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  1. I'm glad it's split....
  2. Nothing.. Well the Game must be awful.. it's not. Whatever.
  3. It's good, really good. Playing on PC and haven't had any issues, the Campaign is really great and for a AAA was worth the $$$ imo. Not sure about Multi-player yet but the zombie-mode is stupid fun. Boots back on the ground.
  4. run

    And he has been [edited]with me all night. I'm just happy I found him. Dude hates my guts, had no clue. Now I can make sure I keep him in mind when I post crap. I don't get many tries, many people like him have reported me over. Over. And over. Is what it is, people like puli, most hate me. So, my question is whether the rules apply....
  5. run

    Naaaa Let it ride
  6. run

    No... It's Pulis thread. If it was mine or anyone else it would have been locked 4 hours ago. It's not, so.. That's my point.
  7. run

    It's cool bro, you can straight [edited] with me, I can't do anything. It's your world. I am the usual [edited]. Insanity is expecting some other result, I have been doing this for two years. You win bro. Enjoy it. Live it up, I say something I get reported. By well.... You. You attack me, nothing. So. You win
  8. run

    No... It is what it is. You must think you are smart af or something Like a cat wizard, bruh. I know the rules, I have been screwed with enough. You can do whatever... No one cares. I'm insane, I suck, I'm a lunatic. Bleh... Whatever bro. I didn't report you once
  9. run

    I wouldn't know about them, last tolim I lived in the forums I lived in fear. Of getting reported by you. Mash that button homie. You good at it. Im trying to survive in your world, apparently WGs work. If I [edited] with another person like this I would've been banned already.... You... I guess not, yet special
  10. run

    Refresh hero
  11. run

    Ok... You seem an [edited], it's cool. Niko, or whoever may not calm you down. But, you are coming across like an [edited]. You can talk crap, put me down. Nothing happens. It's cool Edits... Meanwhile, I have been banned, shut Down and scared off. I can't post on here for fear of... Well I guess this guy. He can say whatever, no issues, yet I live in fear....
  12. run

    again, you can do whatever. you report me. i get wrecked. you have fun, [edited] around. nothing
  13. run

    I love these Forums, you can attack me personally. You can straight go after me. Nothing happens to Puli. You have been around forever, right? HE IS A CAT!!!!
  14. I just want a Paper USN boat. Can we have one, T9+. Because the United States is so open(laugh if you want) all our blueprints are on the internet. Plus we actually built amazing ships. It's a Russian Game. Period. The best USN DD isn't even USN it's Chinese... Whatever... DDs are dead af
  15. This thread.... It's a group think mentality. Add in the ability to VoIP and people hang out in a voice chat, come on here and do their thing. It's a forum, people have been doing this for a long time. You have White Knights/SJW, Trolls, players actually looking for knowledge/help and people that live on here. Is what it is, there is a reason many games aren't doing these. Or trying not to... Welcome to the Internet.