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  1. magicalmoonman

    Russians need carrier to counter Venezias

    Yessss! We need a Russian CV! WG, you guys are forcing CVs on us so let's add that bias RU CV!
  2. Since the whole thing about the Russian cruiser lines are being changed/split, I feel like now is a good time to ask WG when they are going to revisit the little devil Khabarovsk? That ship in the current meta is piss poor. You have ships like Kleber that have 8 kilometer torpedoes and go to nearly 60 knots and then you have ships like Smolensk that can spam you to death with 16x 130mm guns. What about the Khabarovsk? The ship has only 6 kilometer torps with a speed of 43 knots. Khabarovsk's max speed without flags is 43 knots as well as her max range being only around 13.5 kilometers being a full gun boat build. Yes the ship has good armor, but the cost is, is that you still get the old pin values of DDs when shot by AP! The ship was buffed awhile ago and to be turned into stats that made sense at the time. Khabarovsk's current form was good for a time where their were less variety of ships provided by War Gaming. Back then at around 2017 (estimated) you didn't have ships like Venezia, Henri, Kleber, and Worcester. Not to mention any new BBs that have entered the game and the recent CV changes! Since these ships and changes have been brought into the game, the role of Khabarovsk has been demoralizing and not fun to play. Khab has also been over taken by the other DD, Kleber which has better detection, speed, and torps. Yes Khab can equip a heal but why would you choose a heal when you can't dodge shells that will go around 900 meters per second from multiple different type of ships? You also have to deal with the variety of DDs that you face like Harugumo and Daring that have good guns and way better than your concealment which is 9.7 kilometers. Khabarovsk used to have 8 kilometer torps with a lower damage Alpha as well as greater range for her guns. Khabs torps helped get that damage needed to help regular players to break that 100k damage. Back then, when their were less ships to counter Khab from her past form, she was a very disgusting ship to deal with. Now with new varieties of ships, we Khab is now power crept in this current meta. And she needs to be re-looked into to get her back to being a ship that can be enjoyed and maybe considered for Clan Battles? The ship needs to have better range in torps and gun range. I feel the past form of the Khabarovsk can suffice to bringing this ship back from the grave.
  3. magicalmoonman

    So It Has Been Five Years

    Yeah when then stop caring about subs is when WG SHOULD care about previously made ships into the game but I doubt that would happen . Look at the older ships like Zao and Khaba. Those ships are power crept or they have some major in-game state flaws purposefully given by WG. Same goes with Yamatos armor, which is not a bad thing tbh. They need to look at those older ships but I don't think they will since they "work" as intended and why waist more money and time on something that works?
  4. magicalmoonman

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Hey WG I just wondering do you guys know of the CV bug with squadrons going back to the carrier? When I press F my planes don't go into safe high altitude like the last update. I tried some battles with CV and I continuously experience this problem. Some times the planes will stay at their last spot where I pressed F. Thanks!