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  1. CelestialSwan

    Most gratifying 'Devastating Strike' for you

    The most memorable Dev Strike for me, was in my New Mexico, against the tier 6 German Cruiser (don't ask me to spell it). He was all over the place, shells from my allies landing to all sides of him, some hitting him but most of them missing. I traced his course, but instead of firing directly where he was going to be should he follow a straightline path, I took a gamble, and fired in a different location, predicting his turn to avoid my shells. Sure enough once I open fired, I become detected, he begins manuevering, my shells land directly into his citadel, and he's dead. I receive a Dev Strike, and a congrats from the now sunk player. The most recent dev strike I accomplished, was in my Iowa against ARP Myoko. Greece map, and the Myoko was behind an island, giving me a lovely broadside. I notice that the indicator of terrain being in the way, wasn't on my screen, so I popped my shot. Never saw it coming, 39,200 damage later (3 citadels) and he is gone. Thought the island would provide him cover, which was why he showed broadside. He learned a valuable lesson in shell trajectory from this experience... or at least I hope he did. Sadly, I went stupid, and gave broadside to enemy Georgia, thus ending the game for me.
  2. CelestialSwan

    New Upgrades swapping question...

    where can I read about these changes?
  3. CelestialSwan

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    Yay, I am able to start this collection. Flags and camo for me. Though I need to finish Azur Lane Collection first (1-5 more pieces before it is completed).
  4. CelestialSwan

    Just noticed a torpedo dodging mod

    Maybe you timetravelled without noticing.
  5. CelestialSwan

    Stop scroll the bloody carousel!

    I didn't mean to sound like there might have been a problem. I was just stating a sad fact, about our limitations in this game.
  6. CelestialSwan

    Just noticed a torpedo dodging mod

    And the lord said: let this thread be necroed. And so it was.
  7. CelestialSwan

    Stop scroll the bloody carousel!

    we have our resolution to the highest our monitor allows
  8. CelestialSwan

    Stop scroll the bloody carousel!

    I am unable to use 3 or 4 rows, my cousin and I are stuck to 1 or 2 rows.
  9. CelestialSwan

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

  10. CelestialSwan

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    And you'll have to fight me, to take my kitties away from me.
  11. CelestialSwan

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    My cousin shared the first of the two trouble makers, and I shall post the other: I don't know her real name, and I don't care to know, I call her Nami, cause she likes to steal my food. Thankfully she doesn't get in the way as often as Missy, but she is still an annoyance. She's also a mama cat, but her little ones do not know how to stay grouped together for me to get a good shot of them.
  12. Yeah, my cousin told me the same thing after he found out I sold the NC... That list bit, didn't answer my question. I was asking what to put into slot 3, not slot 6. I already know to use plotting room 2 (slot 6) to increase accuracy. But for slot 3, would you still recommend the secondary/AA modification, or use the plotting room 1?
  13. my cousin gave a quick run down in the youtube comment, but I'll provide it here as well: The Papa Papa was there despite it not being optimized, because I was very close to Iowa, so wanted as much experience and free experience as possible. The battle after this one I was able to research her. Took two more battles and selling both Colorado and NC to purchase, not just Colorado. The Fire Signal was the only other signal I had available. You call me Night-Sage throughout the entire section, and I ain't even mad. This battle was the very first after I was finally able to change the name. Also: would you still suggest using the secondary mod, rather than the range increase mod, on Iowa, or because of the dispersion reduction mod for the Iowa, use the range increase?
  14. CelestialSwan

    These Company's Are Taking This Action

    Yeah, it's a shame that there will still be people who don't understand how probability works, and likely never will. And it'll be a real shame if the law bends to the whims of those kinds of people. I even wish I could say "Thankfully Majority of people do understand how probability works" but I've been on the internet for too long to even believe such a statement. Side Note: To the person who did the boring react to my response of the star wars "never tell me the odds", I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding, I meant that as a joke. In a discussion about odds, it was a matter of time before someone posted that, and there is literally no helping oneself (I would've done it myself if someone else hadn't posted it first) when it comes to dropping such a clip from star wars.