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  1. Wilco, figured as much. Still looking forward to it.
  2. I'll definitely be in attendance - with as many questions from WoWs Discord channels as I can gather. Can't wait to see the rest of y'all. Hope you'll have PC stations set up, I wanna flex. :3 If there is an Alabama meetup, I'll take a stab at being there too. Just make sure it's on the weekend...will ya?
  3. I do believe a refund is available. Not entirely sure though. As much as I would hate to see GC uptiered, her guns are a meme better than PEF at a tier lower. All it means now is that I can go around chunking tier 8s. As long as GC and Kami are the ones being nerfed AND NO OTHER SHIP I can handle it. ONLY those ships. They are a special case and are so incredibly broken where they are that it hurts. Now if they touched anything else...
  4. Exeter isn't meant to really be an RN cruiser trainer. She's a heavy cruiser with 203mm guns, HE, and heal. She wouldn't teach about British CL gameplay.
  5. I would have to agree, but for all IJN cruisers to have ASM0 would mean it would be nerfed. They already hit very hard, and having ASM0 would make them godlike. As for the Yubari oof, I did say "and have fewer of them [the guns]". I did forget to include the minimal amount of guns as a factor in her ASM0 though. Besides ASM0, I think something else might better complement her than Speed Boost. My first suggestion is TRB, but that pumps out 16 torpedoes in the span of about 4 seconds...nearing Kitakami broadside proportions.
  6. Viribus Unitis should not be tier 5. There needs to be way for Defflinger or Hindenburg. I'd say downtier her to tier 4 and cut down on some other stats.
  7. Agreed. Dumpster Fire rework, possible premium changes...thin, thin ice.
  8. Haha most of these are hard nerfs. They'll be well-balanced because I'm sure WeeGee doesn't want to touch any more premiums than they absolutely have to.
  9. THANK YOU. I'm not the only one to acknowledge their similarities. They both have lower-caliber, lighter guns, and fewer of them. Where they differenciate in their gun armament is the ROF and accuracy. Yubari has top-tier ROF and exceptional accuracy to compensate for her paper and citadel construction. She's the epitome of glass cannonry. Yahagi, on the other hand, has neither the ROF, accuracy, OR penetration to even come close to dealing the same amount of damage. The poor velocity and light shell do not help at all. Her torpedoes do not compensate for such poor gun performace at all. You can stealth torp, sure, but no cruiser is really a big DD, and should not rely on 120 second reload torpedoes to do damage. The torpedoes are great, but the guns need desparate help. I do notice that her guns are marginally better than Omaha's, except in gun ROF. However, Omaha has an 8-gun broadside, 8.6 RPM, and far greater shell ballistics. She performs better with IFHE, but this sets her up for USN light cruisers - while IFHE Yahagi sets her up for a line that will never come. That or 155mm Mogami memes.
  10. I agree. However, I also agree that Yahagi is much like Yubari. HOWEVER, not in the same way. Yubari's guns are hard-hitting and reliable due to ASM0, but Yahagi cannot boast the same. Yubari's torpedoes are great, but they should not and cannot be her only useful weapon. The torpedoes have been balanced, too. They don't have the same speed now, even if their range in increased. The damage, while still above average, is still far lower than what it was.
  11. Buffing Yahagi's reload by 1 second I'm not quite sure is anywhere near enough. As I understand it, her stats scream "oversized Japanese DD", but she is a cruiser and right now she's STILL looking very weak. I'm sticking by either: Reload buff to 10 RRM or ASM0 + TRB. Come on WeeGee Give her ASM0 at least. It just makes sense. You can't balance her without going wackily ahistorical or without a gimmick, so choosing Yahagi to be the ship you decide to be semi-realistic and/or gimmickless is crazy. Just give it up and use another ship, please.
  12. StrixKitty

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    I wish I could accurate recall the thickness of the shield for the Japanese mounts from NavTechJap....3mm? It was only a splinter shield. I recall USN strafes on Japanese destroyers causing so much alarm that they dumped the torpedoes to avoid having them detonate to .50-cals. So your reasoning is solid. Considering Yoshi and Azuma are basically battlecruiser designs, it's even less likely they should have torpedoes, so excuse me.
  13. StrixKitty

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    Considering the Yoshi (please let this be the nickname people give her) is a "modernized Azuma" there's no reason the Japanese wouldn't give her some sort of torpedo armament.
  14. StrixKitty

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    Still no Yahagi buffs. (Can we get a TRB + ASM0 maybe?)
  15. StrixKitty

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    (I hate myself)