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  1. Psycodiver

    Need tips for New York

    This thread is 3 years old, your giving bad advice to someone 3 years ago. Seriously next time look at the date
  2. Psycodiver

    Does America Own The Moon?

    Naturally China will claim it as part of the South China sea lol
  3. Psycodiver

    American BB Update Needed

    My point obviously went well over your head so let me try something simpler for you You said this is a arcade game, yes of course. In this game, ships have radar and hydrophones but do not work at all like they did in real life and I suggested a similar mechanic for USN BBs, my suggestion functions somewhat same. Now if you don't get that I can try drawing you pictures next.....
  4. Psycodiver

    American BB Update Needed

    Most ships had radar and hydrophones, what's your point?
  5. Psycodiver

    American BB Update Needed

    I say give them radar guided fire control consumable, for 1 minute (2 salvos) any ship targeted will get have a lead indicator to fire at. For ships that constantly change direction and speed this won't effect them as much but for ships that line to potato in straight lines at the same speed they stand to get nuked
  6. Funny thing, by the end of WWII we had so many carriers that we were running out of battles to name then after hence ships like Midway
  7. Psycodiver

    What if - Bismark had met Warspite and Valiant.

    This isn't a game, no way PE would move in to engage 2 battleships with torpedoes, they would absolutely obliterate her before she got close enough to use them
  8. Psycodiver

    Good bye Windows 7... and hello Windows 10?

    I just did the upgrade last night and it went super smooth and my computer seems to be fine. I'll run a defrag and clean up tonight but otherwise it was as easy as it could be which surprised me given Microsoft's history of f-ups
  9. Psycodiver

    Good bye Windows 7... and hello Windows 10?

    I would like to know how to get 10 for free, I should have done the switch years ago when they did that offer but stubborn me didn't
  10. Psycodiver

    Competitive Montana build

    The captain will gain ranks as he gets more skill points
  11. Psycodiver

    I was starting to come back to this game...

    There is a solution, eliminate T4 CVs, make it T5-T10. I wasn't a fan of the tier skipping during the rework. At T5 most ships start to get ok to decent AA so it makes sense to me
  12. I took a break starting last January, mostly burn out. I was very involved in the CV rework early on but I was just to fried from the game and add in the fact WG didn't seem to listen to anyone. I decided to play all my ships at least once. I started from T2 with my Tachibana Lima and was going well with my Mikasa getting my first win of the night with a 2 kill game with one of them being by secondaries. T3 was a wash though, CVs are a unstoppable force and sucked any fun away. I even brought out my AA spec Wyoming, I shot down 16 planes, more than both sides combined but the planes were unrelenting. How the hell are they suppose to retain players with crap like that happening? I can't imagine being a new player and just getting hammered with no way to fight back except trying to out maneuver the planes. I've been around since OBT and I don't recall it being that bad out side of the occasional purple player showing up. Not trying to make a whine thread but I was pretty surprised I might try some T5+ tonight but if it goes the same I'll pull the final plug on the game for me.
  13. Psycodiver

    Is the Bismarck good for anything?

    She wasn't power creeped but more or less nerfed into the ground Their good mid to late game ships, where they can use their speed to chase down single ships and force them into a 1v1 fight which where they excel. Problem is to be great at 1v1 she becomes easy prey to multiple ships. They are resistant to small caliber HE but she has enough armor to allow full penetration hits into their superstructure. Another problem most Bismarcks are secondary builds and everyone knows it so they just stay out of range, I've seen DDs test my secondary range and whether I have manual secondaries or not. I changed the build on mine, still manual secondaries but I'm running accuracy mod and concealment, it really makes a difference in the current meta for me
  14. Psycodiver

    I dunno why I never overclocked sooner

    Well stress testing at 100% load is getting 76° C after 15 minutes with the gpu fan at 85%. With game running on high on a small map, all bots and 3 CVs per side it was showing around 67-69C during the more stressing parts of the test (ships firing gun and AA at 2-3 squads). The CPU during the GPU stress test ran around 46-47° C. *Correction* 76°C was at max reliable setting, I backed down some more and was around 73-74°C after 15 minutes of stress testing The CPU is a AMD Athlon II X2 250 and people have "claimed" to reliably run them above 4ghz, I don't plan to run it that hard though, that said OC a CPU doesn't really help with games from what I understand. Like I said this is a $50 computer and while I won't try to break it, I'm just curious how much I can run her
  15. Psycodiver

    I dunno why I never overclocked sooner

    I got a new GPU for my other computer, it's a old dell with a 3ghz 2 core AMD, 1 TB harddrive, good solid computer that I picked up with the monitor, keyboardand mouse for $50 because the ethernet port died. Except it wasn't broke because it had a nasty virus, so I wiped the drive installed my antivirus program. Now I got me a solid computer for cheap. Back to the point I picked up a new GeForce GT 710 2gb for $50 shipped and installed in, except it wasn't preforming like I thought it should, I got 30FPS ingame and bugged to 20-25fps with ships shooting and full AA firing on medium graphics settings. I downloaded MSI Afterburner and this card took a solid cooking, run 40-45 fps solid at medium settings and sits around 30-35 fps on high settings with a drop to around 25 or so in full bots shooting around me with AA going off. I can push the card further but I backed it down some from where it seemed to run solid under full load. I think its time to overclock the CPU next