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    i am set for auto update, but seems it doidnt do it this time, thanks


    tried to log in, says I have to update, but I cant find where I do that.... can someone point me to it, thanks....
  3. doesnt work..... nbo one can get anywhere without being spotted, group up and the cvs attack with all the got dropping torps bombs rockets into the pack.... the game is impossible to play....the maps are too small for this new gameplay....

    is this a joke?

    same for me in my baltimore, fully topped up, 3 cvs attacked me with a billion bombs and torpedoes..lol... and that's a lot of torpedoes and bombs I know, but, it sure felt like it....best part is, i didnt even shoot down 1 planes...lol..and being constantly spotted no matter where you are on the map.....joke

    DD mains are in trouble. I had no counter to rockets.

    i just sit at the back now, no sense in moving, all that happens is i get spotted constantly and shot to bits.... i play 3 games now, geta crate, then log off and play another game.. sorry, i can't defeat 3+ squads of planes at once in my oped out balt with full aa and a lvl 19 captain... i give up.. hope you fix this because right now, the game isnt fun to play, i find it unplayable, im sorry for the negativity but, theres no longer any wind in my sails...
  6. the maps are too small for this new gameplay..... everyone's spotted constantly...

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    my fully decked out balt shot down no planes, even though 3 squads were attacking me, cant dodge the torps as well, spotted all the time, and cant shoot down the planes... so much for playing, i decided to sit by the cvs the whole game as why move, no point, the maps are too small to deal with this update...play 3 games, get a crate, and go play another game... and 3 cvs in one game, oh what fun....

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    thanks for this, im going to sell all mine right now.

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    n o offense, but im done, im not playing until the hoards of planes that i cant shoot down with a baltimore with top aa is fixed.. personally, i can't play like this... the torps r so fast i cant even turn a cruiser away, sorry for the negativity but it is very frustrating. all i'm going to do is camp beside the cvs and wait till the game is over. 3 cvs in one game is a bit much.

    Impossible to win 50 battles in Twilight Battle

    ive played 5 games and Im done with it, the subs was amazing, this one is outright completely beyond boring.... I cant do this over and over and over.... big massive failure whoever made this.....