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  1. richie_macrophage

    BB [edited]

    Battleships don't hit all the time because if they do they would obliterate any other ship classes including themselves on every shot and the game wouldn't be fun or diverse at all.
  2. richie_macrophage

    How do you dodge invisible torps?

    I think they don't indicate because they are not armed yet. Best you can do really is to just pay attention at the trails
  3. richie_macrophage

    We want IJN Tone in the game. Change my mind...

    its already modelled in game long ago
  4. richie_macrophage

    They are shooting at me...run away!

    I mean if I'm being concentrated by 15 battleships and 500 cruisers in a ship with 15km concealment, then what can I do? I'm more useful for the team with my guns afloat than on the sea floor.
  5. richie_macrophage

    Should I go down the French or British battleship line?

    As someone who has tier 10s in both French and British ships, go for the French. They are a lot more fun and enjoyable.
  6. richie_macrophage

    Best ship line to hunt destroyers?

    USN Light cruisers and british cruisers
  7. richie_macrophage

    When All the BB's go for a Coffee At the Same Time

    I love no battleship games. Had one in the told T6 cleveland and kicked butt. Same with the indianapolis
  8. richie_macrophage

    Upcoming Premiums?

    didnt they tease yudachi?
  9. richie_macrophage

    Thinking of getting a tier VIII premium BB or two...

    Alabama is a solid battleship that you can play like a North Carolina with stronger torpedo protection I heard that Roma was terribly inaccurate and always overpenned everything Vanguard looks... meh I heard Massachussetts was very fun. Gascogne, meh ?
  10. richie_macrophage

    Welcome Back Contest!

    1. My first name was TitanicMan2. This was an old username when I made my WOT account and essentially I just copied my old ROBLOX (yes) name and put it here. Recently I changed it to richie_macrophage which has become my username on most games and websites as Richie is my first name and Macrophage is a type of white blood cell. 2. I've been playing since July 4th 2015. 3. I started playing WOWS then because I heard it entered open beta. I already played a bunch of those other WW2 games like War Thunder, World Of Tanks, etc and I wanted to play World Of Warships because no other game had naval combat like that. 4. The Republique. It's a great mix between a battleship and cruiser. It has the advantages in firepower and protection of a battleship and the faster pace of a cruiser which makes it more fun to play than most battleships. The reload of the guns is insane, being 24 seconds and you can even get it down to 15 which is stupidly good. It's a very quick battleship and the turrets turn fast, and it can protect itself well with good AA guns and secondary guns
  11. richie_macrophage

    Killed 2 Birds with 1 Ship

    Feeding two birds with one scone
  12. richie_macrophage

    Unpopular opinion: give us Arkansas

    I think it wouldn't be too bad of an idea. It could be a cheap premium battleship or a coal ship. As said before a new version should be made without the six slots and a beta tag, but it's a worthy candidate. In WOWS blitz they used to sell the Arkansas for 8 bucks in a starter pack
  13. richie_macrophage

    which class of ship to play

    Battleships are probably the most forgiving class to play and one of the easiest to play right now, and they still give high rewards if you know what you are doing. The only class that you really have to fear if you are a good player is CV. Destroyers right now are one of the hardest to play, with the abundance of things like Radar, the new CV rework, etc. However they can be very rewarding and are great for teamwork as they are very important for a team. Cruisers can be a mix. I generally find them more fun to play than Battleships due to the faster pace of gameplay. However they aren't as forgiving as a Battleship due to their lesser armor scheme which allows them to easily die to a battleship, but in return you are faster in everything and have better concealment. Carriers can be difficult to play correctly but if you do, then it's absolute monster. A skilled bottom tier carrier player can easily dominate a match without much effort. However they can be a lot more difficult to play right and you need lots of low tier experience to know what to do. I'd say Battleships.
  14. richie_macrophage

    Enough Secondary Battery Missions

    1. To obviously save them if you want incase you get those ships later. Simply because they throw an event to win something doesn't mean you have to get it no matter what. 2. There's been many missions that have absolutely no correlation whatsoever to the reward many times. There's been ones like, get torpedo hits for a ship that doesn't even have torpedoes! It's literally just a mission for any ship you might have, that is not hard to obtain that is often added as filler. It's not like get 500 torpedo hits in an Erie. It's just 50 secondary hits, you can do it in almost any battleship. If you don't like the mission then simply don't do it! If I'm grinding for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, then should I use a battleship to complete the "Earn Base XP in Destroyers" tasks? The reward is a battleship, after all. Should I complete the Honorable Service campaign with only japanese destroyers since the last reward is a japanese destroyer? Simply, adding a secondary mission allows for more versatility or gets you into trying out a new ship line. It's not hard at all.
  15. richie_macrophage

    Enough Secondary Battery Missions

    That's your own problem, that you aren't using those dedicated ships for the mission and instead using ships that are very far from it. Why do some missions then require torpedo hits but you're an American battleship player? Do you then suddenly have the right to just blow out and demand a change?