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  1. I would put one in although they will send you in circles with contact info for the Russian ST manager. But at least there will be more tickets on this.
  2. Yea....this is no way shape or form comes close to comparing to what happened with mouseee and Chobi.
  3. yea I kinda got that impression. What is surprising is I actually thought they gave people this emblem when they left as a parting thank you if they left on good terms and did a good job. Seems like a good thing to do and something that makes the ST's look really good.
  4. Thank you for the response. I absolutely loved the program and just cannot figure out why they did this. It didnt give me anything it was just very beautiful design.
  5. So, as some know, I was a Super Tester during 2019. Absolutely loved it and had no problems. Especially working with Gneisenau013 and Winston. Fantastic professionals that took good care of their volunteers, unlike WG who goes into your account and takes back what you earned and what you were told you could keep for a job well done. Apparently anytime their policy changes they can do this. This should scare the livin hell out of everyone. So after a year of testing, I decided to call it quits and notified Gneis I would be leaving. He established Jan 10th 2020 as my last day. Here is the message he sent me on the wows forum: Hey BaronVonTom! Sorry to hear that you want out of the gulag! Totally understandable that you would like to step away and you've done quite a bit for the program! The ST flag, and patch will be retired from you account once you move to the inactive roster. For your hard work and achievements, you may keep the ST emblem you earned as well as the Alabama ST! If you decide to return, feel free to ping me and I can get you reinstated! Sad to see you go but it was an honor to have you a part of the team! #anchorsaweigh The important take from this is that I left on good terms and Gneis was so kind to allow me to keep the Master ST emblem. On Jan 10th 2020 the removable things were taken from my account and they left in my account the Alabama ST, the kraken camo, and the Master St Emblem as promised by Gneis and earned by me. Fast forward 18 months to July 5th 2021 (18 months later). I logged into my account after being gone for 7 days and saw a notification that said "Destinctive Insignia Removed". I knew right away this was the Master ST emblem as it was no longer showing on my profile. I used this emblem every time I played in game since getting it. What I didnt know was why....no message as to why.....no e-mail informing me....NOTHING!!! So now the journey begins. I opened a ticket to find out why they removed what I had clearly earned. For the last three days it has been a back and forth where I was told the first time......"this award only applies to current ST's." So I sent them a copy of the message as you see above from Gneis. The next response was if you have questions about rewards contact the ST awards manager.....which I tried to do in discord but the friend request would not go through...trying for 45 mins. I dont have questions about rewards for ST's. My question is simple...."Why did an employee of WG tell me I could keep this Master ST emblem for my hard work as a ST (I was top tester two quarters in a row) and 18 months later a different employee of WG goes into my account and takes it away? Finally I got this reponse: Dear BaronVonTom,The heads of the testing department have revised the policy of awarding awards. At the moment, only a current ST member can have a patch. As for the flag, we returned it as a commemorative gift to your account.We apologize for any inconvenience.If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.Best regards, This is quite laughable. First, it isnt a patch. It is an emblem. Secondly.....they are trying to appease me with a flag that means nothing. The emblem was a beautiful design that everyone loved. You dont get anything displaying this emblem.....its just beautifully designed. I dont know who designed it or I would credit his/her genius. Third, what gives WG the right to go into someones account and remove something they earned and something that was given to me by a WG employee for my hard work? Because of a policy change? Are you kidding me? So this means if they change the policy on the AlabamaST and the Kraken camo, I lose that too????? What else can they take based on policy changes? More importantly, are they doing this to everyone? This is truly scary stuff. I had this for 18 months after leaving the program and poof....gone without so much as a message or e-mail saying why. I had to go back and forth for 3 days until I finally receiv3ed an answer which is mind blowing. I have never spoken poorly about the ST program. I have never caused any problems as a ST or any position I have held. I have been just about everything for WG except a CC. This is not a violation of the NDA as we were always allowed to speak freely about awards for obvious reasons. It was great PR for the ST program. People always asked and as long as we didnt explain what all you have to do to get the awards....we could talk about them in general terms. Try to imagine this: Your current boss gives you an award for doing a good job so you display it in your office or on your desk. 18 months later you get a new boss and he sees it, takes it and tells you its no longer valid due to a change in policy.
  6. In a previous article I wrote about LCDR Anton Bussemaker, Capt of Dutch Submarine HNLMS O-16, I briefly mentioned the illegal industrial salvaging operations of world war II shipwrecks...called "The largest grave robbery in the world." The documentary below was just uploaded to youtube 2 weeks ago and is the latest info on how they are doing it and who is behind it. It is 45 mins long and well done.
  7. Very interesting case. The NTSB and Coast Guard did seperate investigations and had some differing opinions. You can read the NTSB report in its entirety here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2488267-official-ntsb-report-on-the-sinking-of-the.html It is lengthy and detailed. But is worth the time to read. Most maritime accident experts agree that the NTSB version is probably the best opinion of why the Fitz sank. The USCG report is here: https://www.dco.uscg.mil/Portals/9/DCO Documents/5p/CG-5PC/INV/docs/boards/edmundfitz.pdf
  8. BaronVonTom

    unable to connect

    Its russian disinformation.
  9. BaronVonTom

    NA Server overloaded at 6:25 am

    Yep......first time this has ever happened in the morning.
  10. There is no alternative. People paid to get this ship whether they bought it in the shop or through the xmas crates. For that reason, banning any ship people paid for would be wrong no matter how you look at it.
  11. BaronVonTom

    Submarine tokens where?

    Not if you force alternating between subs and non subs. One battle you play subs, next battle you have to play non subs. Throw in credits toward sub containers for playing each type of ship in sub battles and there would be no problem with how many are playing subs and how many arent. This was too easy and once again they made it difficult. Some people will have to wait three or more days to play a damn sub. Stupid.
  12. BaronVonTom

    Submarine tokens where?

    Why in the world would u do this idiotic token garbage when you could have given people subs by playing one battle today, alternate between subs and non subs each battle to spread out the use of both and give people experience in both. Sometimes I wonder what they smoke in St Pete. This kind of stuff just pisses off the player base. Honest to god.......does anyone at WG understand anything at all about your playerbase????? This could have been fun......each type of ship played could have earned you credits toward special sub containers that contain all the usual goodies. People would have flocked to this today. Instead u do this crap. Unreal.
  13. BaronVonTom

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    This........how many times do you see all 4 of your dd's dead in 5 mins with the enemy having all 4 of theirs still alive? I guarantee you will not win many battles when all of your dd's are dead in the first 5 or 6 minutes. The dd play at tier 10 is atrocious. Teams go a/c and the good enemy dd players take b and go right up the middle to spam torps on both sides. (I do this when I play dd). They dont get spotted and they dont get a scratch on them. When dd's fail it starts a domino effect that cannot be overcome easily.
  14. You obviously didnt read what I wrote.
  15. I want to start by saying I am not the least bit mad about spending money to get these two captains. My reason for posting is because during a world wide crisis and with people losing their jobs, spending an outrageous amount of money for two captains is about as heartless on WG's part as it gets. I am retired, house is paid off and I have money coming in. I have plenty of "entertainment" money. I have never really done the dice thing before so figured .....lets see what happens here. It took 57 attempts out of 61 to get the two captains. About 100 USA dollars. I get 7500 doubs back through the campaign once finished so 70 bucks total for two captains. Needless to say I will never spend money again on the "dice roll". Lets look at these captains.....the one with the long name has no special skills...nothing, and he comes to your port with 10pts. I stuck his useless butt on the tier 9 Swedish DD. This is where WG could have made money by giving this captain at least one special skill and make him only available through the dice roll with Swirski. But nope. Swirski has AA Gun aiming expert which is activated once you shoot down 20 planes (your continous aa damage goes up by 10% when activated). A good cv player should not be attacking this dd anyway because the AA is really good. He should only be spotting you. So this should never be activated if you are facing good cv players. The other skill is a 5% reduction in torpedo reload after getting 8 torp hits. This is not that hard to activate with 95 knot torps. BUT, 5% is only 4 secs so you go from 85 sec reload to 81 sec reload. You also get enhanced adrenaline capt skill for 2 pts. Yes you get the colored tracers, signal flare when activating these skills, and pennant. He comes to your port with 14 pts (for this amount of money, should have been 19pts). I put this semi useless captain on the tier 10 Halland. Yes you get a bunch of flags, coal and elite captain xp during the dice rolls. I do like the dragon flags so not totally wasted money. It is beyond my understanding that during a crisis and with people at home playing games.....wouldn't it make better sense to give folks a little bit of a break on stuff like this? Would more people spend the doubs if say you have 30 chances??? Seems to me that WG continues to show how out of touch they are with public relations. Bottom line....spending doubloons is not worth getting Swirski. He just isnt worth it. Get him through the campaign. Take your doubs and spend it on ships for doubloons or other things.