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  1. Invader_Zim33

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    Why couldn't it just be a skin and commander for the Yamato Like the HSF Collaboration. I would have bought it if it was a skin and commander pack like with the Musashi. Didn't even bother making Maya the AA variant to make her different or change something about the ARP Yamato to make it play differently then the original. I am a fan of Arpeggio of blue steel, and I am disappointed in this colabe. May just get Maya cause she is my favorite in the anime. Also why didn't you wait for this event for when subs are introduced to introduce ARP I-401 cause that was the main character in the show.
  2. Invader_Zim33

    Nerf CV AA

    Have you played CVs since the rework or are you spouting out nonsense you have no experience with. This is just ignorant, RTS CVs are gone their influence in battle is mostly in spotting damage in 1 place. Don't give me the crap about the fighters they die almost instantly under any AA. I miss RTS CVs where I can spot + cross drop and delete a ship in 1 well coordinated attack. Only problem was the strafing of the fighters that made players with no experience lose all their planes. RTS CVs where like the admirals of the battle, currently they are just a mini game, a different way to play the same old way. 1. - the preventive maintenance cool-down is so short DOT damage is not good at all( it's the perk they got for it being automatic) 2. - currently you can still launch planes wile on fire. lol 3. - fighter consumable will destroy any first wave you throw at it and by the time you get another squadron there it will launch again. (also another perk for being automatic) 4. - CV's got nerfed that the DPS is so low and the planes so brittle they hardly have any affect in the battle. they are mostly spotters now.
  3. Invader_Zim33

    Nerf CV AA

    this thread = our OP invisible lil boats that shoots [edited] of insta-death gets detected by CV, nerf CVs more so no one plays them anymore and I can go back to being OP.
  4. 2 years ago. and we see it in the game now as a test ship. hope for subs so they stop crying about CVs
  5. Invader_Zim33

    CV Reality Check

    Well, whatever. The problem is that straif was the biggest problem in the old meta of CVs. Straif was what kept the CV unpopular along with being the CV being very influential in the battle and everyone blamed you for a defeat. With the new model no one can blame the CV for losing the match, they are nerfed to oblivion. but they do need to have some type of way to carry the match like every other ship in the game so it does need tweaking.
  6. Invader_Zim33

    CV Reality Check

    Strafe was there in Beta tests the y did take it away for the lower tier CVs but kept it cause many complained that it took away the skill. Out of all the problems the RTS model had Strafe was the biggest one and unrealistic one too you only strafe aircraft out of the sky like that in movies.
  7. Invader_Zim33

    CV Reality Check

    I don't play EvE. Tried to get into EvE but it seemed like such a time sink that it didn't appeal to me.
  8. Invader_Zim33

    CV Reality Check

    CVs dps is low they sacrifice planes with every drop and it's not infinite. Play the CVs before you criticize it at least understand it before you talk crap. CV's being easy mode lol it's more like skill mode, easy mode is BB's and DDs. Playing Cruisers is like playing dark souls especially light cruisers. this meme represents this tread. Please stop blaming CVs for your incompetence. If you don't like it go be a console peasant.
  9. Invader_Zim33

    CV Reality Check

    Another thing that some have to realize is the skill of the Drivers. CVs are not a popular class thus only people that want to play CV and get better at the mechanics play it. BBs are a very popular class for the casuals and weekend warriors that do stupid things and die cause they like the armor and firepower, that might bring down the average. I am surprised in your table that BBs have such a high average when cruisers are suppose to have the better DPS, maybe it's time to nerf a few BBs they are not suppose to have armor and DPS that would make them OP.
  10. Invader_Zim33

    No Premium CVs On The 50 List

    I was surprised as well, after all WG were the ones that pulled it from the market early as a knee jerk reaction to the stupid outrage. Like I am being punished for the players that were crying that the GZ wasn't the same as when Noster had it.
  11. Invader_Zim33

    Death balling the game . . . to death

    Yeah there are so many builds now that CE is not needed anymore we can be more creative with our captains skills.
  12. Invader_Zim33

    Death balling the game . . . to death

    you usually get 1 strike before the whole squad gets plucked from the sky including the ones that went upwards from the strike. then start all over again to do a tiny bit more damage until all your planes are on cooldown. will take a long time till the scratch damage manages to kill something.
  13. Invader_Zim33


    That's a lot of rust. Rust happens to all warships, They don't stay pristine for long. They are made out of metal in salt water.
  14. Invader_Zim33

    Death balling the game . . . to death

    why are people so scared of CVs its not like they hit hard. Just take your scratch damage no need to worry about it, your not going to die if you take a little tiny bit of damage. Stop being so scared already.
  15. Whats the chance we are getting these skins for the PC version? they already got Graf Spee in Blitz.