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    If I said "warships" would you be surprised? ;)
  1. That's exactly why I figured you might need some help - you obviously put a ton of work into it :) My forum profile probably makes it pretty clear I'm almost never active on the forum, but I'll shoot you a message with a link to my website or something. I have no experience or skill in creating anime/manga style graphics - if I'm any use to you, I imagine it would probably be for promotional and interface graphics. In either case, I'm not looking for more paid work, just a way to contribute & be a small part of it. :)
  2. If I hadn't gotten curious and come to try to find out who "George Doe" was before he was Doe'd, I never would have found this... And WoWs never would have been as good as it's going to be right after I download and install it. If you ever need a Photoshop witch, let me know - I'd love to be involved in some way. And, yes, right after the budget recovers from the holidays, I'll get involved in the way that will probably be more helpful than me volunteering mad Photoshop skills. :)