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  1. Just got Aoba Today

    It could use another 1-1.5km in range honestly, it's one of the shortest ranged cruisers at T6
  2. Why in the world?

    I play for fun, I also happen to be pretty ok at this game which makes it more fun for me. I have what ships I want and I play those ships for fun. I don't really enjoy grinding past the ship I want or getting into rank
  3. Ocean map-more rotation

    They need to change the tiers for it, ships are to accurate and punishing at T9/10. It's a great T5-T8 map in my opinion. I miss playing it regularly
  4. It's just what is hot right now, what happens is a "different" show comes out and is super popular, to cash in on what's popular studios will dig up every possible show they can like it, some are good but most are mediocre. This happens till it goes from "different" to "normal". A good example is magical girl deconstruction that was super popular a few years ago Currently Isekai is peaking out in my opinion and a new meta will be getting popular soon
  5. Strait Dommination B Cap

    Except it doesn't work
  6. Premium Fusou class idea?

    Hmm needs more pagoda
  7. Strait Dommination B Cap

    I agree with that, it's only useful if you have a DD heavy team
  8. Strait Dommination B Cap

    They're the same players that say grouping up on this map works also Actually the B cap can be very important to grab early on, especially if the event is dumb enough to try grouping up on one side of the map
  9. The rare time I play CV, I will not send my fighters to help you because that will leave my bombers open to their fighters. Once I have dealt with their fighters then I will help defend you. I don't blame CVs for doing the same, instead I invest into my own AA
  10. Just got Aoba Today

    I don't think she is bad, but she isn't good either, just very middle of the ground or Jack of all trades
  11. I can understand where your coming from, I had a love/hate relationship with mine because not only is she a very different ship from the rest of the USN line but also your in a vastly different meta, it is very jarring. I love the NC now and all I can say is spend some time in co-op to learn the guns and take your time to get used to high tier play
  12. Yuros Des Build

    Sorry completely misread that 3.12 km for torpedo detection and 4.44km ship detection
  13. Yuros Des Build

    Radar range is 9km and full concealment build brings her down to 9.1km. There is a lulz factor when you come up on a smoked up RNCL sitting out in the open and you hit them with radar, but that's a rarity
  14. Yuros Des Build

    I got to thinking about it also because radar seems situational and personally I like different metas. Right now in my NO, I have 9.1km detection and 9km radar and thinking back has it really been useful? I have to get behind a island to light up a cap that my friendlies may or may not be paying attention to regardless of chat. 9km is allot closer to the enemy than I want to be in a ship this squishy. Heck some of my best matches were games where I didn't use any radar till mid/late match Even yuro said he doesn't use it for sniping from max range, he uses for spotting since the planes move slower and he is able to use it to shoot island campers easier