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  1. Mustang2209

    CV are not OP change my mind

    I don't think they're OP, though, somewhat a PITA and especially driving DD's. I had a CV driver exclusively focus me in my Kidd and got 91 planes shot down but still got killed. But at least my team took advantage because THEY weren't being attacked and were able to win the game. They don't carry games and when it comes to end-game, the good players go out fighting while the bad ones simply hide in the corners and not supporting their team.
  2. Mustang2209

    FINALLY got my first 19 point captain!

    I got my 2nd 19 pt captain about a month ago and getting close to achieving my 3rd with a 4th right behind. Just used my large bank of commander xp to level up my new Polish DD captain from 3 pts to 12 pts to make it competitive in Tier7-9 matches. Have a bunch of 12-14 pts captains with a couple of 16 pt & 17 pt so it's a long road to hoe. Congrats on your first and more to come!
  3. Mustang2209

    Think I am playing my dd's wrong

    When driving DD's, I go for early spots and keep an eye on whether planes are flying if there's a CV (or two) in game. I play higher tier DD's and depending on the dispersion of the team, i.e. even between caps or lemming, dictates whether I go for caps or try to contest depending on what's near me. I try not to get into close range knife fights unless I think my DPM is superior to the enemy DD. Of course, keeping track of where the radar ships is needed and their range. This comes with time. I've had very successful games where I've gone end game to win and others, I died because I either made a mistake and got spotted and/or miscalculated the willingness of my team to support my efforts. The learning curve of DD's is much steeper than the other classes, including CV (which I don't play anymore since the rework). Probably my best advice is to keep track of your concealment in relation to the enemy - they can't hit you if they can't see you.
  4. Mustang2209

    Italian boats player verdict?

    While I don't have any of the tech tree cruisers yet, I'm finding I get more cits against them and they are definitely more fragile than other cruiser lines. The T5-6 cruisers seem almost like the Omaha when it comes to fragility and die relatively quickly if they're in the hands of a rookie cruiser driver.
  5. I've used some steel to grab the Georgia along with the majority of coal for her. I say do it.
  6. You're going to have [edited] games from time to time and especially when the entire enemy team is intact at the end. Just pick another ship and hit "Battle".
  7. Mustang2209

    RN cruiser line questions

    This - I have smoke for my Edin. When you're up-tiered to Tier X, play safe and be a PITA to the enemy DDs while staying away from the up-tiered cruisers and battleships. Use smoke wisely and fire torps in favorable situations. I've gone end game with my Edin by capping and staying alive. My AA is decent so while I have sometimes have trouble with Tier X CV's, I hold my own against Tier VIII ones. The ROF is nice and will make enemy DD's want to stay away from you if they know better. Those that don't, I typically get good hits in.
  8. Mustang2209

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    That was my experience in my only game so far. Firing ranges were between 8km and 12 km and while I was getting beat up, for the most part and especially when tanking, she took it well. I have the 10 pt captain that came with the Admiral's package and I agree that for the most part, you're NOT going to be facing comparable captains. I can easily see her being OP at Tier IV. Now, when facing Tier VI or VII ships, it will be a different story but at that point, it's a matter of a different playstyle. I'm definitely not going to go up against the likes of a KGV or Nagato in this thing on purpose. But the low concealment does help. My 2 cents...
  9. Mustang2209

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    Nope - just bought and play my first game in it. While it was a Tier V fight, had 3 kills, 100K damage and basically had ppl focus me so they could shoot at the larger targets and cap. While I died, finished first and got a win. While it will be challenged in Tier VI or VII fights, Wiki says to focus cruisers and on lower Tier IV ships. Won't carry, per se, but held my own. My opinion may change over time but it's unique in WoW and enjoyed the first game and win.
  10. So...you want a Battle Participant Medal for being 1-shot to Death without firing a shot? Um.....no. Go back to Port and pick another ship and get gud.
  11. Mustang2209

    T-61 is just so much fun Premium

    Got mine through a Xmas box. Love mine!
  12. I do the PTS just to get the flags and camo for my main account. Not going to waste my valuable playing time grinding out lines JUST to see if I'm interested in Italian cruisers. I'll wait for the eventual release. BTW - not a big fan of the new French DD's. With no smoke, they're sitting ducks if not played properly. Will probably stick with my other DD lines.
  13. Mustang2209

    Client refusing to load.

    Try uninstall and a fresh install w/ no mods (if you were using them); make sure your drivers are completely updated.
  14. Mustang2209

    NTC is Being Reworked

    They ACTUALLY listened to the player base. Step in the right direction and not force feeding something that would doom the game. Thanks for listening to us, WG.
  15. Mustang2209

    Mikasa vs DD

    Love the fireworks!