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  1. By vanilla skins, the permanent camo that comes with ships. Purely made by the game that everyone else can see. The camo that comes when you buy the ship.
  2. Yesterday I've had this problem too but I'm going to be a bit more in-depth here. Ok so what happened was this: I was playing an American T7 Cruiser (Indianapolis yesterday, Atlanta today, BOTH of them on my screen have rendering errors for their vanilla camouflages) I would zoom into binoculars to view, and then switch back to ship view, except that the binoculars would lock me in the sky and I couldn't go back to my ship. I could still fire the guns and move it around, and chat, but every indicator was broken. The map froze, my HP froze, the consumables froze, etc. Nothing worked. I was still being damaged however. Pictures:
  3. First I had problem with the game where it simply wouldn't load operation Dynamo (I was using the Sims and I was the only one that couldn't load in) Second, I've had at least 2-3 times today that the game simply freezes in the login menu or port and can't be closed even by task manager, forcing me to "restart" which brute force shuts everything down but cancelling the restart before the computer shuts down Third, the vanilla ship camouflage has rendering errors. (I noticed this in at least Atlanta and Indianapolis, their turrets were fine) Fourth, mid-battle when zooming out of binoculars, the binocular view just stuck in the sky and I couldn't get out of it. I could still control my ship and move it, but the minimap and everything on it froze while the battle was still going on norma(lly. And lastly, my ships won't load or render in port, and I can't rotate the camera
  4. Premium Shop Just for You

    Hmmm. There is.
  5. What ship is this?

    Oh. Fascinating.
  6. What ship is this?

    This is a new ship I found on WOWS Blitz
  7. BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    Here's something: If they buffed BBs to take less damage from HE and be able to deal a lot more damage, why bother playing anything other than a BB? That wouldn't be a fun game to play, no?
  8. An Idea for the Camping Problem

    Some ships are better suited for long range fighting than close-range brawling, like some japanese battleships which are very good snipers. Some cruisers will also need the range from battleships in order to have enough time to react. This idea I think might need some slight adjustment depending on the ship you are
  9. You know, battleships and stuff can't just be the supreme ruler of WOWS and absolutely destroy anything without any opposition at all? Why play anything other than a battleship if so? That's definitely not for a game. HE so far is the best counter to battleships as well as torpedoes.
  10. [Bonus[ Invite for New Player

    You realize that everyone on the forums pretty much as an account?
  11. RN Destroyer Preview