    I have a EVGA 1000 watt 80+ gold rated G3 that’s not even a year old and I was playing total war warhammer 2 to make sure the system functions under load befor playing WOWS. Looks like next time I’ll just record that as well
  10. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    War gaming a response. Dosent really explain why I could put my system under load in total war warhammer 2 a much more demanding title with no issues and then only have issues with world of warships. when I call EVGA I’ll see if I toss in a replacement PSU not that it’s shown any signs of issues in any other event
  11. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    I had my system under load playing total war warhammer 2 just fine before trying to launch world of warships
  12. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    Welp 3rd dead 3090. I recorded it this time
  13. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    Interesting thing about that my first card was obviously an early 2020 made card. When I asked the RMA department if they had any idea of the exact manufacturing dates of the 2 cards the only information I could get was that my second card was made in 2021 by th “21” at the start of the serial number so it should have been after the “ early batches“
  14. TacticalBeard

    Kaga B vs graft zeppelin B

    Went with kaga...... allready having more fun in it than my old Saipan that can’t afford to lose any planes
  15. TacticalBeard

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    3rd card should be here Monday.