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  1. The only exceptions to this that I know of are the later-war powered mounts for the 12.7cm/40 Type 89 (The B1 mounts) which could traverse at a surprising speed of 16 deg/sec. That, and perhaps some dual 12cm/45 10th Year Type mounts. Both were used in a DP role.
  2. >Be BB_Elis. >Come into random thread. >Nitpick grammatical errors in the most sarcastic way possible. >Provide nothing constructive or related to the question asked. >Incredibly edgy, as per the usual. >Leaves. --- In actual relation to the question: It's the motors, as far as I can tell. These turrets are an early 1920's design, using the notorious Japanese technology of that era. Naturally, they're not going to have great training speeds, and thus turn quite slowly. Strangely, it doesn't appear that any attempts were made to rectify this. If there were, it must have been incredibly incremental, so much so that the new horsepower couldn't keep up with the strengthening applied to the later mounts (the early turrets were too thin, similarly to the lightweight USN 5"/38-caliber Mark 38 Mod. 0 turret). Note: Usually, cranking would be 3-4 degrees per second, so I'm not sure how these turrets could get such a fast speed from manual cranking. However, I'd have to delve into various sources to find out. Meh. Nevermind.
  3. StrixKitty

    How can you play worse than me?

    These are the real questions.
  4. StrixKitty

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Don't mind me upvoting a post from 2 f******g years ago because I noticed it was from an artist I just discovered on Danbooru about a month ago.
  5. StrixKitty

    Average tier you play.

    Hehe, 5.7 with sky blue stats. *Hides G.C.*
  6. StrixKitty

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    No, they most certainly did. However, that said, it's more a refusal to let go of their god%$#@ system they've poured so many hours and resources into. Cosmetics/Crates/etc-only WILL WORK because that's what everybody said they WANTED. So, what's more preferable, the loss of the money wasted trying to build this braindead NTC scheme, or the hit to the playerbase population for trying to keep it?
  7. StrixKitty

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Especially not for the now incremental buffs they'll end up giving you. Maybe the cosmetics and other bonsuses will actually be worth it.
  8. StrixKitty

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Also note that cutting the buffs to merely incremental levels means that they forgo their value compared to time spent to grind them. Thus, why even keep them in the game in the first place? This line of thought is not my own. However, I support it.
  9. StrixKitty

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Not really. For instance: A little something to, ah, get you started. "We're not milking you, we promise!"
  10. StrixKitty

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    You're still doing it, and thus, you've failed.
  11. Cosmetics, Legendary Mods, ships, crates, dubloons - any of those! The fact you dropped a tactful, logical approach is simply proof of how dire the situation really is.
  12. StrixKitty

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Reeepost since I want to flex my thoughts on the subject.
  13. StrixKitty

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I highly doubt any of this will work. There are so many better alternatives, it's incomprehensible why they would choose such a dangerous play as their choice. Here are some incentives for regrinding that I think would do just as well - combinations of these rewards, or even standalone: Legendary Mods Permanent Camouflages A new FXP or other premium ship? Dubloons Crates Literally anything else, this entire idea is open! The community is already in upheaval over this issue, it seems. An issue already! That should be the red flag of doom here. Change it up - no need to make it so complicated, and very dangerous to balance and the community. [Some of these ideas brought to you by the Salt Mines Discord WoWs team :^) ]
  14. StrixKitty

    ST: New Type of Shells

    I highly doubt this will end up as a "gold ammo". More than likely, it will be reserved for the Italians and some others. Everyone's been clambering for this ammunition - for good reason - and it's coming. Glad to see it.
  15. StrixKitty

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Oh boy, here we go.