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  1. StrixKitty

    WOWS 3D Models and Unity [Help]

    Not sure which section this belongs to, but Off-Topic is always a safe bet. Anyway, I was hoping to mess around with some 3D models of ships and generally just have some fun putting things where they shouldn't. I don't plan to use these models in-game (Yamato turrets on tier 1 Katori anyone), just to screw around. My issue is, I'm a complete and utter novice at: A. Unity B. 3D Models I need to figure out how to import 3D ship models into Unity. I've messed around, but haven't had any luck. I downloaded the models from places like here. Any help would be very much appreciated. Be sure to put it into simple terms, I haven't figured Unity out yet. Thanks! - Kitty.
  2. StrixKitty

    Who have you seen in game

    YOU YOUUUUUUUUUIUUUUUUU EWEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE Just kidding. Came out of that with 100k
  3. Sent him home. Straight to the bottom.
  4. StrixKitty

    Hangout by the Sea

    Pokes head in. Huh, still alive. Good to see. Twitches ear and backs out.
  5. Send them all my way, Kitty needs a new Prinz Eugen
  6. StrixKitty

    Mission Debrief Monday - Weekend Aftermath

    I played all day saturday and sunday and saw no superdivs or cross-clan interactions. Doesn't mean it can't have happened, just...I didn't note it. I hope not. I spent so much time and effort, and if I get a crate iut of it I will be immensely disappointed.
  7. StrixKitty

    Mission Debrief Monday - Weekend Aftermath

    Nolifed hard in "Boatnite", Twilight Battles, so I could get Jean Bart. 1,885 fires, boys! Jean Bart here I come! Met a lot of other good contesters for Jean who were working for other categories. Hope to see them in first place.
  8. StrixKitty

    Boatnite Top Scores?

    heh heh heh yeessss
  9. StrixKitty

    Boatnite Top Scores?

    I saw your post earlier. Not bad overall.
  10. StrixKitty

    Boatnite Top Scores?

    What're your top scores since Boatnite ended? I made it out with 1,885 fires and 19.5 million general damage. Scoreboard will likely come out soon, but I figured I'd ask anyway.
  11. StrixKitty

    Just lost my steel rat

    Good riddance to the thing.
  12. Ironically talking to an AG Williams on NavWeaps Discussion boards.
  13. That last 925 mps velocity one on the second picture is the rare and elusive *Minengeschoss* round developed for the 37mm Flak M42. This round, and other rounds of the *Minengeschoss* type, have the ability to make them superior to the 40mm Bofors (except in range or armor penetration). If you knew this, cool. Either way, thanks a lot!
  14. Ha, I get that question a lot. There's a gaping hole in German 37mm AA ammunition and gun specifics, so I'm looking to rectify that. Thanks, I'll try them out.