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  1. richie_macrophage

    ST, Poltava & Puerto Rico

    Poltava looks fairly weak in its state. It would need to be super accurate or have a fast reload to make it viable for tier 8. While the Puerto Rico looks like an interesting and formidable cruiser, I really dislike how this game is shifting so much attention into T9 and T10 premiums. We already have tons of them already and they are being pumped out faster than liberty ships. What about the lower tier premium ships that have been left in the dust for a long time like Yudachi, Leone, Viribus Unitus, Yahagi, Indomitable, etc?
  2. richie_macrophage

    British Tier 9 "Lion"?

    Cloaking device and super heal. Diet Conqueror. I loved mine, I think you'll do just fine in it
  3. richie_macrophage

    Can you re-buy a researchable premium ship?

    iirc you can't even sell it. A long time ago I right clicked my Missouri to see if there was even an option to sell it and there was no physical option to sell it.
  4. richie_macrophage

    To All the CV Haters Out There...

    I don't get what the fuss around CVs are all about. They can still attack you from anywhere in the map easily, but they don't deal close to as much damage as an old CV in one attack.
  5. richie_macrophage

    One thing that made tier 10 competitive great

    lets have tier one competitive play, all ships are mostly balanced and everyone has access to them
  6. I thought Chokai was a Takao-Class (represented by Atago) and the Northhampton class would be closer to the Portland class (represented by Indianapolis) Then again if no one has the premiums, a New Orleans and Myoko will make fine alternatives.
  7. I remember it being my favorite battleship in the game, lol.
  8. richie_macrophage

    Submarines & Random thoughts

    Submarines probably can't be implemented into random/clan/ranked battles as you explained, but they could be implemented in some sort of special scenario, like to defend or destroy a convoy of ships
  9. richie_macrophage

    Sorry wargaming time to put this in the trash

  10. richie_macrophage

    PT: Research Bureau

    4-5 lines to regrind? seriously?
  11. richie_macrophage

    USN Ships are Missing Something(s)

    1. Jean Bart and Bourgogne are the only ships with MBRB, and they aren't tech tree ships. 2. USN BBs have anti-air, speed at the higher tiers and they are also known for being good, powerful ships that are capable in practically every situation. 3. Crossing the T is a HORRIBLE strategy in this game. It makes you extremely vulnerable to citadels and you will be taking tons of damage. Any ship in this game will NOT perform well when crossing the T at all. 4. This is an arcade game, not a realistic simulation. Go play "the other game" if that's what you want. 5. Tons of other cruisers have very exposed citadels as well. The Russians, British, etc, can be just as easily, if not more easily citadelled than their USN counterparts.
  12. richie_macrophage

    im horrible

    One important tip that actually really helped me improve is to simply, not be the first one to get shot at. You don't have to stay all the way in the back, but definitely make sure you aren't the closest ship to the enemy, presenting an easy target, etc. Using island cover can also help you get closer without being shot at (be careful about being surrounded by multiple directions.) Try taking the commander skill "Priority Target". It should be the most top-left skill. It only costs 1 point and it tells you how many enemies are aiming at you. Once 2-3 enemies start aiming at you, consider having an escape plan and retreat if necessary. If 4+ enemies are targetting you, retreat immediately.
  13. richie_macrophage

    Remove CVs if you can't make them playable

    *Laughs in Catapult Fighter*
  14. richie_macrophage

    Purchase advice for newb - 200% doubloon return coupon

    s c h a r n h o r s t