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  1. Just got down with a split division with 2 tier 2s and one tier 3. We had to wait 5 minutes to get placed in a tier 4 cv match, are you serious. This is why I stopped my paid subscription and probably why while stop playing the game. I've been by myself he match before got placed in tier with bots filling in the difference. Its [edited] to put a T2 in a T4 match period What's that you say my team has 2 T2s and the other team has none. Weird. Glad, MM makes fair matches.
  2. McHardSlab

    Match Maker issues

    seems like since ranked matches have started I have had this problem, after weeks of getting hosed my MM i think I'm done. Im not buying anymore premium time, ships. In fact i think im done for a while if not permanently. Its ridiculous to loose 8 plus matches for weeks in a row where your team completely welps and there are no losses on the other team. I can take a loss but Im not going to keep playing a broken game.