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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing more South American ships appear, even if they're clones of existing tech tree ships. Hell, I have several national flags of S. American nations. I have 3 Brazilian including the Atlantico (dockyard) and the Argentine CL (Brooklyn class). I'm also hoping they introduce Spanish DD and cruiser lines for the premium ships coming out and already out. Plenty of other nation's historical ships to be introduced!
  2. Mustang2209

    Remove detonations already

    IMO Detonations are rare - whether I cause one or I get blasted out of the water and wondered what happened. Just bad RNG either way. To everyone's point, there's a flag for that. If you feel it's happening too much to you, buy some. They're not that expensive since they took away the 10 flags you used to get when YOU got detonated. I didn't like that but that's the WG economy mindset for you.
  3. Mustang2209

    Agincourt from Battle of Jutland Container

    I like my Agincourt. The only 'down' side is no AA so you need to stay near green ships for the AA cover because if you have a red CV, you'll be focused.
  4. Mustang2209

    Freedom of choice

    That's what I'm seeing as well. I used to have resupply turned off so I didnt have flags auto resupplied. I have a habit of checking my flags before each match. Now, both the flags and econ bonuses are resupply unless I manually remove them. Maybe WG will fix in a future patch.
  5. Mustang2209

    Freedom of choice

    True that - I'll still play so long as I have fun and feel I'm getting value from my money and playing time. That's why I left WoT a few years ago - I didn't get the value and fun anymore and I have a pretty decent garage of tanks. Didn't uninstall but only play it once in a blue moon. For WoW, I'm adapting to the changes and at least for me, they're not deal breakers so far. Perhaps one day they will do a change and I'll go find something else to play. Only time will tell.
  6. Mustang2209

    pink penalties

    I'm afraid that's the auto-penalty system and working as intended. It happens to me from time to time. Usually the pink penalty is 2 games and I serve it in coop at T1. Unless it prevents you, you can also serve it in Randoms as well. Sometimes the hamsters in our computers stop working and it's more of an annoyance than anything else.
  7. Mustang2209

    Freedom of choice

    I'm finding this annoying as well. I'm finding that I have to go into every ship before battle to be sure the signals I want are on as well as need to add for a particular class. I don't think this aspect of the econ rework was entirely thought through.
  8. Yes - I think it's a bug.
  9. Mustang2209

    Flamu has lost his mind.

    I used to follow Flamu for a time as he was also one of my first WoW streamers. But over time, I saw he was very toxic to ppl in chat and doing the whole name/shame thing. He would trash WoW (some legit, some not so much) and I found him very unpleasant to watch. Too much crap in the world going on to waste my valuable viewing time with this. I unfollowed him some time ago. Perhaps at some point he violates the EULA or YouTube terms and gets perma-banned from social media platforms or the game itself. One can only hope.
  10. Mustang2209

    What do you do when you get hate PMs?

    BL and move on. While I rarely get PMs, I don't bother. My gaming time is far too valuable to be wasted in this activity.
  11. Mustang2209

    The Camo rework

    I'm agreeing with you vs. the OP's who were critical of you for asking a simple question on the forums. The salt wasn't necessary. I've been playing WoW for years and the whole camo rework is still a little hazy for me and I keep up on the dev blogs. I guess we'll find out once it rolls out to see how it works. Per WG, it's supposed to 'benefit' the player base. Only time will tell...
  12. Mustang2209

    Game Crashing & Mod Station?

    Definitely update your drivers for starters. Then, have you added a new mod after the last patch? If not, remove them, play one game vanilla, and then starting the more important ones for you and see if you can isolate the issue. Generally, the mods out of Mod Station are solid, though, can conflict with a user's computer if the video drivers aren't current.
  13. Mustang2209

    The Camo rework

    Agreed. RL DOES get in the way because, you know. we adults have real jobs and real lives and real families so it's perfectly fine to come to the forums with questions because there's a lot of information to absorb coming out of Wargaming. The salt wasn't necessary for a simple question. How about next time just answer the question without projecting your own life's issues. Not all of us live and breath this GAME. It's just a damn hobby FFS.
  14. Mustang2209

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    I agree this is a bit much. I've seen subs get the crap depth charged out of them and still live and especially when I'm a DD dropping them on their head! I see the depth charge hit meter go up and not dead? I know, I know...they're still trying to 'balance'. But punching holes into a sub SHOULD cause more damage to the point of sinking. My 2 cents.
  15. Mustang2209

    Tips for Italian DDs?

    Not sit in smoke and spamming is probably what I had in mind when doing the semi-comparison to French DDs, i.e. always keep moving and more spamming of torps than anything else. Like I said, they're good in knife fights but be cautious in picking your fights. I wouldn't classify them as "ambush DDs" because their smoke and speed boost are short. They're much more useful spotting for your cruisers and BBs and cap denial. I usually spam caps with torps when I see the reds capping so it forces the red DD to keep moving or leave. I've had better success with them than say, RU DDs. Either way, I find them fun and not boring in the least.