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  1. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    thanks plugged it in and works like a charm
  2. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    [ALL] Functioning MS22 Camo Replacement

    I also get the same crash with the European event camo. the new DDs show up fine its if anyone has that camo on any ship and bam pc locks up.
  3. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    The Armada pack?

    i'd say depends when what date black Friday falls on each year. most like they want to drop something new each Friday through Christmas instead of all eggs in 1 basket kinda thing
  4. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    For next year, can we have the following:

    Kitakami B while we're at it lol
  5. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    The Armada pack?

    yes the pack they sell around Christmas time. i'd say next Friday maybe at the earliest
  6. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    The Armada pack?

    black Friday full bundle pack maybe what your looking for. nvm I believe you meant the pack they sold around Christmas I think it was
  7. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    For next year, can we have the following:

    lol ok then how bout an Arkansas B Black
  8. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    Tired of being tired

    lol yeah my early days in the Army was the only time I drank coffee, we use to mix that horrible hot cocoa base powder mix from the old dark brown gen 1 MREs with it to try and make it drinkable. We would call it a field crap o ccino.
  9. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    Tired of lifeboats

    lol things I don't pay attention to.
  10. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    I am tired of cruisers

    then the bait we took we did
  11. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    Tired of being tired

    always room for one more
  12. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    I am tired of cruisers

    oye, here we go again.... "wargaming please make ships I don't like easier for me to kill". Now on the real, I use to feel the same way till I kept at it and found a way that works for me to counter the ship in question. Thousands of people are killing ships of all tiers and types, if they can then I can and you can. Just take a break and come back at it refreshed.
  13. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    How to Get 30% Coupon?

  14. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    Well I myself am an AP fan, but I do use HE more in CLs and DDs. Even with flags and what not my fire starting ability seems to have bad luck lol. The Smolensk is a beast to deal with but so gratifying when you cit and sink her. However playing the Smolensk is fun, but I draw fire quickly from the reds and find myself bobing and weaving around. Still fun but I don't get the games others seem to talk about like it's a god sitting in smoke. Try it and I assure you that smoke cloud draws massive fire. not defending or attacking any side of the argument just putting my 2 cents in. just as anything some will like it and some will hate it, and people will act out on it. I am very sure just like everything else she will get nerfed 1 day and will become worthless. so with that I give you….
  15. Locote_USA_RET_11B

    Buff Smolensk to help counter Venezia

    Imagine if you will a place in time where a ship can be both OP and needing to be pulled or nerfed and at the same time needs to be buffed...