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  1. bharris1117

    game replays

    Can someone tell me how to replay a battle, can't seem to find a way
  2. bharris1117

    making video

    Hyper thank you so much was really helpfull
  3. bharris1117

    making video

    I am in the process of creating a small video for my clan and was wondering if there was a keyboard shotcut that would eliminate all text, player names, ship health etc. All I want to see is the ships. I know there was one for world of warplanes but it doesn't work for warships. I'm trying to eliminate all information in the displayed game.
  4. bharris1117

    wows video

    I am trying to make a wows video for my clan and I was wondering is there a key combination that would eliminate the text such as teams lists, map, etc. All I want to record is the ship in battle without all the additional on screen information. I remember being able to do it in world of warplanes but can't remember the key combinations I used to do it, not even sure if it's possible in world of warships, maybe a mod or something any help would be appreciated