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  1. Please save battle chat session

    I would like it also because I've had and seen some hilarious conversations that I never got a chance to screenshot the whole thing because I was busy playing the game
  2. Can't help but notice a lack of super firing turrets on most of these designs
  3. I laugh at this All it takes is the captain, my Bayern is a keeper along with the NM, heck I'm finding the QE pretty solid. None of them have issues bring bottom tier, heck might but back the Fuso again cause she holds her own
  4. The other sister to Yamato

    Maybe increased chance of flooding and increased flooding damage
  5. Spithead Naval Review, 1937

    Is that NY rocking a white camo? If so we need that in game Love the shot of the Graf Spree and Gangut
  6. USS John F. Kennedy 70% complete

    Hey we can agree that at least we get to see the Big E return
  7. I have 4 Tier 8s and a Iowa, it's not fun for me, the games are so static that I never saw the enjoyment of it and I do pretty good in those ships but I hardly enjoy it because it's passive play until 1 team screws up to much and then the domino effect starts. I tried operations which were fun at first, I tried grinding new lines which where ok but same old.
  8. w00t... first 7 kill game

    Good job, my first 7 kill game was in my NM while bottom tier in a tier 8 game, funny thing a week or 2 after that I got my second 7 kill game in my NC so you may have a couple more big games coming real soon.....
  9. Thanks everyone, it's not all about the losses but ever since the January Duke of York mission added when I grinded 300,000 FXP in January to buy the Nelson I've been just burned out. I'm not playing at my level I'm used to and I'm forcing myself to play. That when everything else I mentioned already added in it just wipes me out. Last night it just came together. That said after sleeping on it I unplugged my computer this morning and put it away. It's just not this game but lately I spend every bit of free time on my computer and I find reasons to walk away from my family to watch YouTube or something. I'll plug it in once I finish the engine and get everything tuned then also get this stupid lawn mower running (13 safety switches mounted in series so if one fails you have to test every switch, might just rewire and take the switches out)
  10. Seriously no point trying to stop it because if they are firing this then that means all the other nukes in the world are already flying. That nuke torpedo would be the least of our concerns at that point, might as well step outside and hope you get vaporized instantly because the resulting nuclear winter, radiation fallout and famine would be much more torturous.
  11. I've been playing this game since it went OBT, I took a couple months break a year or so ago and I'm taking one again but for different reasons. Last time was because I was changing careers this time is because I can't stand the current player base. Tonight I watched battleships sailing broadside firing HE, cruisers firing AP while sitting stationary, DDs sailing right into the middle of the map guns blazing and I just can't help but realize this game has gotten to me. I dunno if it's true or rose colored glasses looking back in time but players used to be better than this. I watched 4 ships sit behind the island in A cap in Neighbors when there was only 1 enemy ship over there. I watched 3 separate TKs in 3 matches. Standard battle has become my most hated mode because the team will derp train to one side and when I tell them to cover the flanks I get cursed at while the enemy caps our base, heck I won a match in my Colorado by capping this way. Either way I need time off of this game, it's always been about me just having fun and this isn't fun. I still have a backlog of ship reviews and I'll probably post them up since most of them are outlined at the very least if not fully written. Or I may unplug my computer completely, I have a engine that needs to be finished before the season starts (although a new heater for my garage would help tons because it's freaking cold out there) and a lawn mower that needs mending before the grass started growing.
  12. Dunk is the best

    Great match, sorry it had to be a loss
  13. Olympia, should she be in game?

    Alright just did a test again, my New Orleans can still easily citadel a St.Luis up to 10.8km, but the Myoko starts to become unreliable after 9km, theres about 30-40mm of penetration difference between the 2 ships 8" AP at that range, granted the NO has better autobounce angles though. The St. Louis has 104mm of belt armor with 76mm of slop armor behind that Now to sink (pun intended) the 8"/35 deal, I took the Mikasa out, a similar era ship. I couldn't even citadel a St. Louis at 2km with its guns, Whys that? Well at that point in history they used contact fuses not delay fuses, that didn't come till near the end of WWI. The Mikasa guns couldn't do it, then the Olympia with its worse 8" guns are going to be hardly a issue. The Mikasa's guns can only penetrate 173mm of armor at 5km (my 2 modern cruisers can penetrate more at more than twice the distance) and only 99mm at 10km and 80mm at max range plus with the short fuse means they detonate nearly instantly. I pose this, either use the WW1 refit and place her at tier 3 or run with her 8" guns acting as secondaries (with 10km range of course) and her secondaries become player controlled and place her at tier 2. Lets face it the 8" shells with be slow even at sub 10km ranges plus inaccurate because 4 guns in 2 turrets, it may not be Mikasa bad but it could be nearly as bad