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  1. I have been saying this for 2 years. There are many reasons why people have below average stats.....handicaps, aging with slow reflexes, medical reasons, poor eyesight, and of course, those that don't care whether they learn the game or not. Quite a few people could care less about any of the stats available to them. They just want to play. People need to think before they post trashing the below average players.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Win rate doesn't tell the full story. What does matter to me is making sure I get above average damage for the particular ship I am playing. As long as I can consistently do that, I am improving and win rate should follow suit. This has been discussed for the 2 years I've been here. Bottom line: get rid of the bad players and the waiting times increase drastically. The site would fail. Below average players make up the majority of the game, I would bet 55-60% of the player base. Unicums (60% or better) are a small percentage, I would bet 8-12 percent of the site, and the rest of us fall above average. No way is the average win rate 50%, I would bet average win rate for the site is closer to 43-46%.
  3. 19pt captain in the nikolai, texas, warspite, and kamikaze. I play these a lot so might as well keep the 19 pters in them.fficient.
  4. For all the Division Naysayers

    That actually happened this morning. Two dd unicums divisioned up slaughtered our 2 warspites and our cruiser. I gotta tell ya, we learned some valuable lessons out of these 2 dd players. Absolutely fantastic play on their part,,,,,, an aigle and a japanese dd (cant remember which one but was tier 5).
  5. For all the Division Naysayers

    Play during the day? Early morning NA time? there's a ton of nasty in the mornings.
  6. For all the Division Naysayers

    Outstanding. Hopefully your showing people HOW to properly play a cv.
  7. For all the Division Naysayers

    Exactly. It is how I learned after stupidly racing up the line over a year ago. I had to go back and learn the game and u do that playing against good solid players....not at tier 8-10.
  8. For all the Division Naysayers

    Carrying a game and getting 10-12 is not the same. I never once said carry. I simply showed this to show the point that divisions matter because of the nasty chat lately saying divisions don't matter and clans aren't worth the effort. Most of it is probably anger out of being one salvo'd to death. I will add one more thing to the person above who said if I see it at tier 8 I will be impressed. IMO, the best way to learn this game is at tiers 4 through 7. Once you get to tier 8, you better know how to play or be deleted in less than 6 mins. There are some great players at the higher tiers and I doubt any division could get 10 out of 12 kills these days. Mainly because of those great players who make it difficult to citadel much less kill. Can you carry a battle in a division at tiers 8-10??? Damn right you can as we see all the time. There are also very bad players at the higher tiers. They haven't learned a damn thing about the game or the ships......race up the line......full speed ahead, fire guns, fire torps and die in less than 5 mins. I love the fact that people play the lower tiers who are good. Some of them are great players and that is the best way to learn to play this game,.......against good players before you get to tiers 8-10. Hopefully with good players playing the lower tiers, people will learn that sailing broadside in a cruiser equals deletion. Sailing straight lines in a bb means a dd is going to delete you in less than a minute, and dd's that race up to fire torps and die in less than 3 mins is no way to play a dd. Additionally, WG sells premium ships at tiers 3 through 9. I have 43 of them at every tier available and that is all i play now except the tier 10's. Call it pay to win or pay to play.....it is neither.....you still have to know how to play the ships to be good in them...PERIOD. A bad player is a bad player no matter the ship.
  9. For all the Division Naysayers

    LOL The usual negative posters are out in force as usual on the forum. For those of you that think it is sooooooooooooo easy to get 10 out of 12 kills seal clubbing in a division, I await your posts showing it. As far as the pay to win posters go, I see many premium ships that don't last 5 minutes in a battle. No matter what you say, it still requires at least some sense of knowing how to play.
  10. Got my Aigle, now what?

    Some of us who play together are playing the Aigle like a light cruiser and it is working out pretty good for us. It is definitely a gun boat IMO. And it seems to take damage pretty good if you can get out of trouble quickly. I like it a lot. Fun to play.
  11. Game is broken

    Racing up the line to get bigger, badder ships doesn't make you better. Nor does it give you better stats. I found this out the hard way. If you are already a bad player......bigger, higher tier ships will make you....worse than you were at the lower tiers. If you learn anything from this game, it's you must LEARN to play the game and LEARN to play each of the ships you have as each one plays differently. Concerning dd's: In case you haven't noticed, dd's typically win quite a few battles for teams. Don't believe me? Check which team has the dd's left at the end of a battle and who wins. A great dd player on a team is a huge plus....and if you get more than one great dd player.....stand by for heavy rolls to port and starboard.
  12. This is what a good division can do that has been playing together for awhile. Admittedly, we were kinda surprised with this result as well. Convinced more than ever, and the unicums already know this, that divisions are the way to go in clans. 10 out of 12 kills and 1,2,3. Been hearing alot lately in chat that being in a clan doesn't matter.......ummmm yes it does.
  13. An interesting article posted today about the mystery surrounding the largest navy ship of the time, a WW1 Transport ship....USS Cyclops: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/14/more-than-100-years-later-great-mystery-vanished-uss-cyclops-remains-unsolved.html
  14. Movies. Worth seeing?

    Saving Private Ryan........according to the ww2 vets that served at d-day and saw the movie, the opening 30 minutes of the movie are the most realistic scenes they have ever seen in any war movie. Das Boot (The Boat).......according to ww2 submariners this movie is the most realistic portrayal of life aboard a submarine during the war. The depth charge scenes are about as realistic as you can get in a movie. The acting and cinematography are outstanding. In harms Way (john wayne, kirk douglas, and an all star cast including a very young larry hagman)......can't beat this movie, than again.....it's john wayne/kirk douglas....enough said. The Enemy Below......a battle of wits and strategy between a destroyer captain and u-boat captain. Superb acting and story line. If you can stomach a miniseries....The Winds of War (Robert Mitchum, Ali MacGraw, Jan-Michael Vincent and Victoria Tennant) and the sequel War and Remembrance. All star cast which involves a monster of a ww2 story line and many hours of watching. This mini-series was widely watched and hailed when it first aired in 1983. War and Remembrance had a change with some cast members but continued the story to its eventual end. Another widely watched ww2 miniseries that received many awards and is excellent........Band of Brothers
  15. Premium Ship Preview: Asashio 0.7.2

    Outstanding review LWM as always. I think if it gets released as is, I would probably buy it. If for no other reason......this is different and could be a ton of fun to play. It does seem like the skill level will be high to make this work properly. Certainly not a ship for the DD suicide experts that roam the tiers.