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  1. B-Day tomorrow.

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    2. _Sarcasticat_


      Military Sci-Fi has always interested me. Arpeggio of Blue Steel (A Anime Sci-Fi) has always intrigued me.


      I love the Confederates. Not for what they did, but for their style. Their weaponry. CSS Virginia, much? The same goes for Germany.


      That's a lot of board games, mate.

    3. Chien_Lu_Anderman


      I am more into David Drake , John Ringo , Eric Flynt, Harry Turtledove ( he is mostly alternate history check out Guns of the South ) and David Weber . I like the Confederate side mostly because I think they had the right to succeed ; not that they should have for the most often stated reason though . As to the games ; I have more then just those just not C.W. or WW2 based ones ... lol


    4. _Sarcasticat_


      They should have taken the legal route instead of having a war, IMO.