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  1. I read this article, it is click bait at its fullest, I'm part of the official Texas Facebook page and they already dismissed this article
  2. I still run a full AA build on mine, I got it way back in the day and got the buff half way through the grind. Personally it is my go-to ship when I'm having a bad night. The AA maxes out at 87, which at T7 is hilarious especially when your still see T5 and T6 CVs regularly, heck I hardly fear same tier or even T8 CVs and the best part most CVs think the Colorado is easy food since it had a bad reputation. C hull has a 2.0 sigma which leads to some truely [edited] accurate salvos. There is no ship I fear except NCs because their slow heavy shells hurt like heck every time, I count on angling my citadel box so enemy shots mostly overpen, but NC shells don't over pen
  3. I actually decided to start a new player tonight (for my wife mainly), I watch the videos out of curiosity but I think a step by step guide as some of the Community Contributors have made works better. That said I think low tier missions that teach basics for each class would work well also. The tutorial from OBT was a nice start but ones for each class explaining damage control, not shooting torpedos in front of allies, HE/AP usage, ect I found it easier to just sit with her and explain what I'm doing and why I'm doing it and having her play and telling her in a "nice non yelling" way what to do lol
  4. With the dispersion mod she is pretty [edited] accurate
  5. There's that old video of a Yamato being detonated by a single Khab HE shell a while back, the game does weird stuff sometimes
  6. Bismarck requires a absolutely different play style once you hit T8, sure if your top tier you keep doing the German brawling but that doesn't work in T10. Luckily I was already experienced with these matches (thank you NC) but when I see Bismarcks on my team in a T9 or T10 match I know their going down fast. Mine is set up with Secondaries/concealment which is fun in a derpy way but I plan to respec my captain when I got tier 9. The Bismarck can do well but the NC makes fighting while bottom tier so much easier
  7. Looks like it's using the planned 340/45, I kinda hoped they would put the Dunkerque guns on her because their penatration and velocity is so good. That said that belt armor is thin, should be a interesting ship, a heck of allot more interesting that RN crap WG managed to screw up
  8. I've had that happen, I've also had both teams dog pile in the center which is allot of fun
  9. How open was she? I used to live in NJ and about 10 years ago we could only see the top deck. Recently visited the Wisconsin and she only had 2 decks open. Compared to the NC which we could see nearly the whole ship but then again it has been a museum for allot longer
  10. I like it allot in Destroyers and Battleships, but hate it in cruisers, but that's because of play style. I'm aggressive in DDs and BBs but cruisers I generally hang back which this mode doesn't really care for That said Trident is my favorite followed by Big Race (which can be hilarious because it's low tier craziness) and Tears can go to hell, I've won plenty in it but never a enjoyable experience
  11. I was at the Wisconsin recently but unfortunately only the main deck and part of the second deck was available to the public. They are still working section by section to get it open to the public but that takes time. Heck the NC that had been a museum for longer and they just recently opened her steering room
  12. Now in my honest opinion USN BBs- WG should not have to make us buy engine upgrades, if there ship went 21 knots when new and never really changed WHY THE HECK do I need to update the engine to get her speed up? Everything else starts with it's real life stock speed why can't the USN BB line!!!!!! Also for the USN love specialty, how about better repair for the whole line since USN during WWII were known for damage control, make it they niche so they can tank more Back to point South Carolina - Yes I'm top 20 SC players, I like her but KM and RN lines have really power creeped her. Historically the 12" guns could for 2-2.5 rpm, how about with B hull we give her the 2.5 rpm? Wyoming - she is fine, great range and her speed is hardly a hindrance at this tier. Her shells are the fastest at this tier and she has the heaviest broadside NY - I love her too and seeing how the Texas is the same except more AA and she is top of the tier 5 food chain says it's the captains fault. That said up her sigma and drop her reload to 32 seconds New Mexico - she needs better range, most players are forced to take Plotting Room because of her lack luster range. Give her another 1.5km that way players can choose another viable build Colorado - My favorite ship, but yes she needs more HP. West Virginia Hull preferred NC - Nothing wrong with her either Iowa - Please give me better rudder shift with B hull land not have to grind up to the C hull. She turns sooooo badly IJN - the biggest this for them is decrease they're visibility but to point in some soft spots Kawachi - give her more range and a small accuracy buff. That's it Myogi - Honestly the Ishizucci would have been a better T4 and the Myogi would have been a better premium. Myogi's problem is her range. Any time I see a Myogi their using their spotter and trying to snipe from max range, nothing can be done about that because players will continue to do that unless your nerf her range
  13. That happens though, I had a night a couple weeks ago where I lost 6 or 7 in a row, I even brought out my trusty Colorado, sunk 4 ships and did over 120k in damage, BUT only 1 other team mate sunk a ship and I got a train run on me, frustrating to say the least. I don't exactly love the Nagato, I got her first when I had about the same amount of battles as you and I hated her and rage sold her after 20ish battles. After over a year I came back and now she is great. Why, because I nearly tripled the amount of battles I had then and with that experience I learned allot, mainly aiming and positioning. My quips are because of how you have presented yourself in this thread, I work in a career field that has a strong stance on self entitlement and the importance of taking responsibility. You suck, but you don't have to suck, all you have to do is take responsibility that you're not good and ask for help. On top of that you have to be open to criticisms and use that to develop yourself. There are allot of people on here that will division with you and help you, but you need to accept yourself as you stand and be willing to take the help. I play for fun, I stay out of ranked and clans because this game is for me to blow off steam, that said I like being good at everything I do and I don't find much enjoyment when I'm not good. When I sucked, I uploaded replays and asked for help and I got it and I learned. Maybe I seek improving myself because now I'm bored with this game, I dunno
  14. Sorry the Nagato, which is considered 1 of the best BBs tier for tier in the game, isn't a auto win for you. I know your special and the ship should delete every enemy ship in a battle and give you instant win. I'm also sorry that after only 12 battles in it and being your first Tier 7 ship you earned, you feel the ship is the problem and not your general lack of experience. Seriously your still fairly new, if you're open to help allot of members here will help you develop your skills
  15. The problem I think most players have with the Nagato is that it's so accurate that you can't get away with the [edited] shots the Fuso allowed, if your aim is off in the Nagato you will miss all the shots but if your aim is off in the Fuso you can still hit with a few shells