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  1. can you say Santa Crate short list again with the excuse of saying it was poor comunication when in a recent release they claim to have perfect communication with the player base.....it looks liek horse crapsmells like horse crap tastes like horse crapbut its clearly a massive pile of bull crap....if you see the word crap it auto edited to that and that itself is [edited]
  2. i don't know if this is possable but is there a way to make the italian BB's when they are made to have more of a random disperson more along the lines of real ones did? if you watch this video at 37:38 Drachinifel explaines that the Littorio could hit ships at 32k meters that an Iowa class would find hard to hit...He explaines that it was the shell's tolorance to build quilty was the cause or at times lack of accurcy..I think i would be something intresting to bring into the game where each battle could have a diffent production run of shells that can effect its disperson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhJgZSi0cJw
  3. WoWShoea

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    ive got the same issue but mine is it takes 4 hours to install and it keeps hanging at 39% for an hour and then 60% for another hour while the whole time my hard drive is at 100% useage and other then that it slows my pc down to the point where it take forever to load a web page. threw out this whole "installing"phase i have a max CPU usage of 5% and ram running at normal idel rates..this happens with every update and along with that i cant due clan battles because it take 4 hours to install the damn things and they always land on clan battle days....why not do the updates say on a monday or a tuesday?
  4. WoWShoea

    Why did I bother pre-install

    its nice that it took you less then 10 min to download and install the update....every update it takes mine over 4 hours to just install and most of the time for over an hour it stays at 39% and slows everything down...its just not this update its every update
  5. i know everyone has their panties in a punch about cv's in clan's and saying it broke everything but that is true and not true at the same time. the only thing cv's have broke is spotting because the cv itself isnt much of a threat to most ships at T10...now the spotting that they do if far more dangerous then anything else. When you have a stacked team of stalengrads venz and mosks they lose their spotting disadvantage which was the balancing feature of those ships.... Now a way to keep cv's in clans and bring things into balance could be while in clan battle mode remove cv's spotting ability by doing what was done when there were cyclone's...Make players use the mini map for seeing what they cv's spot and maybe have the ship's location on the mini map have a time lag of maybe 10s 20s or even 30s...i think this could be a way to balance things in clan's to make DD's relavent in that mode again.... my idea of this is basically saying a ship that can spot a ship can in real time show where they are but a cv who spots a ship can only give the last known location with no real line of sight like serfice ships have...this is just my idea of maybe a way of putting things back into balance without having to remove a class of ship
  6. WoWShoea

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    do any of use who have the game ( bought months ago on steam got the orignal threw 3 and also the remake updated verson as abundle) and the orignal Moo 3 with the huge fold out hotkey booklet? ?
  7. WoWShoea

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    It's almost like they are trying to re-gift a fruitcake that no one wants and keep passing it along
  8. WoWShoea

    Submarine Game play Ideas

    this maybe a dumb idea but if DD's are to be sub hunters shouldn't they have some form of sonar to detect the sub's but to keep balance there should be a speed limit that the sonar can be used at ( like a tow behind verson) and maybe the cruisers with hydro be able to pick up the general location of a sub that when its submerged ( if they make this ) using its own sonar to detect what ships are near....now with that it may if it works can give sub's a chance to do what they to best and yet give other classes a fighting chance ( that's if they aren't all low tier BB players who don't know what the A and D key are for) to run, attack or chase
  9. WoWShoea

    long loading screen

    found the issue...it was one Aslaine's dynamic redicule...removed it and things are back to normal
  10. i have noticed recently that when loading into battle i dont get the normal loading screen just the timer and i dont seem to load in until 1-3 sec before the match starts...i dont get to see the map or the match list before it starts anymore....it gets a lil annoying in clan's when talking about where to go...and also seem to have random TAB button freeze where it will not close the screen when unpressed( having to use that to see what kind of [edited]kicking im about to get)
  11. WoWShoea

    Time for CVs to shift to support?

    after the update they are just a big squad of mobile spotter planes
  12. Anyone else have the feeling when playing a CV in the new update like your in a T4 in a T10 battle?....how can a top tier cv make any credits when you cant even get a single attack off on a DD.....and for those thinking that its a free xp to 10 player your sadly wrong......i had to grind my way to 10 on cv's and the planes just have to be looked at and melted down to nothing before a torp bomb or rocket run even gets locked on....planes SHOULD be OP....for those who think they shouldn't should really read your history books
  13. before the hotfix it was possable to have planes return to the ship, now that this "fix" has been put it I cant get a single plane back for a reload and i sitting waiting for enough planes to be avaliable to even launch a single attack....as for the F key abuse the simple fix should have been a lock out for say like 5 to 10 sec after an attack only and not allow a recall until an attack has been made......RIght now as things are the only thing a CV is able to do is to spot at an extreme distance on any ship, and as far as the turn around time for reload of planes ( if any survive) should have a reload rather then an instant ready... side note...before this hot fix i had no video lag issues and as of today frame rates dropped around 20 to 30 and new lag/freezing issues
  14. WoWShoea

    Camo bug

    ive noticed sence the last update that on some ships but not all when I put camo on a ship and put on auto resupply that after the battle it takes the camo off regardless of cred's avaliable...this bug is getting a lil annoying