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  1. The_Irredeemable

    Spotting Torps?

    thanks. Does spotting by CV aircraft count?
  2. The_Irredeemable

    Spotting Torps?

    How does spotting torps work? I was playing Pensacola and got the "torpedo" warning which I thought would count towards spotting torps but did not. Also dodged a torp but that did not count also.
  3. The_Irredeemable

    Ultimate Frontier

    I think this is the Op where , many time, the 'gold' ship gets sunk by bot torps at the end of the mission because your team mates are off hunting bots instead of hugging the 'gold' ship to absorb the torps or sinking the enemy DDs
  4. for what battle types are these ships to be used?
  5. The_Irredeemable

    Advanced HP Bar?!

    Has anyone ever got this mod to work? When I try it, it doesn't appear on the screen during battle
  6. The_Irredeemable

    Tech tree Russian DD's

    In Co-op short brutish battles, torps are necessary together with hard-hitting, fast-loading guns.
  7. The_Irredeemable

    Update 12.1: British Submarines

    thanks. Apologize to the other responders for doubting their sincerity in helping. I now blame wow programing :)
  8. The_Irredeemable

    Update 12.1: British Submarines

    next troll!
  9. The_Irredeemable

    Update 12.1: British Submarines

    Don't see it anywhere.
  10. The_Irredeemable

    Update 12.1: British Submarines

    WHERE is the promised gift for reading the updates??
  11. The_Irredeemable

    "Op for the Day"

    It seems a rotation of one op is scheduled to be repeated several times in one day to the point of being boring!
  12. The_Irredeemable

    Results: Be Bismarck's Valentine

    if the winners already have Bismarck, they should get Tirpitz !!!!!
  13. The_Irredeemable

    Dockyard Mission Foulup?

    that worked. Thanks.
  14. The_Irredeemable

    Dockyard Mission Foulup?

    anybody know the distinguishing feature of these missions? More sloppy WoW editing?
  15. The_Irredeemable

    Uneven spawns

    True, but I take this opportunity to slam a few shots into their broadsides as the bots scamper across the map.