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  1. First I was referring to the fact UK BBs have a ridiculously low citadels (because that totally historic) that makes them very hard to hit. I was also referring to the stupid HE WG have them and the fact every time I see one in game their slinging HE the whole match. Not to mention their subpar AP that encourages HE use (even though RN had decent enough AP for the DoY to citadel the Scharnhorst in real life) I know how good their AP is, I'm in the Monarch currently and I did fairly well in them making it a point to use mostly AP just to prove the point their AP isn't as useless as people think they are Tell you what, go back to school and work on your reading comprehension skills
  2. I thought the Battle of Leyte Gulf was the turning point because it crippled their navy. Midway showed that we could not just win, but a major battle against the Japanese
  3. Psycodiver

    Tier VII BB Lyon

    Lyon is a fast battleship, originally designed to go 21 knots but somehow through the power of magic goes 27 knots in game. Her guns are anemic but you get 16 of them which is pretty insane because if you can't hurt it with AP you can certainly burn it with HE. She's pretty strong against cruisers and destroyers thanks to insane amount of guns and her armor layout makes her fairly tanky against HE. Against BBs shes got a tougher time, she takes full penetration damage easier and her AP is lackluster against anything not broadside. Shes good at winning battles because she can hurt and kill Cruisers and Destroyers easier than said Colorado, Nagato or Gnies and DDs decide matches more often than not. That said the latter 3 ships are better at putting down other battleships so its a trade off Overall shes a good ship and very powerful when used correctly
  4. I have no problem coming out in the top of my team every match in a USN BB, but hey I'm good enough to make them work. Don't blame the ship, blame yourself for not being good enough to make them work, go play something braindead like the UK line with its "no citadel" and HE focused gameplay
  5. Psycodiver

    New York

    Considering only Kongo barely out ranges and she had the highest penetrating guns for her tier (beating most at T6 mind you) and she brings 10 to the party, I consider 31 seconds a nice balance
  6. Psycodiver

    New York

    The Ny is better than the Texas in every way possible except 1, AA. Considering at T5 you will see CVs most matches makes her very strong. The recent buffs have made the NY very strong, the only issue is speed which any good player can work around
  7. Psycodiver

    Intentional Reset of stats?

    Could be people like me where I started a separate account to get a few ship types (BB, CA and DD) for every tier up to 5-6. I use the other account to get new people in, so far I've convinced at least 6 people to join and 5 of them still play. I did this because t1 and t2 really don't show what this game can be, T4-5 start to show what this game is and being able to division with those noobs helps guide them cause WG doesn't believe in tutorials
  8. I'll make one later if someone doesn't beat me to it
  9. I find it hard to believe with all the naval enthusiasts we have here no one knows morse code Guess I'm going to have to learn morse code now lol
  10. I've been playing this game since OBT and I just noticed the light circled in red flashes in morse code, has anyone figured out what it is saying because I tried but I suck at that stuff
  11. Psycodiver

    German battleships setup

    I run CE with AFT and manual secondaries along either main gun accuracy mod on my Bismarck. It just works better for me being in T10 matches 90% of the time. Concealment gives me the ability to disengage, and gun accuracy to give me consistent damage since most players know not to get close to you
  12. Well talk about projecting, I'm in the same boat, it doesn't make the game more or less fun so I don't care either
  13. Deleting what I had because it was just being this poor dead horse further
  14. I rarely get to take out my old friend Lolrado, but since I'm working on the snow flakes I finally had a reason to take her out and I get into a heavy T9 match. Does the Colorado care? Of course not! https://replayswows.com/replay/38770#teams Anyways the enemy seemed to have a hard on for me and elected to shoot at me while much more dangerous friendlies are closer to them which i used by kiting them. RNG trolled hard this match. I used islands for cover, I used my throttle and steering to keep the shots off of me. Hardly my best game in her but just showing what a ship is capable of when you don't try to sail across the map in the beginning of the match while firing nothing but HE while sitting broadside to the enemy. (I've been seeing this happen to much lately)
  15. It was announced today that at the end of January that Battlestar Galatica Online will be shutting down its servers. Granted this is no surprise because the servers have been on maintenance mode for the last couple years but it is sad to hear. This is the first game I got to be in Closed Alpha Test with and I played for the first 2 years before taking a several year break, I was lucky to join a very large, yet well organized Wing (Clan in this game) that had some great people and one was one of the few games I logged onto just to hang out and shoot the breeze rather than play the game. I returned to this game every so often when I take breaks from other games and I've been playing for the last month while I took a break from this WoWS. I am oddly sad to hear the news because I had such a great experience playing this game, mainly because the player base was just so much fun through the years (although very sarcastic at times). I've played many online games and been in a few Alphas and Betas but this game will hold a special place with me because the friends I made. I will use whatever game currancy I have left to buy every premium bullets, missile and consumable along with all the Nukes I can carry, many players hold the same sentiment and looks like we will make the game go out in a bright radiation filled bang. I plan to spend more time in the game and play till the end, I got lucky enough to see the game start, I was there when it held the record for most players online, and I will be there in the end to watch the screen go blank