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  1. CaptCombustion

    PSA: 0.9.1 Unique Upgrades

    Which uu’s are worth getting?
  2. CaptCombustion

    stop reporting cv players for the act of playing cv alone

    Every time I see people comment that they report CV players for the mere act of playing a CV, I add 10 more CV games to my rotation. Currently, I'll only be playing CV games into the early 2030's...
  3. CaptCombustion


    There you go again misrepresenting the data with flawed assumptions...
  4. The top 5% of players carry an avg of 71% WR across the 3 CV’s @ tier10. The top 5% of players carry an avg of 76% WR in the 3 most powerful BB’s @ tier 10. These are NA server stats.
  5. CaptCombustion

    New Battle Mode, a safespace for dds

    12 v 12 CV matches....where do I sign up!
  6. CaptCombustion

    Chat ban rules

  7. CaptCombustion

    Bestest CV idea EVER!!!!!

    Data is data, information is what you interpret the data to mean. The dmg difference in the data you presented between BB and CV is pretty much just noise. I doubt it is statistically significant. Not to get all RL but why wouldn’t the most powerful class of surface ship from that period have DMG commensurate with a ‘weaker’ class of ship from that era? Plus BB’s in that data show a higher WR than the CV’s do but again in the noise region. With CV’s the way they are today, if a CV does well damage-wise in a game, it’s most likely because your team was pretty bad but maybe just hung on to life just long enough to let the CV do some work. Those usually end up as a loss though. Anyway....carry on
  8. CaptCombustion

    Bestest CV idea EVER!!!!!

    Actually, the rework was meant to INCREASE the number of battles with CV’s by making them less powerful and more accesible. It was most certainly not a step along the road to removal.
  9. Bingo! There is nothing in life...ever...that is free. I can only imagine what WG does with the data it collects.
  10. CaptCombustion

    CV scouting

    I have also noticed red teams occasionally redistribute as a product of a solid scouting run. If someone feels safe because they weren’t spotted on the initial scout and they were thinking of something cheeky, they’ll often try to fold back into a group once plane spotted.
  11. CaptCombustion

    CV scouting

    I’ll try to scout as much as is reasonable until either I find something juicy to engage or until I see one of our DD’s that might try a cap or until we can establish what the reds ‘flow’ is like. If a DD is going to try a cap I might put a lot of effort or not much into supporting that effort (If they are clear across the map, then probably no dice). Also depends on if I’m bottom tier or top.
  12. CaptCombustion

    Enterprise has limited planes...

    Da.However comrades, we will introduce more ‘balans’ CV in form of Soviet design that will lower Enterprise WR.
  13. CaptCombustion

    "Sky Cancer"

    Not wanting a flamefest but does anyone think that having more CV matches has increased team play and awareness? Not talking about having multiple CV's per side (which I object to mostly) but even just having one in a match...does it increase the likelihood that team play will flourish even if the meta has to change.
  14. CaptCombustion

    Chat ban rules

    All the good little comrades must toe the party line lest the zompolit look into your files. - Anatoly, I’m afraid it’s the gulag for you . - But, there was no warning, no clearly defined rules...the State does not try to help us! - Anatoly, come now, you must understand by now that the State is not here to help you, only to execute the punishments deemed fitting by the party leaders.