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  1. CaptCombustion

    Midway OP Hakuryu Underpowered w/ Replay

    LOL...yet midway continues to be the t10 CV with the lowest WR...but yeah, OP. Wake up and smell the stats...the Midway in most definitely not OP.
  2. CaptCombustion

    Conqueror nerf

    Is it getting a nerf soon?
  3. CaptCombustion

    Audacious - 1st Impressions

    Brit CV's in one word....SLOW. Painfully slow planes, gravity defying 'level' bombs take ages to fall after release, slow rocket re-arm, just plain slow everything. The Audacious is anything but...
  4. CaptCombustion

    Suggestion to Improve Report System

    The game should display for you of every instance in which you have been reported and keep a counter available.
  5. CaptCombustion

    Enlightened drop

    This is not an exploit or a bug....just utilizing the potential. The no camo tashkent should be an indicator of how easy this is to do in a live game...
  6. CaptCombustion

    This "Karma" thing is so frustrating

    Reporting and Karma are some of the dumbest things in this game and should be removed.