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  1. TitanicMan2

    Flint and the CV rework

    Atlanta is better for hunting destroyers and probably overall versatility Flint is better if you want to fight capital ships instead of destroyers since it has smoke and also longer range torpedoes
  2. TitanicMan2

    Snowflakes: the optimal strategy

    co-op, wins are practically guaranteed there and they also count
  3. TitanicMan2

    Upcoming Snowflakes - Which Ships Count?

    Thanks! (I already have Tachibana Lima, and it actually DID give me 950 doubloons)
  4. TitanicMan2

    Taking torps for the team.

    I guess a team is better with 2 damaged battleships that still have all their firepower than only one Mass also has really good torpedo protection too
  5. Destroyers got their own role in this game. If they die instantly to a battleship shot, why would anyone bother to play them?
  6. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    Again, don't assume that I was advertising my mistakes or trying to pass them off. Don't be so egotistical or rude like that. If all you do is misinterpret people's way of talking then you really should just stop participating in this forum thread and let it die.
  7. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    If I'm done, you should be done too, yes? I'm done discussing about consumable choice, but I'm willing to provide rebuttals to assumptions of my way of conversation.
  8. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I'm not crying about anything. Trust me, especially over the internet it's near impossible to get me angry or sad. Don't be so egotistical about that. I never intended to be rude at anyone, or completely be closed-minded or ignorant. I responded politely to people's points and took my time to read them all, because that's how you move along in a conversation without it being derailed and eventually locked.
  9. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    That was never my intention to say that I was the better player. I was discussing if it would actually be a good choice or not. I never said that you guys were immediately wrong, I took everyone's words into consideration.
  10. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    There was absolutely no intention to troll at all. I was making actual arguments/points throughout this post, and I didn't do any jokes. (Except for understandable, have a great day) Don't assume that I was trolling. It's not very polite at all, not the way to move along in a discussion.
  11. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I'm not going to participate in this conversation anymore because we are all just bringing up the same points over and over again, both sides doing the same. It's going no where, and some people are starting to somewhat insult/attack each other now. So, I will continue to be experimenting with both spotter and radar Des Moines, as consumable choice isn't hurting nor my team nor my own personal score so far. But all of you had made your points well nonetheless.
  12. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    You haven't realized the full potential of spotter plane too, have you? It's a build I'm experimenting with, not taking into competitive gaming. Don't assume that every encounter in my matches I come across multiple destroyers that require radaring because I really do not at all. I meet about 2 destroyers a team on average and without any destroyers, radar is practically useless. An unsupported radar ship also has limited utility, spotter can benefit both yourself if you are alone or spot enemies, hence it's name, "Spotter" plane
  13. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    It's not often that I find radar game-changing at all, whether it's used by my team, me, or the enemy. I'm no overly-competitive player, I play only random battles to mess with some builds against actual players. From my personal experience, the elimination of a DD first by a team via radar cannot guarantee a victory. It's more than often that it's the amount of ships a team has at the end, and how healthy they are. Sure, a destroyer alive near the end of the game can benefit the team it's on very well, but what use is it if it's whole team is dead, too? Yes a competent destroyer captain can turn matches around by himself making use of good concealment and effective torpedo strikes, but you don't always run into those types of players. The scenarios pointed out to me don't happen frequently at all. Random is a mess and isn't orderly compared to Ranked or Clan battles. Destroyers can be idiotic and die anyways. They can also retreat into safety and move into different parts of the map, which both happens frequently in Random battles. I'm basing my decisions and choices on personal experience throughout my battles, instead of just being an armchair tactician. Things don't always go as you plan, at least for me. Random is too unpredictable, and sometimes Spotter is better equipped to deal with that. I'm by no means sternly defending that Spotter is the better choice overall. Both Spotter and Radar have advantages and disadvantages that attract players to use them. I'm only attempting to explain the importance of Spotter, and how some situations that spotter could be more useful than radar. Being overly-reliant on radar sounds wrong for me, and for my case, isn't a fun experience most of the time. Sure, there's times where I caught broadsiding RN CL's in smoke using radar, eviscerated them and laughed loudly in joy after seeing his ship get ripped apart, but using radar has it's own cons. You are going to have to get close to capture zones to use it more effectively. While I do get close to capture zones indeed to support my allies the best I can, it's less guarantee that I will be able to fire on enemy ships myself to support my team without being blasted early in the game, which is not always fun, which is what games are designed for. My usage of spotter/radar doesn't have any effect on me at all. I won 50% of my spotter games yesterday and also 50% of my radar games. I'm always sure that I have a radar-equipped ship on my flank to fill in my roles whenever I don't have radar, and I use spotter to allow my team to see enemy ships behind a smoke screen which works well. Spotter sounds selfish but it really isn't always. It can allow you to hit a key enemy ship easier which the elimination of such will provide benefits to your team. What about taking out an enemy Worcester that's hiding behind the island, radaring all your destroyers? Spotter turns your disadvantage of high arc shells into an advantage. You can hit ships over islands easier that way and I have used spotter for that role and had it work well. Spotter takes time to get used to and I am fully aware of this. I'm by no means mounting spotter mindlessly and going into a battle. Nor did I just mindlessly unlock the Des Moines and throw it at the enemy, expecting to maul everything. I have studied on how to use the Des Moines as a ship and spotter planes in general. On my first Des Moines battle, I knew well of it's disadvantages of being a fragile ship while knowing it's DPM potential. I got a decent score and helped both the team and myself (and no, I mounted radar on that battle, not spotter). I have a plan set to how to play my Des Moines using spotter plane and I'm adjusting it through experience and knowing when and how to use it. In short, situations where radar change the game entirely just aren't that common for me at all, and I feel like I could benefit more from using spotter planes to increase both team and personal score. Radar is still a fairly new consumable for me that I'm beginning to understand and use a bit more often. Spotter is a consumable I've used just as much but has lasted for way longer, and has proven itself for ships like Murmansk, Warspite, etc.
  14. TitanicMan2

    Attacked for mounting Spotter on DM

    I'm not upset. Trust me, it's difficult to offend me or anything. I am by no means upset, but I'm responding to people in a non-provoking way in order to gain the best cooperation and have a most constructive conversation possible. Des Moines isn't a ship that really goes against my playstyle. My somewhat defensive playstyle works just as well with this ship and I'm really comfortable playing with it.