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  1. Invader_Zim33

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    I had an incident yesterday where I returned my planes using F and would return to the CV but the indicator would say "press left mouse to return to CV" the I pressed 3 to launch a new squadron and it launched it attacked and returned with the UI saying "press left mouse to return to CV". once the next squadron returned it reset. have not experienced it since so I think it was a rare glitch. for feed back : I would install a lead indicator for new players to have a chance and also give the player a better picture of how fast the target ships is going. also if you can please add a button where I can return to the CV and be able to use a consumable like repair party without having to return my planes. I enjoy the game play and the extra visuals I see like the plane slowly spiraling out of the sky on fire nice touch.
  2. Invader_Zim33


    As if Hundreds of Battleship mains are typing angrily on their keyboard.
  3. Does anyone know, if I buy a bundle that has a permanent camo that I already have do I get anything for that?
  4. Invader_Zim33

    Azur lane camo?

    still waiting on the camos to be available.
  5. Invader_Zim33

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    how about the rest of them? I was hoping to buy the camo for the Hipper so I can start grinding the Roon with it instead of waisting camos. I see all the other camos that were in the briefing but still no AL camos except the Enterprise.
  6. Invader_Zim33

    Anyone Else Feel Paranoid Playing?

    that works?! which wg profile the forum 1?
  7. Invader_Zim33

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    no info yet?
  8. Invader_Zim33

    Anyone Else Feel Paranoid Playing?

    I think that those mods make it so we don't like randoms anymore. I like mods that change the style of the game but to give extra info too some is too much. being targeted because everyone else is bad is horrible they shouldn't even have that info in the match. that stuff needs too be only out of match info, if that. maybe Wargaming can mod it so you can hide your stats from others completely (or except for friends) would be nice thing to do.
  9. Invader_Zim33

    Anyone Else Feel Paranoid Playing?

    yeah, I get it sometimes depends on how high your win rate is. anything above 50 and the people that have the mods will gang up on you to delete you quick, cause they feel like killing you will defeat the whole team.
  10. Invader_Zim33

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    I came here just for this. You beat me too it.
  11. Invader_Zim33

    Sell ARP and Dragon ships?

    If you don't like them, then sell them. Don't come whining in the forums for attention.
  12. Invader_Zim33

    Yarrrr! The pirate crew be sailin'!

    Should have been out already, been more then 3 months since the testing ended and a year since I missed it because I didn't buy it right away and was taken from the store, cause everyone whined and cried that it was nerfed cause it didn't have the torpedo bomber loadout. and now look at it its so OP took out a BB in 1 hit the last game I played which was a Pirate game. Got them 3 times in a row they all GZ.
  13. Invader_Zim33

    Yarrrr! The pirate crew be sailin'!

    They all have Graph Zeppelins good luck killing them. Damn OP ship. When are we going to have a chance to buy the GZ again the special whiners have had a long time to test it already?