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  1. Greifing

    It was 4 channels!!!! Don't forget the UHF channel!!!!! ABC/NBC/CBS and whatever the local UHF channel was. hahahahaha Man, that was.........many moons ago.
  2. If you gave it smoke, it would pretty much be a flint.
  3. I think eventually they will sell both steel and coal, This is a business. Maybe even include steel and coal in the premium ship packages......I can see the money rolling in. It sure seems like if you aren't part of the forum clique, you pay the price in many different ways.
  4. I totally agree with you on the radar, way too much of it and more new ships will have it? Eventually, too many ships will have it and dd's will go into the trash can. For now, have to find ways around it.
  5. Funny you should mention that. We had heard they were doing away with the 3 shima allowance (I dont recall where we heard that). Apparently, that was just a rumor because it is still allowed. 3 Haida's is also quite fun at tier 7.
  6. Totally agree.....we do pay close attention at battle start to enemy divisions and what they are comprised of. The big thing is getting the radar cruisers and dd's out of there. In the pic above there were actually 5 ships total just outside the cap (one a radar cruiser)....the dd in the cap that got hit with one torp spotted the torps and they all turned and ran which is why only one ship is showing. I don't see too many cruiser/dd divisions at tier 10 during the day, maybe there are more of them at night. Your post is a good one for all dd players to take caution with and maybe a hint that more clans should try playing radar cruiser/dd together.
  7. It was and is now. Can't see it in the above post, but there were 5 total ships trying to get into b.....they quickly left and only one shows above. It's a riot to do, but you have to be watching everything with all this radar now. Awesome to see others doing it.
  8. So with all the posts lately on dd play with radar, here is what we started doing playing in a division of 3 Shimas and the next battle a division of 2 Gearings. We don't take the cap, we CLEAR the cap, and trust me, when you see a spread like below, you do clear the cap. We can take the cap almost always after clearing it. In this case, we hit the dd with 1 torp and he left in a hurry. We took the cap and moved on to the next one. We stay together and were able to kill a gearing with the guns of 2 shimas. Here is the initial clearing spread and the battle results of all 3 shimas. Nothing quite like seeing 45 torps spread out through the entire cap. It is a beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful sight to behold. We do the same thing in the Gearing with 13 or 10 mile torps: Wanted to show the dd players this because in my opinion, there is a way to play with radar in the game. You just have to know, at all times, where the radar ships are and don't get over aggressive with your dd at battle start. Both the Shima battle and the Gearing battle we won, I wasn;t killed in the first one, but was at the end of the 2nd one due to my own stupidity and over confidence. In this Gearing battle, the other team lemming trained and that made us drool on our keyboards.....we stayed 10-12 miles back (outside of the radar range) with the 13 mile torps and just shot spreads of torps at the enemy.....I had 12 torp hits and my division member had 5 hits. Only 2 kills this battle between us but flooding damage galore. With the 10 mile torps, you have to be extra careful you don't get too close to those pesky radar rats. Bottom line guys: Know the radar and the ranges.....and division up with your clan mates in dd's. It is one helluva lot of fun and you can wreak total havoc once you get the hang of your strategy against the radar. Communication within the division is KEY! Sooooooooooooooooooo......division up with clan mates using the same dd's and let the torps FLY and the guns shoot straight! Too many of the dd players are dying too quickly because they are over aggressive at battle start!
  9. Nobody should have made a statement regarding changes to premiums. The proper response is "There are currently no plans to make any changes to the Belfast." Simple. Premium buyers get extremely nervous when comments like this are made. There is proof of that all over this forum.
  10. Yep...I was aware of that, but I got it after that offer. My concern is if they start changing premiums, why should we buy a premium at all? I am quite surprised anyone would make such a statement until they decide to actually make the changes, whether it was a WG employee or community rep.
  11. You said MAY NEED CHANGES.......that's not something you say to people who already have the Belfast. It can mean Nerf or Buff.....BUFF? I think not, so nerf seems the logical choice. Yes....a refund option should be made available if they go changing an existing premium. And, if they do start changing existing premiums, why buy a premium ship at all?
  12. Agreed. Lately seems to be a lot of battles ending in 8 - 10 mins with 8 or 9 ships dead in that same time frame. All the dd's dead in 5 mins. Nobody can carry a team like this. During the day, it seems to be happening a ton at tier 10.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    Nice Wulf!!! +1 Unfortunately, most of the people that need this list dont come to the forum. Wish there was a way to publish this outside the forum. Also, with the Belfast I have 4 radar charges with the upgrade.
  14. Just once, when these threads are started, would love to see a WG rep respond with something....ANYTHING....just respond.
  15. Haida Has Arrived

    I already killed 2 of them in my belfast.....BUT, I bought the Haida based on LWM's review and I really like it. It's a pretty good DD!!!!