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  1. Best: Scharnhorst Worst: Anniversary containers today
  2. Sorry, no bright side to wasting your money on crappy flags.
  3. This....and it is no better buying the event containers.
  4. Let me clear, I wasn't expecting special flags or a ship (I already got a ship a month ago, so probably wont see another and that is fine). When you spend money on special event containers at least mix them up so you get some reg flags and some economic flags. This is not asking for much. Spend money, get what you spend. In the case of these containers, you are not getting what you spend.
  5. So I bought a 14.99 package of 6 containers. Totally disappointed. No economic flags, all regular flags. Camo was ok but geeeez. I figured if I bought the containers would at least get the economic flags. You do get the eco flags with the tier 10's which is great. I have 4 tier 10's so 4 containers. I don't see the premium shop containers being worth your money.
  6. Cool birthday info. The British BB's probably self exploded this morning due to the overpowered HE causing the site to go down.
  7. I dont have a problem with the HE so much as the super-duper heal.
  8. They don't look at the score or time, where their team mates are at when they fire torpedo's, and they don't look at where they are going because their heads are stuck in the binocs for 5 minutes. You want them to look at the map????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  9. Last time I checked, there are 3 ways to win this game and they all fit together. Caps, Damage, and Kills. You don't get kills without the damage, you don't get caps and keep them without the kills. Drives me absolutely crazy to agree with Lance, but he is right with this post. Call these things whatever you want to call them. You cannot win a battle without "farming damage" and "stealing kills." Caps are also important. If I am wrong here, please tell me how because I cannot possibly see how you win a battle without the above mentioned 3.
  10. Director Ridley Scott is in pre production for a new Battle of Britain movie. With Scott at the helm, you know the cast will be good. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/apr/04/ridley-scott-to-direct-battle-of-britain-passion-project-movie Leyte Gulf would be a good one to make. I don't know how you could squeeze into 2.5 hours but the naval battles for Guadalcanal might be a fun movie to make,.
  11. Does WG ensure our security when we make purchases? I would hope so.