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  1. BaronVonTom

    Hats off to the devs!

    Couldn't agree more Dr Cit. The entire update is a very good one. Dockyard, captains log, lighting, xmas and new years stuff, etc. One of their best yet.
  2. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Atlanta has the 4.5 km torps....flint has 9.2km torps....same guns.....same reload time. Smole does have bigger guns and shorter range torps than flint. Flint does play differently and is worth having. Plus...flint has smoke, atlanta does not.....but atlanta has radar, flint does not. I love playing all 3.
  3. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    You should be able to get that 1,000 steel in ranked pretty easily. You will have the flint in no time....and as someone who has it....it is one helluva fun ship to have.
  4. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    And I for one fully understand this...but lets also remember that WG has stated many times they want to keep steel rare. So the fact that they are at least giving some away on snowflakes is a plus. I would love to have more steel....but I fully understand why they want to keep this commodity rare and make people work for it.
  5. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    As per the news starts Nov 21st at 8:30 am pacific time ends Nov 25th 5 am pacific time
  6. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    That's a great idea.....especially for the Dockyard......again....I honestly believe the playerbase is going to fall in love with this......maybe not the grind....lol....but this is one awesome addition to your port.
  7. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Well I certainly have no control over rewards for public testing and dont comment on that.....that is between wg and the player base....my comments are soley directed at the update itself and the rewards associated with each of the xmas/new years items being given away or available by other means. As far as the magnitude of the task....I think Wg already indicated the Dockyard will be on a sort of fast forward for purposes of checking for bugs, etc. The magnitude of the other tests are mentioned in the news headline "Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 1."
  8. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    LOL I wish I could get into details but I cannot until after this goes public.......this is by far one of the best updates to date and if you have the time to public test, please do so....you will not be disappointed.
  9. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    Yeppers, but keep in mind that WG has already stated they want to keep steel rare. The fact it is available on snowflakes is a plus albeit small amounts that can add up depending on how many tier 8 and 9 ships you have that steel is available on.
  10. BaronVonTom

    0.8.11 Snowflakes

    This is from the dev blog: Pretty crystal clear on steel for snowflakes. Snowflakes In Update 0.8.11, Snowflakes with holiday victory bonuses will be placed on all ships of Tier V and above. Snowflakes blown off Tier V–VII ships will bring 400–750 Coal; Snowflakes from Tier VIII–IX ships will bring 75 Steel; and victorious battles with Tier X ships will bring good old Santa's Gift containers. The latter have a certain chance of dropping one of many Premium ships, as well as other enticing rewards (e.g. doubloons). Also, I will just say this about the dockyard for the Puerto Rico.....IT IS AWESOME!!!!! Yes the grind will be long but well worth it. So if any of you are public testing....defintely play with the dockyard. I honestly believe this is one of the best things WG has done to date.
  11. BaronVonTom

    Funny News, Add to it if you find it, Humor is the key

    https://news.sky.com/story/wild-boar-discover-and-snort-17-000-of-cocaine-in-tuscan-forest-11861940 Wild boars are already half crazy....can you imgaine these things stoned on coke?
  12. BaronVonTom

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    First and foremost, you have no clue what submarines will bring to the game as WG has not decided yet on the final versions. Without knowing that, it is impossible to say one way or the other what will happen with subs. Why you would post this other than to start a forum fight or for attention is beyond my comprehension.
  13. BaronVonTom

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Thank you....i actually love the game now and one of the reasons why I became a tester was to learn even more about these ships and the process. I got a lot of "tough love" from these good players, it took swallowing of some pride but it is showing now.
  14. BaronVonTom

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    I guess I'll speak up now because many of the attacks on these "good players" are unfounded garbage. I can tell you from my experience that the majority of unicum players on here have been nothing but helpful and full of good information. You have to be willing to ask and willing to improve. More importantly, you have to be willing to take criticism as a positive thing. For me, I was a 33% wr at 4,000 battles with absolutely horrible damage averages. I was so bad that being called a potato was a compliment. If I had come across me in a battle, I was so bad I would have team killed myself to help my team win. I finally gave up and asked for help and got it......tons of links to videos, tons of written information on this forum and elsewhere and private messages. Yes, I messaged some of these unicum players after a battle with questions, who in every message sent, gave me a response even if the response was a day later. I took their recommendations, practiced it out over months, and got more feedback on the replays I provided over time. I also paid close attention during battles on how the unicum divisions on my team played together. There is a ton you can learn by paying attention. All of this rubbed off and I am now slightly above 50% which is hard to do once u get over 5,000 battles with a very very bad wr percentage and horrible damage totals. The more battles you have, the harder it is to increase your wr and just about every other stat. I have no interest in re-rolling, but I certainly don;t give people crap for doing it if thats what they want to do. My improvement is because of these unicum players who ARE willing to teach and explain why they do the things they do in battle. I say this because if you were not as stupid as I was, and you have less than 3000 battles, NOW is the time to start asking questions and improving. Dont wait until you have 4, 5 or 6 thousand battles. The grand majority of these good players will provide information. It is up to you whether you accept it or reject it. From my experience it paid off big time. It certainly didn't change anything overnight and took time to practicve and get rid of the horrible habits I was addicted to. I also found that I had a new found love for the game which made me want to play even better. I remember not long ago, many of the unicum players were involved in a "help center" for players wanting to learn. I think it disbanded after a loss of interest but I was one of many that took advantage of that as well as receiving some private help. I see some of the 007/kraken/opg and other good clans in tier 10 playing solo pretty regularly. Kinda fun trying to kill those guys without being killed myself first. I especially like seeing the divisions if I am playing dd. You cannot learn playing against bad players. You truly learn playing against the good players. So to those unicums that helped me out....thank you!
  15. BaronVonTom

    Something is terribly wrong with Destroyer play.

    I would agree with you, but unfortunately there are alot of people that could care less one way or the other about winning or working together. I've played enough to see this on a daily basis.