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    CV Rework Feedback

    Well after the experince I just had of setting auto pilot on the ship and it not working correctly, all my planes blasted from the sky and not following inputs is the direction this is headed. You can take CV out of the game altogether this nither fun or engaging. makes me feel like an XP pinata. Oh and I want my money back forthe ships i will never play again. 20181110_222027_PJSA108-Shokaku_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  2. Firedawg9117

    Detecting Hacks and Aimbots

    This reporting system is so opinionated that it is worthless. You are reported for poor play but recevie no feedback or notice that you been reported. How does this help improve the game. Most times your reported because some over extends and gets blasted for it, but wil report you for no support. I have been reported and been top of the board as per the game but someone does not like how you play, bam reported. this needs to be removed from teh game It does not add value to peopel learning to play better. There is no reward for good play when complmented other than a number going up, no one sees you were complmented. The chances of you being reported are greater than those you will get a complment.