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  1. 75k xp mission bugged

    lol....why do anything to ensure the player base is happy? 24 hours for something that probably wouldn't take longer than an hour. Laughable.
  2. 75k xp mission bugged

    yes u are correct, it is not updating for me either.
  3. Here is an excellent article on the Coast Guard in ww2 from the Naval Institute. https://www.usni.org/magazines/navalhistory/2016-10/coast-guards-world-war-ii-crucible And another on the USCGC Icarus and the sinking of U-352 http://coastguard.dodlive.mil/2017/11/the-long-blue-line-cutter-icarus-and-the-sinking-of-u-352/
  4. I was awfully lucky I think. spent 180 dollars, mostly the 3 dollar boxes. 8 thousand doubloons. (used 5k for a perm camo for the Yamato) 75 wyvern flags 30 dragon flags 30 red dragon flags 300 Frosty Fir camo 180 days of premium time Okhotnik Giulio Cesar Mutsu Molotov Gallant Anshan DeGrasse Perth Warspite Kii Indianapolis Dunquerke My wife was kind enough to put 80 dollars worth of WoWs gift cards in my stocking this xmas and I used the Doubloons from the gift cards to buy the Texas and Tirpitz. Got a fleet of premiums now with about 3k in doubloons left over for future use. Pretty good haul.
  5. Wow...fantastic...best post of the year. +100 if I could.
  6. It hasn't been mentioned so i'll jump in. You obviously are looking for better play and better teamwork. Maybe look into joining a clan. There are many good ones out there. The trick is finding one that fits you. Doesn't hurt to look at the clan recruitment section and consider it.

    I hardly think its a scam. I also bought it and am 4-0 in it.
  8. Nahhhhh It's exactly as LWM said it would be and than some.
  9. So I put out the 25 bucks for her and switched out the 3 pt captain with a 12 pt captain. LWM's review, as usual, was right on!!!! I love this little BB. Averaged 75k damage and 3 kills per battle after 3 battles. She is a ton of fun....although some of it might be seal clubbing. In one battle I took 5 torps and did not die. She's a BEAST!!!!! Not quite sure if the HE or AP is better yet. But well worth the grind for those that want it free and definitely worth the 25 bucks. Received 250 doubloons in the container you get for first win in it.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Yea was good playin wif ya...we won both if I remember correctly.
  11. This....This....and This!!!! It was my understanding that they did try to save her from the scrapyard to have as a museum piece. Unfortunately, they couldn't raise the necessary money and secure a spot for her. The government should have stepped in and saved her at this point. Such a shame because it probably would have been the most visited ship in history.
  12. Best: Scharnhorst Worst: Anniversary containers today
  13. Anniversary Containers

    Sorry, no bright side to wasting your money on crappy flags.