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  1. Simcade flight/ww1/2 games

    Had one for a while, hard to beat for the cost
  2. Fuso is such a beast

    Fuso is one of those really good ships that's thankfully held back by scrubs sitting at 20km away firing HE the whole match. I had a game the other day where a player said he would use his spotter to drop bombs on the enemy, sure enough last on XP earned lol I really need to buy it back again cause she is fun ship
  3. Farming damage has 2 sides, effective damage (high alpha strikes, penetration damage and citadels) vs ineffective damage (ie fire damage) sure fire damage can eventually take down a ship but the damage is fully repairable and more of a annoyance.
  4. Ships you don't want to play

    The Bayern is mine, 55 battles, 69.09% WR, 64,733 avg damage and 30% main battery accuracy. I don't want to play get anymore because I don't want to sully her stats
  5. Why should WG buff a ship that isn't having any performance issues then, just because your not enjoying it? If you don't like it sell it
  6. Well I said that because people are very sensitive about stat shaming around here, when you post about a ship survival issue but blame the ship not yourself when your actually the reason why, I could either make fun of you which would change nothing or I could offer help which would make sailing the Ishizuchi more enjoyable for you. Your choice after that, post in the main forum asking for advice or continue on your way
  7. Weird I don't have that issue, just be a player issue..... Tell you what a quick glance at your stats shows you have a issue surviving in all your BBs, maybe instead of buffing a perfectly fine ship why not ask us for advice to help you become a better player. Post some replays we actually love helping players around here. I'm not trying to stat shame you but legitimately want to help
  8. You do know she can already do that with her AP and do more damage right? Her AP is actually better than most T4 BBs at wrecking cruisers and destroyers because of the bad penetration means her shells are less likely to over pen
  9. The blast radius was only a couple city blocks iirc so not the whole map, more like a whole square grid or 2. Still would be glorious to see the whole map flash up lol
  10. Pensacola

    That ship lives and breathes through its guns and I see way to many out in the open water spamming HE instead of using more AP and island cover. She could use her concealment buff back again along with a reload buff
  11. Maybe but she has a reasonable rudder shift where you can wiggle her butt out to fire her guns then swing it back in
  12. lmbo, the ship goes 27 knots, has similar armor to the Myogi AND Kongo, fast firing guns with great HE, it has AP that absolutely wrecks DDs and CLs, a can still over match the bow of all the BBs its sees (minus Guilo Ceasar but not even the Yamato can either). Has the largest HP pool of T4. If it wasn't for the fact the ship has no AA and sees CVs 60% of the time I would call her OP
  13. Do we want a Dunkerque buff?

    I have no issues with her and enjoy her as she is but I would not complain about a buff. Maybe up her bow armor to 27mm or a sigma buff