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  1. Iron_569

    Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot - The Turkey Bounty

    It's very well possible to not accept people who have previously been given an account to provide something new. It is kinda fishy that the same people are either a corgi/pirate/turkey multiple times while some who have applied multiple times have never gotten it.
  2. Considering that 7.11 is not coming out until tomorrow, I highly doubt that December 12th will be the launch of 7.12. The date for the end of the Royal Navy event may be the 11th, but they can just as easily add a minor update to get rid of the event. Considering they have everything they need to add bar Santa containers for the month of December, I doubt we will be seeing another update until closer to the 25th.
  3. I want to be a turkey as I've been a part of this community since nearly the beginning. I've always offered my feedback as much as I can and I want to give back to the community a lil bit.