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  1. So would I, one of the reasons why i choose this profession lol
  2. Yes it is, problem with my profession is that everyone is working right now lol, I'm either on 24/7 or off 24/7 there isn't any in between.
  3. I'm back home for atleast a couple weeks, so I'm just relaxing.
  4. Oh look, more comments from the peanut gallery, oh wait I can't say peanut gallery unless I ask if it offends you, does that offend you?
  5. Oh sorry about that. Not sure, I've been out of the bar scene a while, lol
  6. Yes sir I do, spending it very "smartly" as you can see. I think I lost some IQ points though
  7. Still here? Let me know when you want to get back to the original topic
  8. Depends, I have done 8 month hitches with msc to as little as 20 days, all depends where they need me. my reserve time when I get off or in between. MSC has a 200-300% 3rd officer pool right now and the over capacity with other pools to.
  9. Mostly ww2, and politics I have read stuff from the revolutionary war though. I try and bring a couple books onboard at the beginning of my hitch and finish em by the time I get off
  10. Same one that defends you because you are incapable of it?
  11. You got me all figured out. Nice one sweetheart
  12. Thanks bro not into reading and I do enough of it while I am onboard, I'm more into history though. but I find this relaxing right now atleast. Feel free to lock her up at anytime.
  13. A shining example of entitlement right here. ^^
  14. Sorry man I really don't, just got off the ship two days ago and it's been raining.
  15. If you take offense to being called sweetheart then you need thicker skin. It's not an insult