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  1. Psycodiver

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    Her hull is super thin is some sections. In the Wargaming episode that they did of her they even said that dropping a screw driver could go through her hull. Pumps can only pump so much water so hopefully the water tight bulkheads are still intact and work
  2. Psycodiver

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    By November from what I gathered, their currently cataloging artifacts and displays for removal soon. USCG still has to sign off on whether she is safe to move along with the plan on how to move her because if she sinks in that channel it will cause severe disruptions for several refineries that use the channel.
  3. Psycodiver

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    It will hit a point when theres only 1 ship in the game with no flags or captain skills with all the same modules and half the players will say its overpowered, the other half will say it needs to be buffed and with a few people that will say everyone has the same exact ship
  4. This is the most damage I ever did in one hit without sinking a ship
  5. We have been asking for a Hiei for in game since she sports the most AA of the Kongos (if I'm correct me, to lazy to grab a boot thats 10 feet away or use google) and make her similar to the Texas. Good AA for what she is, make her slightly more sluggish and shave a half a knot
  6. Anyone got cliff notes? I'm on my cell phone and I ain't got no time to read all that
  7. Psycodiver

    New York or Texas

    NY is a better ship than the Texas in all areas except 1 and that is AA. NY shoots faster, farther, is slightly faster (.5 of a knot) and turns faster. The Texas laughs at T4 CVs and T6 CVs will lose allot of planes for a strike. Personal opinion is once you have the New Mexico sell the NY and keep the Texas for captain training
  8. Because if it isn't the CVs everyone is complaining about then DDs will be next. The forum will keep complaining until there is only 1 ship in the game and still complain that 1 ship needs to be nerfed/buffed
  9. Psycodiver

    Colorado for T-7 ranked

    Most WWI era BBs had torpedos, guess what they were useless, they will never be added because you would have to point the ship to shoot them and most of them had serious short range
  10. Psycodiver

    Mighty Jingles on You Tube

    Long time subscriber here also, he is one of my favorites because he is allot calmer talking that other video game youtubers. He it gets excited about parts of a video but doesn't get loud or animate his voice in a annoying way. I agree, if he wasn't a youtuber he would be a perfect radio broadcaster or narrator
  11. Psycodiver

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    The engine room has been fixed and the engines are no longer in danger of falling out, aft section was repaired but last I heard the boiler rooms are rough but should hold up in dry dock but most likely won't survive the twisting and yawing of being in the ocean
  12. Psycodiver

    Tier 7 MM is garbage.

    I remember grinding that ship with BFT and AFT still affected get guns, she was a beast back when the game was released
  13. Psycodiver

    Tier 7 MM is garbage.

    That's because your playing wrong, T7 is much more aggressive where T10 is more passive play, I do better mid tier than high tier because I'm a aggressive player
  14. Psycodiver

    Pretty Sad

    I've been playing this game since OBT, burn out is real, I haven't played since January, I want to play but I have other things I would rather invest in right now
  15. Psycodiver

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    That would be a really bad thing to do for the ship, concrete tends to trap moisture, which can trap it right against the hull causing more rusting issues that would be near impossible to fix. Permanent dry dock is the only real solution, most likely though she will just get fixed up the best they can with what money they have and she will be put right back into the water. The biggest issue currently is getting her there, her hull is incredibly thin in areas and while they repaired and reinforced the engine rooms, the boiler room structure is still really weak and she will not take the pitching and yawing in the ocean very well. Best solution is using a heavy lift ship, but those are expensive which further cuts money available for repairs