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  1. The Fletcher dilemma

    we already have 2 premium fletcher class dds in the game...
  2. Wg changed tier 5 MM ...fff and F

    I remember when T3 ships met T6 and T5s met T8s.
  3. Soviet Battleships

    Dead threads need to stay dead.
  4. credits

    Try using flags or camos, or premium accounts. They can either add extra credits to your earnings, or reduce your service cost.
  5. Your spotting range is far but you did not enter his detection range, so you did not see him.
  6. yes, some DDs are more specialized for AA like american ones (some carry defensive fire) Generally, if I am in smoke, in cover where no one can shoot me, or planes just happen to fly over me anyways and don't intend on leaving, I turn on AA
  7. USN radar skills

    Radar is on the t8 cruiser new orleans and up. The destroyers and battleships except for missouri do not have hydro or radar. Radar has a longer range and lasts shorter, and it only detects ships. Hydro has a shorter range but lasts a lot longer and detects both ships and torpedoes.
  8. Multiple torp squadrons

    some carriers carry different squadrons of planes some can have more squadrons than the other
  9. Is Fiji good?

    Fiji's AP shells have a shorter fuse so you don't over-pen the superstructure
  10. Overloaded Spawns

    This. Many maps in the game I hate because they simply spawn you so damn far from everything else.
  11. USN BB line boredom?

    I absolutely hated the standard BBs but from North Carolina and up, they are worthy ships to grind. For me they are just mostly all-round ships and are very flexible
  12. IIRC, when it was learned that Yamato was heading to Okinawa on operation ten-go, the US was gonna send 3 iowa class battleships and 3 south dakota class battleships but they opted for planes instead
  13. Missouri's credit earning potential was just broken ** lol I played like crap in a game one time in a loss and still got more money than I would've gotten, have I had an average "good" win in a t8 premium
  14. So how bad were real American warships?

    In WOWS the only ships I really disliked were the USN standard battleships but IF played right they are solid. USA was producing high quality ships in WW2 in 1943 and up. They were very good ships that they were making and they made a lot of em too.