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  1. updated, server still not available
  2. Tried that and it didn't work, it looks like I need to reinstall
  3. Ahh, I will try that next time I have the chance thank you!
  4. Every time I did that it would open up the game center
  5. Did that and the app was closed, thank you though.
  6. Hello all, i played for a couple hours yesterday with no issue. today when I tried to start the game, with Game Center it would say the game is running but it would not start up, I would have to restart my computer to have the option to start the game again. I tried system restore, checking game integrity, reinstalling Game Center, the only thing I have not done is reinstall the game as I have been using a wifi hotspot with limited data, I have been playing this game for 3 years on this laptop with no issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. You suck

    So would I, one of the reasons why i choose this profession lol
  8. You suck

    Yes it is, problem with my profession is that everyone is working right now lol, I'm either on 24/7 or off 24/7 there isn't any in between.
  9. You suck

    I'm back home for atleast a couple weeks, so I'm just relaxing.
  10. You suck

    Oh look, more comments from the peanut gallery, oh wait I can't say peanut gallery unless I ask if it offends you, does that offend you?
  11. You suck

    Oh sorry about that. Not sure, I've been out of the bar scene a while, lol
  12. You suck

    Yes sir I do, spending it very "smartly" as you can see. I think I lost some IQ points though
  13. You suck

    Still here? Let me know when you want to get back to the original topic
  14. You suck

    Depends, I have done 8 month hitches with msc to as little as 20 days, all depends where they need me. my reserve time when I get off or in between. MSC has a 200-300% 3rd officer pool right now and the over capacity with other pools to.