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  1. richie_macrophage

    Any tips for baltimore?

    But the Smolensk reloads faster. Therefore with your logic regarding the Baltimore, Des Moines is crappy. The best way to play Des Moines would be to earn Smolensk.
  2. richie_macrophage

    Any tips for baltimore?

    Why bother playing DM when you have Smolensk, then? Smolensk reloads faster. Therefore, Des Moines is trash. Am I making any sense? No, I don't. That's what you sound like right now. Just because a higher tier ship has a better reload doesn't mean it's a bad ship. If you think Baltimore is bad then so is literally every other heavy cruiser in the game. You are lost and confused.
  3. richie_macrophage

    Any tips for baltimore?

    What the hell do you mean by a slow reload? It's the fastest for a Tier 8 heavy cruiser.
  4. richie_macrophage

    Any tips for baltimore?

    Last time I played, Baltimore was a pretty solid ship. Use the AP often against broadside cruisers and battleships, they especially hit hard. Your 27mm of bow armor will allow you to tank against battleships with 15 inch guns, so use that to your advantage. Other basic US cruiser tactics can apply, you can sit behind an island and sling HE. And obviously don't get concentrated or shot at first Try to position near islands as I said before since this will allow you to quickly get into cover if you need, and staying with friends is always helpful.
  5. richie_macrophage

    Secret Santa 2020!

    I remember participating one of these either one or two years ago and sending out a box but turns out the person below me wasn't interested (Don't count this comment)
  6. orkan, california and makarov nice
  7. richie_macrophage

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    Yes, but the end goal is the ship. The other stuff, while useful, isn't really unique and is far easier to get normally anyways. On the other hand, you physically can't get the Anchorage any other way and once you have it, it's not going anywhere.
  8. richie_macrophage

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.8

    Really disappointed that the dockyard ship is locked behind a paywall, just like with the Cossack and Odin. Yes, they are discounted heavily, but how will that matter at all for f2p players? We are so close to getting the ship, why not just let us complete the 2 remaining stages to get the ship? It is so obvious that it's a cash-grab. I would work to get a ship, not a coupon.
  9. richie_macrophage

    WG why not try something really different for a change?

    reminds me of that other game but it's navy is a mess rn
  10. richie_macrophage

    Thunderor or Georgia

    If you got the money to spend later on, get the Thunderer since Georgia is available from the store anyways. Georgia has tons of gimmicks and is fun to play, but iirc Thunderer is more consistent and solid
  11. richie_macrophage

    Conundrum: Lütgens or Thunderer?

  12. richie_macrophage

    I've Got a Just for Fun Question

    Dragon, drydock, and Hawaii
  13. richie_macrophage

    I'm off to Iscandar. I'll return for sure

    I love SBY. I rarely watch anime, but if I do it's SBY/star blazers. I watched the old movies of it (Except for Final Yamato) and watched 2199 and 2202. This is one example where the remakes are actually not that bad, if not better compared to the older ones.
  14. richie_macrophage

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    Graf Spee is a better ship. It's a lot more flexible and is imo stronger compared to other ships of it's type, having 11 inch guns. Meanwhile, the PEF was a disaster for me. Slow turning turrets, poor guns, poor armor, awful dispersion, etc.
  15. richie_macrophage

    1st Recruitement Container Ship Drop

    The first container I opened from sending out invite links gave me a Mikasa so thats nice