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  1. Mustang2209

    That Hizen grind

    Yahagi is decent T5 cruiser. It does have a very limited torp spread - you practically have to go full broadside to shoot so be careful. It can bully T4 and T5 DDs and help with cap denial. Just be careful going up against T6 BBs, esp the Izmail. You'll get deleted in no time.
  2. Mustang2209

    Venezia ....... Daaaaamn ! ! !

    Generally, the Italian cruisers are snipers at mid-long range. Definitely not brawlers but they punish DDs with a vengeance using SAP and can also rough up other cruisers and BB's at specific points in battle. You may like the other tiers.
  3. Mustang2209

    Give me an option other than another SLOT

    Agreed - while I am a ship collector, I have a number of empty slots and don't need another one. Would like the choice of either selling them or getting coal for these missions.
  4. Mustang2209

    Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts?

    Hasn't been released yet and it's on my wishlist over on Steam. Saw demo videos and looks interesting. You can create literally any type of ship you want.
  5. For me, the jury is still out but I'm adapting to it. I'm still having fun and I like the fact I can have high tier captains with different skill sets for my premium ships (I have many). Before, you were 'stuck' with just the skills selected. So if you previously had a DD build captain, it wouldn't be useful for any other premium class. Now, I can take my 19 pt captains (I have several) and spread them across the different premium ship classes. Is it a money grab to get you to buy premium ships? Maybe. But WG IS a FOR-profit company and they have to keep the lights on and pay their employees. I see a lot of [edited] and whining on the forums but you know what? The rework is going to attract new players and if the old players can't adapt, they're more than welcome to play other games. This is, after all, a FREE to play game. I'm looking forward to the Italian BB line, the new German DD line, maybe a RN BC line and other possibilities. Subs? I'll have to see about that.
  6. Mustang2209

    Tips for playing against DDs that out spot you

    Knowing detect values of the red DDs is half the battle. Assume they've maxed out their mods thru captain skills and ship modules. If you know you'll be outspotted by one or more red DDs, watch the mini map and play passive in the beginning. RFP definitely helps but be cautious of charging as they may have friends around. Keep in mind those DDs that have deep water torps that can't hurt you - Asashio and Chinese DDs come to mind. If you are low on HP and/or there are enemy cruisers in the area, keep your smoke handle and break contact for the time being. Impatience tends to get ships killed so let the red DDs get impatient. Hope this helps.
  7. Mustang2209

    Yamato's Glossary term guide on WOWS

    One term for multiple cits against a ship is called "Clapping" or simply the ship was "clapped". I've heard Twitch streamers use this term. This is different from DevStrike because the ship still survived when getting "clapped" (though, it gets deleted shortly thereafter).
  8. I laugh with delight when driving my T7 BB and I see an Omaha driving for cap and going broadside, especially in my Sinop. It doesn't end well for the Omaha. He has a death wish so I try to support that.
  9. Mustang2209

    Random without CV's

    Sorry dude. CV's are here to stay. WG won't do a CV-free playing mode. They've invested WAY too much time and resources doing the CV rework even if it still needs work for anything resembling balance.
  10. Would like to see pre WW-1 and WW 1 ships for the lower tiers. I have interest in those ships that appeared in the Battle of Jutland that aren't in the game yet. Maybe even going back to the Russo-Japanese war since they introduced Mikasa at T2. Not sure so about post WW2 ships w/ missiles. Whole different dynamic including adding jet planes as well off modern CVs.
  11. Mustang2209

    New to PC version. A few questions please.

    I recommend keep grinding up the IJN BB line as they hit hard. If you're looking for a premium trainer, you have your choice of the Mutsu (T6), and either the Ashikata (sp?) or Kii, T7 and T8 respectively. Don't rush up the lines too quickly or you'll be disappointed. While I have high tier ships across all nations, I sometimes play my mid-tiers for the fun factor. Just find where you're comfortable. I have all nations so I can experience their unique features as well as understand how to counter them when playing against them, but that's just me. Have fun and may the RNG gods smile upon you!
  12. Mustang2209

    Best Way to Learn CV's?

    I actually started learning by setting up my own training room, locking it out, and kept the red team stationary (and not attacking) to learn the mechanics of launching and attacking. After a few battles, I had the red ships move to simulate PvE. Then I moved to coop's and then finally PvP. I only play CVs when the mood strikes me b/c they will never be removed. Having the prem CVs in your port are pretty cool, though, they are higher tier. The low tier CVs are trash so I suggest moving up quickly to T6's.
  13. Mustang2209

    What tier to stop at?

    Keep going up the tiers until you stop having FUN. That's supposed to be the name of the game. I have a bunch of T10s and T9s but sometimes I like to go down to T5 or T6 just to have FUN. You encounter more potato teams and double CVs so there's definitely a trade off. The nice part is I'm playing against relatively new players so I take delight when I see a full broadside Omaha with my Sinop! I don't go downtier to seal club on purpose but just get the FUN back when the higher tiers feel too much like a grind. Make the game what you want. GL and HF.
  14. Mustang2209

    Problem with reporting Players

    Short of someone submitting a ticket with a replay, I wouldn't worry about it. From what you've described, you did your job. Do I get pissed sometimes when focused by CVs and especially being a DD main, sure. But I don't report them JUST because they're playing CVs. Your karma probably gets hit but as everyone knows, it's means nothing. So long as you're playing your class and not being a jerk in chat, you're solid. If I was on your team here, I would probably give you a +1 for actually knowing what to do in supporting your team.
  15. I would like to see OK's reload buffed down to 35 sec. I can live with that.