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    i don't know if anyone else has noticed this yet but sence this "hotfix .0.3" a ships AA is now shooting threw islands while plains are undetected and also the extreme long aim time for rocket ships has also broken the controls on it i.e. when the timer gets down to less then 5 sec i have been unable to change directions at all and resulting in a roughly one successful strike out of around 12....i get things need to be "balanced" but when you take everything away from one to give to another is not balanced....reducing spotting from plains isnt they way things should work...a plain should have better spotting range then anything due to the fact that they have a better line of sight....if cv's keep having anything they can do taken away atleast start giving the cv players stronger health pools on their plains atleast give us a chance to even make an attack that does any damage before we run out of ready planes
  2. WoWShoea

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    before the hotfix it was possable to have planes return to the ship, now that this "fix" has been put it I cant get a single plane back for a reload and i sitting waiting for enough planes to be avaliable to even launch a single attack....as for the F key abuse the simple fix should have been a lock out for say like 5 to 10 sec after an attack only and not allow a recall until an attack has been made......RIght now as things are the only thing a CV is able to do is to spot at an extreme distance on any ship, and as far as the turn around time for reload of planes ( if any survive) should have a reload rather then an instant ready... side note...before this hot fix i had no video lag issues and as of today frame rates dropped around 20 to 30 and new lag/freezing issues
  3. WoWShoea

    Camo bug

    ive noticed sence the last update that on some ships but not all when I put camo on a ship and put on auto resupply that after the battle it takes the camo off regardless of cred's avaliable...this bug is getting a lil annoying