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  1. Just curious as to how the RX Vega 11 (Ryzen R5 2400G APU) tests out on WoWS. Preferably at boost clock and 2GB VRAM unlocked.
  2. Top Secret Video - ???

    Sitting here still waiting for Cat co-commanders.
  3. Not sure I'd call myself an "old" player, but I can remember checking the World of Battleships website before the white "ALPHA" thing was on it. I checked it nearly every day, determined to be in Alpha. Never came to fruition - I had a GT 625 GPU and not enough time. I was in CBT Weekends (anyone remember those?) and CBT/OBT. I was made an "Alfa Tester" for always being around and at least trying to help new people a little, plus I loved being able to see the progress of the game from the beginning in the Alpha Section of the Forum when it existed. Got an Iwaki, probably for my games in CBT Weekends. I'm an active player still and will continue to be so for quite a while yet hopefully.
  4. Not bad, but not what I'm looking for in specific examples, with dimensions, pressures, and cyl diameters. I like the animation - very nice indeed - but see the comment above.
  5. I know of the Arabe, but the others are welcome. Also I think we're thinking of different USS Walkers. DD-163 had x2 turbine sets. Also, the book is VERY welcome.
  6. I like the information mine there for the Texas, but perhaps something a little more...tiny. I'd really like to see a SHP of around 15,000 in a package small enough for a medium destroyer. I'm sure it's possible, just don't know any ship that has 'em. "Captain: we know the Titanic and its capabilities lack the backs of our hands." "Sir there's an iceberg straight ahead" "REVERSE THE SHIP!" "But sir we have a tu- "REVEEERRRSSEEEEEEEEEE"
  7. What're you babbling about? Examples always = 1oo% accoorucy.
  8. Hello all, I'm (probably again) looking for information on the TEE. Specifically what I'm looking for are examples and pictures of those examples. An example (pun?) of what I'm looking for would be something like this: GERMAN TORPEDO BOAT 4-CYL TRIPLE EXPANSION ENGINE [Picture] 1st Cyl Diameter: 150mm 2nd Cyl D: 200mm 3rd Cyl D: 250mm 4th Cyl D: 260mm Engine Weight: 5,660 kg; 555555555 tons Engine Power: 12000 SHP Boiler Pressure Supported: 300 PSI Shaft RPMs: 290 RPM etc etc What I would like best are book sources (take some dang pictures of any if you have to) or online sources. THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER PLEASE. (Almost) ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks, ~ Kitty
  9. Schediaphilia Rampant on this Forum

    I would say he's sexually obsessed or frustrated rather than genuinely confused. If he's older and lesser exposed to the changes in entertainment brought by Japan (leaps and bounds over regular cartoons) it's very likely he's not understanding. What is perhaps a "regular interest" in anime girls might come off as lust for a pack of pixels, especially, again, to someone foreign to the concept. No one during my "youth" had any sexual attraction to cartoon characters. Of course, this is just my theory of factionalization and perhaps he really is. Whether he is or not - whether we all are or not - it's not not likely any of us will say "oh yes, certainly, we are."
  10. Schediaphilia Rampant on this Forum

    Because those people are widespread, including millions of people in the US. It's no small minority. I would infer that the teenage girl ships/tanks/planes fulfill the interests of those who like those vehicles and the normal lust for another gender of a species.
  11. Schediaphilia Rampant on this Forum

    To honestly answer your question, men and boys can be pretty similar. No Human is exactly the same, and it's proved by factionalization based on interests. A common unity is rare, and usually only by small groups. It's hard to explain why each person would be pulled or drawn sexually to pixels and lines...perhaps that's it? Perhaps it's the lines? The curves, so to speak. Or maybe it's the developed personalities? They're all of a sudden more Human-like, along with attractive curvatures, and in my mind that's enough to lull almost any man. Also, inb4l0ck
  12. Sorry, I just happened upon this old thread of mine. Please, send it to me (if you're still around) at seawolf137@gmail.com thanks!
  13. My final hit point (song parody)

    Someone needs to paste over the lightsabers with upvotes.