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  1. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    *Final bump* If anyone has anything, please PM me.
  2. K, time to step back.

    It's probably good for your heart if you do so.
  3. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    *bump bump*
  4. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    I'm supposing this is in Germany? Of course, of course, but dang. Nice.
  5. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    Thanks for the help you could provide for me. Another edit: a few, like those concerning Me 262 construction/design and their engines is pretty neat. I've actually been studying the Me 262's abilities recently and I think this will be useful.
  6. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    Edit: most of the ones I can find use for have failed to load.
  7. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    I might also make comparisons with the fuel oil and Diesel of the Japanese Navy from NavTechJap.
  8. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    Eh, a few do. Like the specifications and procurement of Diesel Fuel in the Kriegsmarine, which could coincide with the knowledge I've recently gained on *Z-51's* power plant in German Destroyers of WWII.
  9. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    *shameless bump* Seriously, if anyone could help me out here, it'd be amazing.
  10. Far from that. This based off of the United States Office of Naval Intelligence. Navy CIA, basically, before the CIA existed.
  11. Naval Technical Mission in Europe

    Hello all, I'm currently looking for Naval Technical Mission in Europe files/articles. I have most - if not all - for NavTech Mission to Japan, but I'm very much so lacking for the stuff that was discovered in Europe, and if ANYONE has those files, even if it's only a couple, that'd be awesome, and PLEASE PM me ASAP so you can get those shared via Google. (Oh, and don't go looking through Google - I've tried, trust me). If you came here expecting NavTech EU files, then sorry, but here: have NavTechJap as a consolation. https://web.archive.org/web/20141211145152/http://www.fischer-tropsch.org/primary_documents/gvt_reports/USNAVY/USNTMJ Reports/USNTMJ_toc.htm Thanks for any who can help, ~ Kitty.
  12. The Weekend in One Image

    Honestly, that sounds more painful for the Cleveland than for you. The ballistics are still the same old Cleveland and I doubt he really did much. However, I can't really blame him either. The Cleve is pretty fragile, especially at her new tier 8 position.
  13. I see a lot of random seriousness in this topic I find doesn't quite need to be here. However, like Lert, I agree this ship probably wouldn't be that cool a selling point considering the power of the 16" rifles already.
  14. Dang Lert...Poor seals.
  15. First book is "Into the Storm" - Taylor Anderson. Should check it out