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  1. why am i so bad at this ship

    I think you are simply just exaggerating here. While I have observed people sailing to the cap a bit further away when they start near the game, I don't see snipers that often when we are winning on a flank. If they are sniping, then they are doing a good job and contribute to taking out the ships. Some ships can't take as much damage and have to stay back a bit. You also mentioned the Yamato in an earlier comment if I recall correctly. It's definitely not a brawling ship as it has major flaws in it's armor layout. Of course it shouldn't sit at max range for the whole match, but it's not really a damage soaker either.
  2. why am i so bad at this ship

    If my teammate dies then honestly it's his fault, he should've known he was outgunned and that he wouldn't last long, even under support. Most of the time if I die in my Missouri, I don't blame my team, I blame myself because I did something wrong, not them, unless it's very obvious
  3. why am i so bad at this ship

    Many times in battle you HAVE to accept that your team on one flank is out numbered and out gunned. Staying at range will allow you to preserve your ships better and even allow you to thin out the enemy ships for a counter attack. Or, there's another tactic called kiting. You go in a somewhat retreating motion and have the enemy chase you, and then they overextend into your own lines.
  4. why am i so bad at this ship

    I always make sure there are allies around me. But target prioritization, yes, I think what you say could improve my gameplay and make it a bit better. I don't rush caps to radar them really, I radar DDs if they happen to be in range and if me and my team could benefit from it really. I don't worry about my stats that often. I use it as an indicator if I'm doing it anything wrong and just to compare it with my other stats really. Most of the time in games I simply go with the flow and see how it turns out. I don't really see what your point here is. Are you, yourself complaining about teams not pushing up and capping zones and supporting you? That is sometimes an issue but sometimes too, it's better than just charging into an enemy formation and getting surrounded and having all your ships die.
  5. why am i so bad at this ship

    But I don't selfish play
  6. why am i so bad at this ship

    I don't know how to word it, but like "general". I often try to support team members in the ship when necessary. Most of the time my damage in the ship is OK for me but sometimes if I really stink in a match I die with less than 30k damage done. As someone else said I am probably playing the ship too aggressively. I mean I know when to move up and when to not, but sometimes I can be too overconfident, overextend, and can't retreat fast enough and I tend to die. I often become the focus of multiple enemies so I think I'm the first ship that they probably see. I do finish off wounded enemies and prioritize DDs. I often don't "kill", it's mostly the allies that manage to kill the enemy while I'm still reloading. I normally have high potential damage some times when I play the ship (don't know whats high but sometimes 1m-1.5m+). Most of the time I play similar in some of my other ships without the bow tanking part. I think that the Missouri being able to bow tank better than other ships could throw me off here as most times in other ships I don't bow tank and I can get out of enemy fire easier and quicker than I would in my Missouri. But I know that I wasn't as bad as something like my Iowa which was a ship i was OK at.
  7. why am i so bad at this ship

    I think it's me just overextending far too much. Showing too much broadside is also something that I do because since the lowering of the citadel, i sometimes take risks to show broadside in order to like change position and stuff. Maybe that's why
  8. rammed 2 bbs in my might mo

    i rammed 2 in my montana one game too
  9. What's the best BB branch?

    I don't blame you. In my opinion, the Americans are a disaster until tier 8
  10. 1.3million potential is not a lot. I've gotten a lot higher numbers.
  11. must've been cooldown or the duration ran out. if not, send a ticket
  12. How about a tier IX premium?

    My main point is that it won't be through doubloons.
  13. How about a tier IX premium?

    There are already T9 premiums in the form of Free-XP ships.