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  1. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    Good for you Mouse!
  2. Yeah, that 7th Mission Directive was asking a bit much. You had to get 2 ships to 39,000 base XP in the allotted time. I was fortunate to bypass that second 39K XP directive by scoring either a Kraken or a Random Game XP of 2500 or so. Can't remember which. That was too long a row to hoe.
  3. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    Random Game Matching Update I would like to see the Random game spawn, factor a weighted Win Ratio and "Squaded" Clans Division compensator to the Random "Teams Drop". I have always believed it is inherently unfair to allow competitive King of the Sea clans to Division in Random and club "Baby Seals" on the opposing team without an effort to equalize the contest. Some of these "Squading"/Division Clans do this to increase their probability of success. It's just not right and screams for correction.
  4. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Game has turned into a turd storm.

    Many of the top players adopt that standoff battle position, especially in BB's and CA's. (Standing Off with Radar and Air Spotting) When you spawn with a team of "safe players" its very easy to lose control of the zones quickly, be caught in a "Catch Up" game and sacrifice of ships trying desperately to alter the Captured Zone scenario before its too late. Logically, teams have to be evenly matched heading into game. Pure Random with "Squading Clanmates" is a recipe for disaster in such games. It needs fixed in the "Spawn".
  5. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Random Thoughts

    - Admins tend to stick their noses in spots they don't belong. - The Superships need a Bonus Package that includes significant "Bonus to Credit" augmentation. Sure you can apply "Expendable Bonuses" but currently for a 4,800 Doubloon Bonus Package Upgrade there is no increase in Bonus to Credit with the Patrie. It's the Credit Cost that makes playing the Patrie difficult. Wargaming needs to fix that with a permanent Bonus Package where Bonus to Credit is increased. It will make buying the Bonus Package Worthwhile. Right now purchasing a Bonus Package is "Meeeeeeeeh". - Random is not Random. When Clans can create their own squad in Random, the game balance is tilted unreasonably. How is a contest "Random" when 9 of the ships are "randomly" selected, but a King of the Sea Clan enters three players with 60 percent plus win rates in a Random Squad? How is that matchup in any way considered "Random"? It is not. I believe these Clans do this to "Guard" their Win Percentage. (Who wants to enter a game and randomly be assigned a whole Sack of Potato Heads? ) but, for others, Spud Teams happen. Not certain what the answer is, other than for Random, to not be Random and for the "Spawn" to factor both Win Rate and Experience in the initial team "drop". You don't want to prevent buds from playing together, but they can't tilt the playing field. Its not fair to the vast majority of other players. (For the loyal Wargamer, it would be nice to get an accurate recitation of what is involved in the spawn.) - Has the game been overcome by "Powercreep" and become too difficult to play? Especially for the beginner? Before you rush to snap judgement upon that consideration, factor invincible "Speed of Light" Carrier Strikes, Ineffective AA, (Likely designed to protect the Carrier players Doubloon investment), A good Carrier Captains ability to further tilt a game that has already spawned "lopsided", Submarines that further erode the "Undetected" ability of stealth ships, Damage per Minute Powercreep that continually works to render older ships obsolete, Destroyers that use to be the game's stars until hydro and radar were available to every ship down to mid tiers, Subs with sonar and constant overhead air sorties. The Fun Police have certainly busted the undetectability game of the Destroyer Captain. (God Bless him for footing the bill in the early years though. what would we have done without him / her!) Did I let my bias out? I hate Destroyer captains, though not as much as Carrier Jocks now. With the latest Resource Coupon I just got the Marceau. I think I got it up to about 54 knots without a speed flag. Really? 54 knots is about 62 mph. Really? I don't think so. It shouldn't take 30 eight inch shell hits to destroy any Destroyer. (More like 4) But with DD's having to protect themselves from Carriers / Planes (Jets) and Subs, what are they gonna do with their heretofore financiers of the game? There's a lot going on in Warships. Situation awareness is critical. It's a skill that is not picked up overnight. How can Wargaming possibly bring in new players with the complexity involved? Guess, have them progress through the Tier system, but you run into players often with 100 total random games playing a Tier 9 or 10 they acquired and laughing at their predicament. (New golf clubs never helped a novice golfer either!) I used to play with guys that partied while playing. I don't think that is possible anymore. We can thank Wargaming for advancing sobriety and alcohol awareness. - Whats next? Well you know those Swedish Destroyers with the missile tubes on the bow? Missiles are most definitely coming. They will have a "locking" feature similar to the sonar pings emitted by submarines. Maybe coordinated with spotting aircraft from the "Fun Police". With their ingenuity, there are no limits in the quest to obsolete what you have! We should demand strict Tier Assignment. (Tier 8 only with Tier 8) However, with intentional Powercreep someone has to be the 'easy target" right? - Now...and most importantly, we miss Dasha. Natali and Julls are certainly beautiful women, but we have a history with Dasha. We started with her and we grew with her. She was our first and our dearest. What follows is my poem for Dasha, in part proving that I indeed did win the Deck Poets Society contest last year, but was robbed of my prize similar to how one can be robbed of a Premium Ship by intentional Powercreep: Remember when you said hello?... It wasn't all that long ago. We listened close and learned from you... The things you said, we knew were true. You showed us how the bond can grow. Commitment was the seed you sowed. Your visage then remains here now. It's stayed with us and circled round. Oh Dasha!
  6. Gentlemen and Ladies, here was the "Deck Poets Society" Winning entry. No Dasha, No Peace! I was sailing over... the North Atlantic Ocean. I met Miss Bourgogne and her cannon in poor weather. First, she took my steering and then she took my engine. She said, "Be still, let me kiss you, you'll never have one wetter". She took all my lovin... and it hardly made impression She took all my lovin... and it left me with this lesson She swore that she loved me... and never would she leave me. But Neptune take that woman... Yeah ya know she tricked me easy! Being wet and weary... I knew not Bourgogne's nature. Moving always closer... I never saw the danger. Priority Target Alerted... and ever closer to my vessel. Her cannon locked upon me... and she fired with all her barrels! Mucho Rain... Rain a do... Rain a da Whack for her Daddy-o Whack for her Daddy-o There's water in her kisses. Now some men like a fishin... and some men like the fowling. Some men like to hear... hear the cannon ball roarin. Me, I liked seeing Miss Bourgogne at her finest. But here I am without her... in the deep and darkest water. Mucho Rain... Rain a do... Rain a da Miss Bourgogne made a fool of me. Miss Bourgogne made a fool of me. There's water in her kisses.
  7. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Missing the Mouse

    Hang in there little mouse.
  8. Do_Doch_Nicht

    My quick review of the Hampshire

    After earning the Navigator Tokens (2), Hampshire was also in the Third Random slot and I also acquired her with credits. (3,500,000 or the cost of a Navigator Token). I was also worried about the bow armor, but this ship has a Citadel bulkhead and sheath covering that make it very strong against cruisers. I'd suggest a long slow look at the armor and the various plates installed. Perhaps its slow top speed is related. Another concern for me was the AP not being up to taking out destroyers, as that is my game. Destroyers hate me and I hate them! Its personal. However the A.P. Blaps destroyers very very well. And the reload of 10 seconds is quite enjoyable. I think the crowd here is underrating a ship they don't possess. Fine. As for fighting at Range....lol.......Look at the armor, hydro and reload. This is not a range ship. Come on man. Heal or Smoke might make this one of the best Tier VIII in the game. But handled well, heal is Meh.
  9. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Can't even dismiss the Pan Am Commander?

    No one ever accused the creators at being adept in English nor Logic.
  10. Do_Doch_Nicht

    The Clydebank Dockyard: Construction of Marlborough

    The WoW Marlborough was Nevah built.
  11. Do_Doch_Nicht


    First off be clear naysayers...This is my opinion, based in fact. I don't want to hear the Forum Trolls chiming in with their knee-jerk lower anatomy opinions. I won't read them anyway. This post is NOT to open up a Female Dog Fest Tit for Tat...Get it?...Got it? ...Good! (You know who you are.) I am tired of the UP LEVEL power creep in game play. Sick of it is a more accurate phrase. I have level 10 ships and now with "Superships", Levels have for all purposes gone up to Tier 11 or 12. I'm not going to play them. With Superships, (And new German upper Tiers), BB's are now massive Torpedo carrying Destroyers. Guns weren't enough...no BB's now can push in and Torpedo whatever they wish. Nicely Done Cashgaming! ( Yeah, I modified their name you Woof Woofs!) I prefer to play Level 8 or lower so the games don't become Pure Arcade. But what has happened is the "Stealth Game" has effectively been taken away from strategic players. First it was never ending sorties of Carrier Aircraft, which is doubly the farce in 2 Carrier games. (Thankfully, I have not been exposed to one of those games in a while, but that is part of this Well Founded GRIPE you Canines! and I will address it in a bit.) After the Joke of Carriers and the incessant power creep there with Armor Penetrating Dive Bombers and the charade of Skip Bombers and wave after never ending wave of fictions. (And what about that fiction FDR Carrier's Torpedo Bombers with the phalanx of Torpedoes...what a canard!) It was bad enough. Then the undetectable submarine was introduced for Ruble Consideration resulting in an almost complete inability to remain undetected. Oh.. don't get me wrong, there are engagements where one can be relatively stealthy, however that is generally in the lower Tier games. (Tier 8 and lower). In that regard, attached is a link where I was able to use stealth in a rare game. My main gripe is that I don't want to face Ragneroks, or Druidroks, or Delnyroks or Markerroks in the vast majority of games I load when I'm loading a Tier 8. Is that too much to ask Wargaming? It's bad enough to run into a new DD you've never heard of before more often than is appropriate. But can't you at least get the Tiers more evenly aligned in gameplay? Why is it that you insist upon forcing me, with my Tier 8 Cruiser, into upper level gameplay 90 percent of the time? You know why I haven't seen a 2 Carrier game in a while Wargaming? It's because you appear to restrict the 2 Carrier fiction to games which have Tier 6-8 battles. Come on Man. Part Time Potato (Or how to tease a Pommern) - YouTube
  12. Its apparent Wargaming is going to force subs down the communities throat regardless of the majority opinion. Once they begin selling Submarines, and make no mistake that is their goal, Subs will be entrenched into the game because Wargaming will contend, "We sold people a product and an expectation, therefore we must honor it." Its' a load of Huey of course. The game Submarine has been a testing disaster, but they can charge for them and that's their bottom line. If it comes to pass without avenues of opting out, some will leave the game. If they Nerf them to insignificance the Subbers will scream bloody murder that they lost the benefit of their bargain. Whats clear is that in a game already making Stealth obsolete with multiple carrier games and never ending flights of plane sorties, the Sub's degradation of the Stealth element makes strategy and timing to arrive unnoticed even more vitiated. Next great idea Wargaming comes up with will undoubtedly be to arm the cruisers and destroyers with the missiles their hull shows them with. Expect to be hit from outer space by laser guided missiles. That's a game addition they can certainly charge large fees for. After that I'm convinced it will be "The Death Ray From Space". They can launch it from a monitoring satellite and perhaps charge hundreds of dollars. Gotta keep the game fresh and the rubles flowing in. Maybe for once they'll be fair and allow long time players to "Opt Out" of sub games. Or at least opt out of multiple sub games. Ahhhhhh, one can dream! Incredulous
  13. Do_Doch_Nicht

    Small Poll On The State Of Subs

    Subs are an abomination. How original for someone from wargaming to defend them.
  14. You are always going to run into Homers and Knuckleheads that don't support your clear logic. Heck, there's entire anti-logic contrarian Belief Systems out there! For what it's worth, your view is supported. If the ship is in your port because you took Wargaming / Twitch's "Good Faith" Offer to use Twitch and be rewarded. You are rewarded or you are not! You have the ship or you do not. The artifice is that you do not! Remember the Christmas Crate Deceit involving Random drops that were in fact Not random? This is how it works. Remember who these folks are.