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  1. richie_macrophage

    At what tier should you have a 19pt captain

    Four Tier X's and I still don't have a single 19 point captain, cri
  2. richie_macrophage

    Star Trek Picard Trailer

    Excited that we will finally have another series on the prime universe rather than all the TOS stuff with the reboot and DSC Also still waiting for a DS9 movie :)
  3. richie_macrophage


    That's your own mistake
  4. richie_macrophage

    Why is the montana so bad

    I like the Montana because it's a useful battleship that can handle pretty much any situation. It's decently quick enough, has strong guns, and good anti-air. It's not ridiculously overpowered, unplayable, or quirky, it's a good, safe choice for a Tier X BB
  5. richie_macrophage

    Willing to purchase a tier 7 ship

    If you want a premium, get the Scharnhorst. It's a great ship and is usually noob-friendly. As other people said, you might not be fully prepared for a T7 battle. If you have doubts and would want to buy lower tiers instead, Texas and Arizona are ships that a new player can use pretty easily (especially for you since you have Wyoming which plays very similar to them)
  6. richie_macrophage

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Concealment of smaller ships is a very important mechanic to ensure their survival and protection from larger, more capable ships. Have you seen that "other game" where it doesn't have the same detection mechanics at this game? If you are in a destroyer you will die to a cruiser with absolutely zero way to fight back, while in this game, destroyers and cruisers have their concealment to prevent stuff like that.
  7. richie_macrophage

    I Am Simply Furious!

    Out of the 3 british CVs I owned, Furious was my favorite, although I'll say that I haven't played too much battles in the Hermes or Implacable and I still suck at playing CVs
  8. richie_macrophage

    When a DD tries to ram a larger ship visualized.

    I remember I was playing the Langley a bit before the CV rework came in, and a pan-asian destroyer basically had me pinned down. He could've easily torpedoed me, but he decided to ram me. I had much more HP than he did. He died but I didn't.
  9. IIRC from basic knowledge, the IJN didn't put as much emphasis on their destroyer artillery mounts or didn't have the technology or time to make them traverse faster. The guns still shoot after all. Compared to the USA which had more technology into turret mountings allowing them to traverse faster, and also probably to help with anti air. I could be incredibly wrong here
  10. richie_macrophage

    help me spend the steel !

    I've heard that Stalingrad was better for clan battles, since it acts like a battleship but counts as a cruiser, and Bourgogne was a fun ship for randoms. Don't have either so take this with a grain of salt.
  11. richie_macrophage

    Could and should Destroyer escorts be a thing?

    Dunno. Destroyer escorts have less armament than a destroyer, but they are also like a lot slower. I don't see them being at any higher tier than 3.
  12. richie_macrophage

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    Destroyers with their stealth ability had a massive potential to influence a game, especially late-game where they can hide and cap points easily. Before the addition of hydro and radar they were also one of the best classes at getting kills since they can torpedo ships from stealth.
  13. richie_macrophage

    Battleships lines: American, French, or Russian?

    American battleships are easy to use and can remain competitive, especially after tier 8. French BBs tho are fun and I loved playing them but they might need some more skill to play since they are also the least protected