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  1. BaronVonTom

    new pan european destroyers

    You dont like these??? Halland can have 95 knot torpedoes at 12km......the guns arent all that bad although you really dont want to be in a knife fight. You actually have to learn how to play these properly. I for one will be making damn sure I have Halland in my port. I had a riot testing the Halland......way too much fun......just watching 95 knot torps is by itself fun but seeing ships unable to avoid them is even more fun.
  2. I have done the same thing Merc did over 300 battles at tier 10 using different ships. Interestingly enough, I had a ton more battles of wr% differences of 15% or more between the teams. And yes, the team with the higher wr percentage won the majority of the time. I no longer have those stats so cannot post them. We did it because we couldn't believe the high amount of wr percentage difference in teams at tier 10. It was disgusting. But our conclusions were pretty much spot on with Merc's conclusions....only the percent of percentage difference was somewhat different. I honestly believe that a large amount of battles would need to be sampled. Thousands. Some days we saw very high percentage differences in the teams.....as much as 22% difference. And some days we saw nothing higher than 5%. We typically played early morning NA time or early afternoon na time and maybe 15-20 battles a day. I believe Merc's stats are accurate and his conclusions are also accurate. But again, a much higher battle sample would be needed. I wonder if time of day would matter......and number on the server when sampling. I would bet it would matter as the MM can only deal with whoever is on at the time. So much more info would be needed to get a clear picture. For me,.....there are way too many battles with a 10% or more difference in wr's early morning NA time. I could care less about perfecting statistics....its pretty obvious to me...and obviously merc....what is going on and it is not pretty. Almost every battle, my clan mate and myself would ask the same thing....."how can this MM be like this?"
  3. BaronVonTom

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    I didnt say dont get it.....if you have the free xp like that laying around and dont want anything else.....go for it. Its not worth 2 million free xp when you can free xp up to get the Halland. And I did say it was simply my opinion.
  4. BaronVonTom

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    In my opinion, Halland is a far better dd. You can take the torpedo skill and get 91 knot torps at 12km, which nobody avoids if you are aiming properly. Smaland may have radar, but its short range short duration. Bottom line, the tier ten tech tree is way better and Smalland is not worth 2m free xp.
  5. BaronVonTom

    The weekend started early this week

    Ranked, Randoms, Operations.......its almost as if the game has become a little kids game now.
  6. BaronVonTom

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    For those of you interested this is a interesting site that tracks vessels underway........its amazing how many ships are on the water around the world at once. You can zoom in on this map and hover your mouse over the ships to get the name and destination on the ones that are known. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-76.2/centery:37.2/zoom:4
  7. BaronVonTom

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Yes is true.....and in those two cases, some serious bridge resource managementon the Navy ships was in question. In peacetime, they pretty much follow all the regualr rules....however...the big difference is with declared war by congress or implied war (middle east). Those navy vessels certainly operate under a different set of rules for all the obvious reasons. During WW2, U.S. military vessels would depart port (especially east coast) at night without navigation lights burning (for obvious reasons.....u-boats operating off the east coast of USA). The Coast Guard can take administrative action against USA licensed and documented civilian mariners.....but not against Navy or Coast Guard Captains. Thats a whole different set of investigative rules involving military ships that are involved in accidents. While the USCG can investigate Navy accidents, especially when involved with a commercial vessel, those reports are entered into the Navy Board of Inquiry, who in turn makes the final finding of facts,. recommendations, and actions against their Captain. So essentially you were partially correct. Its a messy situation when Navy or Coast Guard ships get into accidents, especially accidents with commerical shipping. You dont hear about too many accidents involving military ships. The selection as Commanding Officer is competitive...the training is far more involved than civilian license requirements. Only the best of the best get to Captain Navy and Coast Guard ships. And this is why you dont hear of many military ships getting into accidents. These guys are top of the line outstanding officers. One thing is for certain.....you do not want to be a Navy or Coast Guard Captain and get yourself into a maritime accident.....its pretty much a career ender.
  8. BaronVonTom

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    That is not entirely correct. When operating in United States waters, the USN must follow colregs and all Federal Regulations regarding navigation, including local rules established for harbors. As far as drugs and alcohol goes, yes, they have their own rules that lead to far worse ramifications, if violated, than federal regs.
  9. BaronVonTom

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    Being a retired USCG Maritime Accident Investigator, with over 3500 investigations, and successful prosecution in Administrative Law Court of 28 suspension and revocation hearings (only 1 revocation of a USCG issued license), Ops post is nice information to know but of little use in a game. In order to use the signals properly you would also have to learn international and maybe inland rules of the road if operating the game in the USA.......and navigation lighting requirements and what the various lighting arrangements mean (maybe some of you have heard the phrase "red over white, fishing at night"). You most certainly would not sound horn signals without knowing the proper maneuver for the situation you are in and that would also go for the captain you are encountering. All of this knowledge would take you quite a while to learn. Most real captains constantly study the Colregs and receive regular required training to obtain the license and for license renewal at the various maritime schools around the USA. As this game requires no experience, obtaining a real license requires experience and training depending on the type of USCG license you are getting. A very costly venture but one that is well worth it once you get it. The job pays very well. Just ask the retired captains we have playing this game, there are several. However, the Coast Guard giveth and the Coast Guard can taketh away if you are in a serious accident with death or injury involved. Even the lesser accidents can result in suspensions. And with all the collisions in game.....hell, I could have done 50,000 or more investigations in the three years I been playing this game....maybe more. You will also have to be randomly drug tested by the company (in this case WG), something I think some of our pot smoking friends here would fail and that is an automatic 1 year suspension of your license for first offense. A second offense could mean revocation of your license. Lets not even get into drinking which happens a lot in the game... USA federal regs have a maximum allowed BAC of 0.04. Yes thats right 0.04, which means 1 beer for a man of 180 pounds....but 2 beers and you are busted. one month to one year suspension depending on circumstances and the company would undoubtedly fire your [edited]. If in an accident, the urine test and breath test is mandatory. God forbid you are in an accident and cause a death or serious injury being the cause of the accident and test positive for drugs/alcohol. Say bye bye to your license and probably face criminal charges. And if you really want the big bucks and want to become a harbor pilot.....good luck trying to get into that profession. Tons of experfience, training, testing and who you know. But again, well worth it. It is hard enough for some people in game to avoid a collision in wide open water.....probably because of "head stuck in binoculars syndrome." Anyway.....I liked the post....informative....but not relevant in a game. There is a lot more to proper navigation and sailing than sound signals. Another fun fact....in a naval battle....colregs go right out the port hole and get deep sixed.
  10. BaronVonTom

    Parking tickets, how much in your city

    I live near telluride colorado and a parking ticket also means you get towed, so anywhere from 300$ on up for everything. And you dont ever want to get a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot, which people do stupidly.....that will be 1,000 dollars on up after towing.
  11. BaronVonTom


    Shmia is used a bunch in Clan Battles......its a good DD if played properly and you can avoid CV planes........definitely a stealth DD.
  12. BaronVonTom

    Test Ships given to Certain Clans.

    Incorrect. Privateers and clan testers also get them. Check Sirene's post as he goes more in depth.
  13. BaronVonTom

    Test Ships given to Certain Clans.

    Test ships cannot be played in operations or clan battles or coop UNLESS the devs want them tested in a certain environment. Randoms is where they almost always get tested.
  14. BaronVonTom

    Super Bowl LIV

    Chiefs, Chiefs and more Chiefs. Both teams have the offensive and defensive weapons with excellent coaching. I think this comes down to turnovers.
  15. BaronVonTom

    Test Ships given to Certain Clans.

    As a previous Supertester and now a Privateer.....these programs are pretty damn good. If you want to see the game from a different prospective I highly recommend them. I have not been a CC or CT but they look pretty good. One thing.....make sure you have the time to provide the help. Don't be afraid to apply even if you are below average. They take folks from all over the world and of all skill levels. You just need to be motivated and have the time. Additionally, when applying once the openings are announced, read and complete the application requirements to the tee.