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  1. richie_macrophage

    1st Recruitement Container Ship Drop

    The first container I opened from sending out invite links gave me a Mikasa so thats nice
  2. richie_macrophage

    Most Unloved Ships

    A lot of people hated the Gneisenau but I think it's a pretty neat ship, it's fast, has torpedoes, good secondaries and decent protection. Indianapolis is also a pretty solid cruiser that hits hard La Gasoline is a decent ship, just slow base reload
  3. richie_macrophage

    So, What Have You Been Doing When Not Playing WOWS?

    I've been building a 1/350 model of the RMS Titanic and finished it yesterday, building a 1/600 model of the RMS Mauretania right now
  4. richie_macrophage

    Must have T7 and T8 current premium ships?

    scharnhorst and massachusetts
  5. richie_macrophage

    Cost of Puerto Rico is Fair!

    I can buy like, two tier 8 premiums for $125 and still have a lot left over though. I also wouldn't have to do any work.
  6. richie_macrophage

    Why does this game have aircraft carriers?

    They are ships that ship ship sinking planes
  7. richie_macrophage

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    I've seen you around here on WOWS forum. Your time here was valued. Good luck!
  8. I mean, at least if you pay, the $$ is going to a good charity
  9. richie_macrophage

    Shipbuilding info from WG

    Yes but even factoring in fires, 100 total is a lot for directive 1
  10. richie_macrophage

    Shipbuilding info from WG

    That isn't always as easy. In co op your targets will often die before you get enough citadels, the game will quickly end first, etc. Even then 100 ciradels is quite a lot for a directive 1 task
  11. richie_macrophage

    Shipbuilding info from WG

    This is possibly going to be the only way in a long while that we're going to be able to get Puerto Rico, unless it is sold as a steel ship or something which also takes quite some effort to get. It's a really big letdown considering how to get the ship so far, you need to spend like 59,000 doubloons or about ~$250 USD. I can buy 3.125 1/350 titanics for that much money and they last forever, instead of a pixel cruiser. The directives themselves are quite painful to do, especially when compared to the previous years (although the ships were of lower tier). Some of them require you to earn 1.1m XP, 350k free xp, that's really just absurd. Even with the first directive, there are tasks like kill 65 ships, hit 100 citadels, cause 165k fire damage, etc and these tasks take a lot longer than those of other directives from other events. The game advertised that you could get Puerto Rico for free. Yes you can, but not unless you put some serious investment into the game that the majority of players don't have. People even mathematically concluded that it's impossible to get Puerto Rico for free. Instead, you have to sink a lot of money into it that can be better spent in other places.
  12. richie_macrophage

    Ya'll Wargaming

    It's free stuff........ man of culture
  13. richie_macrophage

    Italeri WoWs kits (codes)

    Yes, they work. I got an Essex kit from the EU store, had a code for Smith, still worked.
  14. These directive tasks are a lot more difficult than I would think. Destroy 90 ships? Hit 150 citadels? 85,000 base xp? seriously?