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  1. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    At the Battle of Surigao Strait, WeeVee's radar tracked the IJN force, she was first battleship to gain a firing solution and was first to fire and with her first 8 gun salvo registered hits on the Yamashiro at 22,800yds. That is why I believe she should have slightly better sigma
  2. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    But they already did that with the Texas and no one has any issues with it, she wasn't game breaking except to CVs
  3. WASD hax need to be nerfed

    I think you missed where I slammed the breaks then hit full throttle once the first 4 went front of me. Honestly it was a bad move on my part to begin with because I thought he just fired his torpedos so I was rushing the smoke for a quick kill. Nothing more than blind luck, good thing for me blind luck happens to be one of my best skills lol
  4. I'm pretty sure thats what this Minekaze player was thinking at least
  5. Tier VI, West Virginia (Dev Blog)

    Basically Texas vs NY, the latter being slightly faster by a knot, slightly faster rudder and better main gun range Really I honestly think 44WV would be fine at T7 because after her rebuild she was slightly slower because she was wider and heavier. Give her 2.0 sigma to show her modern fire control, make her 20 knots, slightly slower rudder shift and better torpedo protection because of the wider bulges. Yes she will be superior in AA and slightly better at hitting ships (1.9 vs 2.0) BUT she will be slightly worse than the Colorado in other ways, just like how the Texas is with the NY
  6. Call me crazy, wouldn't the 44WV just be to the Colorado as the Texas is to the NY if it was kept at T7? Granted it would have slightly better torpedo protection but iirc she struggled to get over 20knots like the Texas did which WG added into game
  7. No MM monitor around?

    I'm happy most people are smart enough not to use it. Dealt with XVM in WoT where players would log out on a "bad" team or lose a match on what was supposed to be a win because the players would get over-confident and yolo. Not to mention all the salt it brings. I say to heck with that crap, mm monitors can die
  8. I get them allot also, I joined some soloist clan for awhile but eventually like all clans in other games, it became political with petty in-fighting
  9. The "Keeper" Tier 6 Battleship

    MAYBE is the captain not the ship, many players, including myself, have not issue doing good in them. I understand if you don't want to blame yourself though......
  10. I love it when the Scharnhorst sisters do that, makes it super easy to kill them, it's so predictable but I'm guilty of it in my Scharnhorst also so it's easy to counter
  11. If I'm credit grinding then I start with the Texas and work myself through all my premiums If I'm grinding a line I start with the ship I'm working on till I get bored Other than that if I'm not running anything important I'll run my Clemson or Wyoming first for fun
  12. I've found the Texas is one of my better credit earning ships because it's always bottom tier and I play her pretty well and since bottom tier ships earn more for damaging and destroying higher tier ships, it means good earnings. October Revolution does the same also for the same reason Scharnhorst is pretty good also among with the Nelson also and the Dunkerque can make surprisingly good amounts of credits at times also
  13. Map Mondays - Strait

    Stay on your side of the map and either hold the enemy till your teammates win on the other side or win your side and go help your team on the other side. Doesn't matter if it standard or domination Trying to join up had also always failed because it requires team work, instead the team just yolos leaving the BBs behind. The only times I've seen or works is when the other team screws up bad
  14. Because it would be hilarious, purely troll and sarcasm
  15. I checked on the live feeds till they all went dead and she was doing fine. She is a solid boat still and they did keep a small crew aboard just in case. Not going to lie I'm jealous of they people that got to stay aboard because that's the closest she will ever get to being at sea again