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  1. @NikoPower Come down to the gulf/southern region. You all are doing all of this donation stuff to vets? Houston, Tampa and Jacksonville are huge towns for vets. Come on down to the Gulf and put something on for all of these troops working their Corgi butts off for the hurricanes @LittleWhiteMouse, @iChase-hybrid Canadian penguin/Queens Corgi wiggle @Notser, @NoZoupForYou, museums y'all... We got monuments for days down here. Name a branch of the military, hell even NASA, we got a museum. Battleships, Carries and Space Ships(the best, not kidding, place on Earth is Cape Canaveral) @NikoPower bring WG down to the gulf
  2. Don't do that. Don't run in boots. March in boots, even quickly. Don't run. Put on a ruck, load it DOWN. 100 pounds? Start at 50ish, full load and all the crapyou can put on. Boots, helmet, uni/acu's?, Ruck/backpack/something, Chest/back weight to mimic body armor. (High up on the torso). Weigh yourself without all your crap on, and then do the same but full load. Start at 50-60ish, that is a common infantry load. Then work up. Elevation change is good. It's called a quicktime or 100 steps per minute'ish, 'ish because you should be a bit over. Something like 115-125, its a slow fast walk. When you do P.T. and run in formation it's the thing in-between Good explanation: As a regular troop I was never asked to "run" in formation or on a hard surface in boots. You wear proper fitting running shoes for that. When you get into things like Ranger training it's different, they are trying to break you down. Endurance, weight, pace. Build on those. Don't run in boots. @DeliciousFart
  3. @Estimated_ProphetMy game is struggling, been a bit but it's still fun. Love-love-love the new PvE, the amount of content "possible" is endless. @RedSeaBearI read this in a Sean Connery checking his cell notification voice. Forum is wrecked \|/ The @ feature is good forumism, am fan.
  4. Play some boats, Irma be damned hmmmm, now check the intrawebbes Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup Boats Oh well, still had fun Enjoy your AC
  5. My MSI VR Ready GE72VR Apache Pro-009 17.3"(its sthatsitiscs-----amazon link) its an amazing machine. Love it, the fans/cooling are way oversized and keep temps down. The LT face is made out of metal and is sturdy, easy to clean and also stays cool. KB is large, lit and also sturdy. Power cords/supply are great and like everything else sturdy. Screen is great, love the entire PC and have 0, I repeat 0 issues of any kind(SSD is small) over 9 months a corsair K65, a Logi502, 71 cm Acer UHD(crisp, great monitor) and my Phone... also a part of my rig Verizon Unlimited plan as a hotspot, I get throttled after a set amount(they change it constantly and even when they do I never notice unless streaming Sling/Netflix/etc) but I usually get 30 down and 20 up, I average 50-60g a moth with about 1/3 boats if I play a lot) it works really well and no Cable Company,
  6. Peace y'all, been real. PM me in game or the messenger on here. <0

  7. Nuke it.... Nuke it from orbit.
  8. Before WTR was even a thing, or before it was a popular metric little emphasis was placed on kills for Battleships in particular. Low RoF and a measurable amount of available shots through a round, the ability to do massive chunks of damage in one salvo, imo damage is a better metric for Battleships. Cruisers should pick up kills, Cruiser cousins RU DDs as well.
  9. I haven't pulled 300 in any round, WD OP. It is a marathon for sure.....
  10. I don't understand the ridiculous emphasis on Kills, asinine...