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  1. BaronVonTom

    Greatest Forgotten Commanders

    British Captain Frederick John Walker, the most successful anti-submarine warfare commander in the Atlantic during WW2. His nickname was "Johnnie Walker" for the famous whiskey.
  2. While I have no opinion concerning the rewards for the PTS, mainly because I don;t have all the information Wg has with regard to average time a person spends in PTS, etc, I do think some of you are overlooking the most important part of PTS. Not only do you get the rewards WG offers, BUT, like the ST's and CC's, you get a chance to test something before the player base gets it. You, like the ST's and CC's, also get a chance to provide honest, non biased feedback on your experience. This gives you that rare tag of "making a difference" in the game we all love. This is why a lot of us are ST's and CC's.....we love the game, we want to make a positive difference in the game, and we get to have fun doing it and are rewarded for our efforts. if this is not enough for you, maybe you should read a post above about comparing the rewards/time spent on PTS with live play. Unfortunately, we don't always see NON BIASED opinions or feedback. Some folks go into PTS with biased decisions about the ships they are testing. They hear something and repeat it. Or they are not happy with the changes and find whatever they can to turn into negative Nancy's. This is not how you test. Testing requires an open mind and to be non biased. It is the only true way to provide proper feedback and conduct proper testing. ST's and CC's are open minded and non biased. We all provide honest feedback concerning whatever we are testing and that feedback is ALWAYS interesting to read and review from every single one of them. We may not always agree on what or how we test, but we can all say it is honest and non biased. Next time you are on the PTS, try to remember that it isn't just about the rewards.....it is about making a difference in the game you obviously love.
  3. WG obviously has a lot more info at their fingertips than any of the player base, ST's and CC's. Making major changes to released ships would bring a ton of heartache and explosions on every social media outlet there is. Why pay for a ship when it will be changed later? WG is making the right decision here, albeit poor communication. Alaska has a change......whether you think it is a good one or bad one. Waiting for what WG feels is proper balance is the right move now. Waiting until it is released and paid for before making changes would be a catastrophic mistake. Yes it is frustrating as I believe they could have had a lot of fun with a Christmas or New Years release of Alaska. But, I would prefer they make these changes now before I decide on whether to pay for it or not. I don't think anyone would be happy buying a ship with any currency and seeing changes made to it after buying it.
  4. BaronVonTom

    Tracking Santa since 1955

    The tradition all began over a misprinted phone number in an advertisement in the local paper. The ad said, “Hey, Kiddies! Call me direct and be sure and dial the correct number.” When a young child called that December 24, in 1955, it went to the CONAD operations center in Colorado Springs, Colo. Since 1955 NORAD has been tracking Santa, responding to e-mail, and answering phone calls about Santa with over 1500 volunteers. If you have small children, check the NORAD Santa site out. https://www.noradsanta.org/
  5. BaronVonTom

    Clan Wars Rental Ships Bug (?)

    Well, that is a good question now isn't it. I also have all 3 and got the rentals.....and yes, it is a pain looking at rentals in your port when you don't need them.
  6. BaronVonTom

    Clan Wars Rental Ships Bug (?)

    Clan Battles starts on Wed the 28th of Nov as per the news article about Clan battles. The rentals can only be used in Clan battles, which is why you have 2 of each. Good luck in CB's!
  7. BaronVonTom

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    I dont mind being limited on reported.....but compliments should be unlimited.....i can't even count how many times I wanted to compliment a good player and couldn't because I reached my daily limit.
  8. BaronVonTom

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    If it gets added to santa crates, maybe they should also include it in ship packages sold in the premium shop as a way of rewarding financial support to the game. I don't mind having to work for steel, but the limited options of the work is the problem.
  9. Oh crap...that was kinda a world war 2 thingy......this is the legacy of the Corgi's and Pirates!!!! The Great WG Turkey Shoot! As someone who has participated in every single one of these events, I can tell you they are one helluva lot of fun. Fem and the gang did a great job running the Pirate event so dont be bashful. If you want to have fun, have the time to participate and CAN READ RULES. By all means apply. I can't think of a better time than getting my butt burned up in every battle!!!! Please folks.....READ THE ARTICLE BEFORE APPLYING. READ THE RULES. here is the link: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/gobble-gobble/
  10. BaronVonTom

    30% discount coupon

    It will not work for the jean bart. The way you can tell is when you click purchase it takes you to the method of purchase screen where you will see the coupon right above "Select a payment method". If you don't see the coupon, the coupon does not apply to the item you selected for purchase. If you see the coupon, you must check the little box next to it to see the 30% off price you are paying. Once you see the final price and you are satisfied the coupon is applied, you can select method of payment and make the purchase.
  11. I got a message like this after being booted:
  12. BaronVonTom

    Cross-Server Clan Battle - I give up

    Same thing happened to us. Hopefully they get it working. @Gneisenau013 Is there any chance we can get booted from this signup so we can signup and play the NA server this afternoon?
  13. So we signed up for EU crossover at 9 am pacific time......yes 9 am, the 10 am was wrong because of the one hour time change last weekend. We got locked up without being able to enter the q, was showing us as in battle even though we were not even in the q. We all tried exiting the game and re-entering and starting again but it locked up and would not put us into the q. We tried 3 times so far and still could not get into the q. Hopefully they can fix this before the weekend...sure think it is a great idea for crossovers.
  14. BaronVonTom

    Who have you seen in game

    I dont like it when the cat is on the prowl......WASD was my middle name while avoiding your torps and Lerts shells from the Kron! We got creamed but was a fun battle with you 2 in it.
  15. BaronVonTom

    Clan Battles?

    Reddit post from Wows"  "Hi guys! The clan battles test of the season "The North" has been moved to the next week for technical reasons. You will be able to participate on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (7, 10, 11 November). Thank you for your understanding and feedback!" No word yet on whether the battles you have played will count toward the steel/coal rewards if you havent played the crossover yet. We did receive our signals and oil for playing the minimum of 3 battles on NA.