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  1. You all realize the first Schnellboot that sinks a BB in random????..... that person will be on the forum screaming the schnellboots are op and need to be nerfed. lol
  2. Why hack? there's no money to be made? Inflated numbers? Any hacker that would do that for inflated numbers isn't much of a hack.
  3. Wow....complaining about dd's. I love dd's. especially the u.s. and german line. I gotta tell ya, with radar, hydro, cruisers and their expert captains that can hit us with that monster HE in a turn, planes that spot us at every damn spot on the map, HE that demolishes a dd, etc etc etc etc......ITS DAMN HARD PLAYIN A DD!!!! No more pickin on the cockroaches!!!!!
  4. The best thing about this show other than the writing, acting, and the host/narrator.......every actor/actress of the day wanted to be on it and most were.
  5. And the queen of comedy: Lucille Ball
  6. You didn't think you'd get by without a submarine tv series did ya? Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV Series and of course: Star Trek
  7. It is....in the post under honorable mentions. I was limited to 30 in the voting poll.
  8. That is one of those tall ship 17th century movies. Most of them are really good. I'll check it out.
  9. Added!!! Great movie. Added!!! Who doesn't love John Wayne?....and he always had good actors next to him. Atonement, while a great movie that won an Academy Award for Music Score, is classified a romantic drama.
  10. Yes. For about the last 3 weeks, the waiting times have been longer at even the lower tiers. I usually play early morning and never had to wait more than a minute at any tier except 9 and 10(always seems to be a wait at the highest tiers). But these last 3 weeks, 2-3 minutes sometimes.
  11. With maps becoming stale, lack of team play/clan wars. etc. What are your current ideas/plans for keeping veteran players on the site and bringing veteran player excitement back to the game?
  12. Current Vegas Odds On Ranked Meltdowns: Throwing Keyboard from living room to kitchen without it hitting the floor first: 5-1 Throwing monitor out 3rd floor condo window: 4-1 Punching hole in the wall next to computer: 6-1 Rage quitting: 6-1 Stopping at tier ten: 2-1 Blaming team mates for not ranking out: 1-1 Blaming WG for under performing ships: 10-1 Rigged MM: 3-1 Crappy RNG: 3-1 Slow Internet speeds: 4-1 Poor WG Server: 6-1 Lousy reward system: 2-1 Poor Play: Not recognized by odds makers because nobody admits to poor play
  13. enemy below is on the honorable mentions list and it is a great movie. Added 633 squadron to the honorable mentions list.
  14. Vegas Odds on Ranked meltdowns: Broken keyboards - 3 to 1 Smashed monitors - 6 to 1 Rage Quits - 2 to 1 Rigged MM 2 to 1 Rigged RNG - 2 to 1 Lack of Divisions - 8 to 1 Blaming Team mates 1 to 1 Poor Play - not recognized by the Vegas Odds makers
  15. a dev and cc watching.....guess what is coming next?