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  1. Belyy_Klyk

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    Again, this is wrong. Unless you are a bad player in the Missouri and a great one in the Musashi, this will never be the case. There is no bridging the gap between the Missouri and any ship which is why people say that she was removed. After getting the Missouri, I never worry about credits. 10 games and I can easily purchase a tier 10 ship. Musashi can’t do that.
  2. Belyy_Klyk

    Missouri vs Musashi credit payouts

    I haven’t seen anything more incorrect in a while. The Musashi can consistently do more damage than the Missouri simply because of the overmatches and alpha. The Missouri can do more damage to important targets for XP and credits. You can radar a DD or a CL/CA and with 2 salvos do significantly more important damage. You’re comparing two vastly different games damage wise where the credits are very close... imagine if they were closer damage wise games. Missouri earns significantly more than the Musashi and always will. Everyone knows it. The only way to make the same credits is to deal much more damage or in the case here, take the worst of one and compare it with an average of the other.
  3. Belyy_Klyk

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    You don’t need plans to retreat UNLESS you fire. Most of the time both DD’s try to back away from each other while contesting unless one has significantly more backup. If you can’t escape quickly you do NOT want to fire unless you know you’re going to be spotted more than 20s which is rare. You do not want to use smoke unless you’re a UK DD because it is an entire waste of a smoke. You can’t use the smoke and you have to wait minutes for another. In almost every situation, DD’s are better off breaking contact and that’s about it.
  4. Belyy_Klyk

    Question for 60% of all DD users

    If you’re detection range is 5.8km and your gun range is 10km, then if you are spotted at 5.4km would you rather run .4km without firing or have to run for 20s? Usually it’s a matter of 4s vs 20s. The difference is major.
  5. Do you not get why they are changing it? DD’s never we’re supposed to take as much damage as they do currently. Why do you think BB’s deserve compensation? They can no longer one salvo destroy any ship in the game (equal tier) barring a detonation. You do get that is the reason for long reloads right? If you can’t understand the reasoning then I have no idea how we can have a discussion about this. Yes there should be a benefit to each ammunition time instead of the current “AP will do the most damage 90% of the time”. BB’s require the least amount of skill to play an average game in. Maybe this will change it, but I doubt it. Instead of having a 7k salvo from 15km away on a DD because 2 shells landed, now you will have AP deal 10% or HE deal 1/3
  6. Belyy_Klyk

    Allow ammo type by turret choice.

    I like the idea, but someone pointed out a while back that it does not reward skill so I’m sure plenty would be against it. I wish there was a way to choose which turret you fire when you click though.
  7. I disagree simply because it takes out some level of skill. The original intention was that you had to decide between AP and HE for each situation and plan accordingly. AP wouldn’t work well against DD’s and bow tanking ships so you’d need to switch. By allowing you EL, you can make that switch less painful and have a benefit to not firing while not making it too strong (not a required skill like CE). If you make it a max of 10s, there is no reason to plan ahead. The longest you could possibly have to wait to fire is 40s. The shortest would be 10s. It might not seem like much time but the extra 5s means a lot toward skill level and wether this will be a required skill or not. Leave it as it is. 50% is plenty of benefit.
  8. Belyy_Klyk

    Ship sales vs. clan discount

    Pretty sure you can tell by the discount. IIRC, the on sale always trumps the clan discount so if you see a clan discount % then there is no sale currently.
  9. Again with the IRL arguments. They have never worked because this is not a simulation. They can be nerfed but that isn’t the way to go about it. Change the pen, alpha, RoF, fire chance, maybe damage saturation in general, but don’t add some new mechanic that slows your rate of fire for a time period.
  10. So you’re saying that since some ships get a boost that it will justify giving some ships a cooldown? So a consumable is comparable to saying “hey you fired too many shells, you must wait to fire more.” That is a horrible approach to any kind of justification. Having a ship with that good of stealth AND smoke so HE would be overpowered.
  11. So because one ship’s main armaments had “x” happen in real life they should have “x” happen in game? That argument doesn’t work. If you are going to penalize high rate of fire ships in game with rate of fire, all should be. If they want to alter damage saturation, fire chance, alpha, go for it. But forcing a cooldown only on certain ships is just a bad idea.
  12. So why wouldn’t you do this with all ships?
  13. Belyy_Klyk

    How do I report suspected cheating?

    Edited. Didn’t see that you had posted, only issue with posting with poor cell service.
  14. Belyy_Klyk

    How do I report suspected cheating?

    As you’ve been told, there is no way to have an invisible cheat or anything similar because all of that is handled server side. There are a few possibilities: 1) Your ping jumped really badly 2) The ship did not expose its mid section from behind an island. You can fire without being detected if you can expose a turret without the mid part of your ship 3) There was smoke between you, again depends on the ship firing at you. 4) An error or bug Just submit a ticket about it.